Authentic – Definition, Meaning, Synonyms & Antonym

Authentic - Definition, Meaning, Synonyms & Antonym

Definition Authentic means genuine, real, or true, reflecting the original or reliable characteristics, qualities, or origins.

History of the Word Authentic

Ancient Origins

Authentic definition has ancient roots and back to the Greek word authentikos, meaning original or genuine.

Latin Influence

In Latin, “authenticus” evolved from the Greek term and carried similar meanings of genuineness and reliability. Latin had a substantial influence on the development of the word.

Middle Ages

During the Middle Ages, authenticity was used in medieval Latin texts to indicate the legitimacy of documents or texts.

Renaissance and Beyond

In the Renaissance and later periods, “authentic” gained prominence in discussions of art and literature. It was employed to authenticate the origins and authorship of various works.

Modern Usage

It can refer to people, objects, experiences, or information that is considered reliable, trustworthy, and not counterfeit.


The word authentic has its roots in the Greek language. It can be traced back to the Greek word authentikos, which means original or genuine. The term entered the English language through Old French in the 14th century as autentique and eventually evolved into the modern English form we use today, authentic.


Pronounced: /əˈθɛntɪk/ (uh-thent-ik).

Authentic as Adjective

Adjective authentic
Comparative Degree  more authentic
Superlative Degree  most authentic
Adverb Authenticall
Noun Authenticity

Derived Terms

  • Authentically
  • Authenticity

Translations of Authentic

  • Spanish: Auténtico/a
  • French: Authentique
  • German: Authentisch
  • Italian: Autentico
  • Portuguese: Autêntico/a
  • Chinese (Simplified): 真实的 (Zhēnshí de)
  • Japanese: 本物の (Honmono no)
  • Hindi: मान्य (Maany)
  • Urdu: معتبر (Mu’tabar)
  • Russian: Аутентичный (Aутентичный)


  • Society
  • Neighborhood
  • Village
  • Colony
  • Township


  • Counterfeit
  • Fake
  • Phony
  • False
  • Imitation


  • Her smile was an authentic expression of joy.
  • The antique vase was confirmed to be authentic.
  • The restaurant served authentic Italian cuisine.

FAQs About Authentic

Q: What does authentic mean?

Ans: Authentic means genuine, real, or true, reflecting original characteristics, qualities, or origins.

Q: Can authenticity describe both objects and people?

Ans: Yes, it can describe both objects and people when they are genuine or real.

Q: What is the origin of the word authentic?

Ans: The word comes from the Greek authentikos, which means “original” or “genuine,” and evolved through Latin influence.

Q: Are there any antonyms for authentic?

Ans: Antonyms include counterfeit, fake, and phony.

Q: Can authentic be used as an adverb?

Ans: Yes, the adverb form is authentic.

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