Will You Still Be Teaching Next Year

Will You Still Be Teaching Next Year

Teaching is the process implemented by a teacher aimed at transmitting skills and knowledge to a learner. It is important for achieving goals of education and developing the required skills and knowledge.

It provides guidance, counseling and diagnosing learning problems and transmitting social and cultural norms and values. Although, teaching is a minor act that in itself causes nothing but it is the lasting emotional reaction to that understanding that wave forever.

Role of Teachers in Education

A teacher is an important person in the life of a student who through his knowledge, patience and love gives a strong shape to a complete life of the student. An Educator shares academic knowledge and moral & ethical values that help us to form our personality as better human being.

If you think and believe that you are able to fulfill the expectations and requirements of the administrators, parents, colleagues and students, then you should not stop teaching. Some of the main objectives of the teachers are to convey knowledge about the subject matter, to spread wisdom from the experiences of their life, to train students to be team players and many more.

Will You Still Be Teaching Next Year

Yes, I will be teaching next year. As we all know that an educator is like a compass that activates the attraction of inquisitiveness, understanding and intelligence. If you sure that you are an able teacher with the capability to adapt, growth and connect then you will can. Some of the major reasons that why I want to be teaching next year is mentioned below:

1. To Teach with a Sense of Optimism

Optimism refers to the belief of the teachers that they can improve the academic progress of the students by prominence learning, trusting parents and students to get involved in the process and believing in their ability to overcome the problems and robustly react to failures. Teaching with optimism encourages the students to set their goals and the students can challenges the negative explanations.

2. To provide Quality Education

As teachers, our main objective should be quality learning or education. Quality learning is concerning to provide our students with the skills to find the way of the knowledge.

In order to convey quality education to the students, some of the main elements must be in place including a well-made curriculum and capable and provoked teachers. This type of education is the basis of a progressive society. It equips individuals with knowledge and attitudes needed to lead fulfilling lives.

3. To Maintain Discipline

As a good teacher, the maintenance of discipline in the classroom is much more important because discipline plays a vital role in maintaining and building a good learning atmosphere in educational institutions. Its influence on education and the learning process is extensive. It affects the academic performance, character development and overall success of the students in life.

4. To Develop Social Skills

Social skills are essential for living the successful life. An educator plays an important role in overall development of the students. Teachers should have to help their students to cultivate such social skills that are good for their welfare. An educator can develop social skills in their students by model manners, class meeting, group activities, pen-pals, big buddies, class stories and many more.

5. To Nurture Creative Thinking

Creative thinking and problem-solving skills are significant life skills that are essential to lead a successful life. Motivating students to be creative in the classroom teaches them the significant life skills early on.

Students with extremely creative solutions may not understand the value of their creativity unless teachers clear why their solutions are so effectual. A teacher can nurture creative thinking in the students by providing a creative atmosphere, inspiring for big thoughts, reducing screen time and many more.

6. To Motivate Students

Teachers have the potential to fire motivation in their students and this will help students to be successful person in life. Teachers can inspire their students to study by providing them with positive feedbacks in order to expand capability

Students become enable to get control over their own learning and get a sense of belief about their abilities by positive feedbacks of their teachers. Also, the teachers can motivate their students by knowing their students, collaborative learning, competitions, extrinsic motivation, praise and many more.

7. To Assist Students to get Knowledge

One of the main objectives of teaching is to convey knowledge and wisdom. The teachers should help their students to gain knowledge. However, the knowledge is not confined to the textbook knowledge.

Teachers should have opportunities for students to learn new material about the world. Teachers can assist students to get knowledge by guidance, motivation and by creating an environment where students feel supported.

8. To Promote Independence

Teachers can assist students to be strong and independent. One of the results of effectual education is independence and a strong foothold. An educator can encourages its students to become independent by providing them with the opportunities of self-monitor and by developing communication that involves language focused on learning. It is important to promote independence as it fosters self-reliance and allowing the students to feel that they have control over their life.

9. To Shape Character & Behavior

A teacher can shape mind, shape character and provide priceless guidance leaving a lasting impact that extends well into maturity. A teacher can build up the character of the students by assigning relevant readings, acting as a role model, facilitate goal setting, encouraging volunteering and communicate clearly.

Educators encourage values such as regulation, sincerity and determination which are vital for success in any field of life. Furthermore, teachers can stimulate their students to set goals and work hard to achieve them.

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