Fair – Definition, Meaning, Synonyms & Antonyms

Fair - Definition, Meaning, Synonyms & Antonyms

Fair meaning is just and impartial, or pleasing and attractive. It can describe an event, person, or situation.

History of the Word Fair

Old English Roots

The word fair meaning has ancient roots in the English language. It originated from the Old English word “fæger,” which meant beautiful, lovely, or pleasing.


Over time, the term fair evolved to describe various concepts. It came to represent not only physical beauty but also just and equitable conduct. In this sense, it referred to fair treatment and the absence of bias or prejudice.

Modern Usage

In modern English, fair has a wide range of meanings. It can describe something beautiful, an event where goods are bought and sold, or a situation that is just and equitable.

English (Fair As Adjective)


Fair comes from the Old English “fæger,” evolving to represent beauty, justice, and equity.


Pronounced: /fer/ (FAIR).

Forms of Fair

Adjective Fair
Comparative Degree Fairer
Superlative Degree Fairest
Adverb Fairly
Noun Fairness

Derived Terms

  • Unfair
  • Fairly
  • Unfairly
  • Fairness
  • Fairest
  • Unfairness
  • Unfairly
  • Fairground
  • Fairway
  • Fair-minded


  • Spanish: Justo
  • French: Juste
  • German: Gerecht
  • Italian: Giusto
  • Portuguese: Justo
  • Chinese (Simplified): 公平 (Gōngpíng)
  • Japanese: 公平 (Kōhei)
  • Hindi: न्यायिक (Nyāyika)
  • Urdu: منصف (Munsif)
  • Russian: Справедливый (Spravedlivyy)


  • Just
  • Equitable
  • Honest
  • Beautiful
  • Attractive

Antonyms of Fair

  • Unfair
  • Biased
  • Inequitable
  • Ugly
  • Unattractive

Example Sentence

  • The judge ensured a fair trial for all.
  • The fair was a delightful experience.
  • A fair distribution of resources is essential.

FAQs (People May Also Ask)

Q1: Can fairness describe both beauty and justice?

Ans: Yes, fairness can describe both physical beauty and just, equitable, and unbiased conduct.

Q2: What is a fair trade product?

Ans: A fair trade product is produced and traded according to standards that ensure fair wages and ethical practices.

Q3: How does fair differ from fair?

Ans: Fair is an adjective, while fairly is an adverb used to modify verbs, adjectives, or other adverbs. For example, “She acted fairly.”

Q4: What does fair and square mean?

Ans: Fair and square is an idiom that means justly and honestly, without cheating or deceit.

Q5: Is there a difference between fair and beautiful?

Ans: Fair can mean beautiful, but it is a broader term that encompasses beauty as well as concepts of justice and equity.

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