5 Best Essay Writers for Students: Features, Benefits and Reviews

AI Essay Writers

Let's be honest, writing essays can be a chore sometimes. We often sit down to write and figure out that the right words are escaping.  Imagine a world where someone just whispers those words right into your ears. AI Essay Writers generators come to rescue us from this crucial situation.

Writing an essay now has become just another task that you can perform without having to worry too much about it. 

In this post, I’ll give an insight into five standout essay writer tools that I used and loved.  Most of them offer both free and premium features. Some are completely free. Curious? Let's unpack each one.

1. Paraphrasingtool.ai's Essay Writer

Paraphrasingtool.ai's essay writer serves as a dependable essay writer generator. It has made quick drafting with its intuitive platform very easy. Beyond just essay generation, its multilingual support stands out as a valuable asset for international users.

Paraphrasingtool.ai's Essay Writer


Advanced AI-driven platform: This AI essay writer is developed by AskSEO, known for multiple writing assistant tools. It is integrated with modern algorithms to give you refined essay outputs.

Over 30 tools available: It is not just restricted to essay writing, catering to a wider range of writing needs.

Built-in text editor: The built-in text editor is specifically for advanced editing modifications. It provides real-time enhancements and gives users the freedom to write an essay. Here you can avail options like simplifying, expanding, adding examples, and more.

Built-in-Text Editor

Language support: Multilingual capabilities make AI Essay Generator accessible to users across the globe.


  • AI essays are made easy and exactly tailored to your needs.
  • The free essay generator version lets users create up to 5 essays.
  • The premium version provides unlimited essay creation and advanced editing options.
  • Essays come structured with appropriate subheadings for better readability.


I appreciated its multi-functionality and ease of use. The multilingual support was a pleasant surprise. What truly stood out, however, was its AI editor feature. 

This integrated feature provided real-time suggestions, making further editing and refining of the essay smooth and efficient. Whether I wanted to simplify, expand, or even add relevant examples, the AI editor was there to guide and optimize the content to perfection.

Unlike most of the AI essay writers, Paraphrasingtool.ai’s essay maker generated the whole essay in one go. The essay was organized with subheadings which made it very easy to proofread and edit it.

Overall the whole experience of using this Essaybot was smooth and hassle-free. 

  • Essayrewriter.io

Essayrewriter.io isn't just another free essay generator. It brings a twist to AI essay creation by allowing users to mold the flow and direction of the content with ease.



Free essay rewriting: This free essay generator has a user-friendly interface to effortlessly write and rephrase existing content, avoiding plagiarism.

Title-based essay generation: Essaywriter.io has made essay writing easy. You have to only input a title, and the tool dynamically creates content.

Diverse writing options: The good part is that you can dictate the flow and tone of the essay by choosing from various sentence alternatives. The tool usually gives three types of sentences to select from. 

Diverse Writing Options


  • Allows for personalized essay direction with multiple sentence choices.
  • Simplifies the essay drafting process, saving time.
  • Facilitates creativity by offering diverse sentence structures.


I love the flexibility it offers in terms of directing the essay's flow. High praise for its ability to provide diverse and relevant sentence options.

  • Aiessaybot.org

AI Essay Writers tool has put advanced AI technology to use efficiently. Aiessaybot.org has emerged as a go-to essay bot for many. With its commitment to plagiarism-free, high-quality essays, it's a class apart.



OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 architecture: Aiessaybot.org essay writer generator is powered by one of the most advanced language models. The aim is to create high-caliber content.

AI and NLP algorithms: AI Essay Writers deliver essays that are not only coherent but also contextually relevant.

Free essay writing: This essay writing is free and there are no upfront costs. This makes it accessible to a wider audience.

Plagiarism-free guarantee: It guarantees academic integrity by providing original content.


  • Hassle-free essay generation at no cost.
  • Delivers top-notch essays adhering to academic standards.
  • No concerns about plagiarism – offers original content every time.


Students rave about its capability to churn out high-quality essays. Consistent mentions of its plagiarism-free outputs make it a reliable tool for many.


  • PaperTyper.net

PaperTyper.net strikes a balance between being an AI essay generator free for initial use and offering premium quality. Its approach to essay creation, starting with a foundational paragraph, sets it apart.



Comprehensive educational tool: Papertyper.net is tailored for students of all grades, catering to diverse academic needs.

Initial essay drafting: Generates a starting paragraph to set the tone and direction, then can be commanded to extend further.

Word limit: The first 500 words are free, post which a nominal fee is charged.


  • Simplifies the homework and essay writing process, making it clear and straightforward.
  • Provides immediate assistance in generating essays, catering to last-minute requirements.
  • Cost-effective solution after the initial free limit, with $9 for a complete essay.


Users often appreciate the tool's capacity to quickly produce initial drafts. The cost-effective solution is highlighted by many who need extended essays. General feedback focuses on its utility for students in a variety of grade levels.

  • Myessaywriter.ai

Myessaywriter.ai is more than just an essay-writer-free tool. Its unique AI Essay Outliner and topic generator truly redefine the whole process of good AI-made essays.



Time-efficient AI: The AI essay writer minimizes the effort traditionally spent on essay writing and promises you faster outputs.

Customizable outputs: It allows users to tweak and modify the essay to better align with specific requirements.

High academic standards: The Myessaywriter.ai essay generator writes essays that are of a quality that meets or exceeds institutional expectations.

AI Essay Outliner: It is a sophisticated tool for structured essays that have a logical flow and coherence.

Topic generator:  AI Essay Writers also assist in brainstorming, refining, and selecting essay topics.

Versatile essay formats: This essaybot is capable of generating various essay types, including research papers, articles, and more.


  • Minimizes the effort and time typically spent on essay writing.
  • Provides high-quality essays that adhere to academic standards.
  • Cost-effective solution when compared to traditional writing services.
  • Streamlines essay structuring with the help of the AI outliner.
  • Assists users in selecting or refining essay topics with the generator.
  • Versatile in handling various essay formats and other coursework tasks.


Myessaywriter.ai is particularly popular due to its various formats available.  The AI essay writer outliner feature receives particular commendation for streamlining the writing process. Many users note the tool's versatility in handling different essay types and assignments.

Final Words

Now you have five remarkable AI-powered essay generators, each with its unique flair and functionalities. 

Whether you're on the hunt for a quick essay draft or keen on molding your masterpiece with AI's assistance, these tools offer a promising starting point. 

I loved using Paraphrasingtool.ai’s Essay Writer. The tool gives structured essays and has advanced editing features. The rest of the tools are also great and have a lot of unique features. 

Remember, technology is here to aid and amplify your writing abilities. So, the next time you're on the brink of an essay deadline, give one of these tools a try. You will be pleasantly surprised how efficiently these AI tools write an essay for you. 

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