Babyish - Definition, Meaning, Synonyms & Antonym

Babyish - Definition, Meaning, Synonyms & Antonym

Babyish meaning describes behavior, appearance, or speech that is characteristic of a baby or infant, often seen as immature or childish.

History of the Word Babyish

 Early Usage

The word babyish has a long history in the English language, with its origins dating back to Middle English. It describes behaviors or qualities resembling those of a baby.

Describing Childlike Behavior

Throughout history, babyish has been employed to characterize actions, speech, or mannerisms that are typical of young children or infants. It conveys a sense of immaturity or childishness.

19th and 20th Centuries

During the 19th and 20th centuries, attitudes towards childhood and child-rearing evolved, or it describes actions or behaviors that were seen as overly immature or unsuitable for one's age.

 Contemporary Usage

In modern usage, babyish retains its original meaning. It is often used informally to describe actions, attitudes, or styles that are perceived as overly juvenile or lacking in maturity.

English (Baybish As Adjective)


From "baby" + "-ish," indicating a resemblance or similarity to a baby in behavior or appearance.


Pronounced: /ˈbeɪbiɪʃ/ (BAY-bee-ish)

Babyish as Adjective

Adjective babyish
Comparative Degree  more babyish
Superlative Degree  most babyish
Adverb Babyishly
Noun Babyishness

Derived Terms

  • Babyishly
  • Babyishness


  • Spanish: Infantil
  • French: Bébé
  • German: kindisch
  • Italian: infantile
  • Portuguese: infantil
  • Chinese (Simplified): 像婴儿的 (Xiàng yīng'ér de)
  • Japanese: 赤ちゃんのような (Akachan no yōna)
  • Baybish meaning in Hindi: बच्चों जैसा (Bacchon jaisa)
  • Urdu: بچوں کی طرح (Bachon ki tarah)
  • Russian: Детский (Detskiy)


  • Infantile
  • Childish
  • Juvenile
  • Toddler-like
  • Puerile
  • Childlike
  • Baby-faced
  • Cutesy
  • Cherubic
  • Naive


  • Mature
  • Adult-like
  • Grown-up
  • Sophisticated
  • Adult

Examples Sentence

  • Her babyish behavior included throwing tantrums.
  • The babyish design of the nursery appealed to young children.
  • He found her babyish speech endearing.

FAQs (People May Also Ask)

What does babyish mean?

Babyish describes behavior, speech, or appearance that resembles that of a baby or infant, often seen as immature or childish.

Are there synonyms for babyish?

Synonyms include childish, immature, juvenile, and infantile.

Is babyish considered a negative term?

Babyish is often used with a somewhat negative connotation, implying immaturity or childishness.

Can babyish describe physical appearance?

Yes, babyish describes physical features or styles that resemble those of a baby, such as clothing or hairstyles.

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