Mandatory - Definition, Meaning, Synonyms & Antonyms

Mandatory - Definition, Meaning, Synonyms & Antonyms

Mandatory meaning is required or obligatory, indicating that something is a necessity or must be done as a rule or law.

History of the Word Mandatory

The word mandatory has a rich history rooted in Latin and Old French. Its evolution can be traced through several centuries.

Latin Roots

The word mandatorius in Latin meant "about a command." It was derived from "mandare," which means "to command." Latin influence on the English language has been substantial, and "mandatorius" laid the foundation for the term.

Old French Influence

During the Middle Ages, Old French played a significant role in shaping English vocabulary. The word "mandatorie" in Old French retained the sense of being related to a command or order.

English Adoption

It was eventually adopted into Middle English. This term retains its sense of obligation and necessity. You can use this term in various contexts, especially in legal, institutional, and regulatory settings, to specify requirements.

For example, mandatory vaccinations may be required for entry into certain countries, and mandatory safety training is often necessary in workplaces.

English (Mandatory As Adjective)


Mandatory originated from Latin "mandatorius" via Old French, ultimately rooted in the Latin verb "mandare" (to command).


Pronounced as: /ˈmændətɔːri/ (MAN-duh-taw-ree)

Forms of Mandatory

Degree Form
Comparative More mandatory
Superlative Most mandatory
Adverb Mandatorily
Noun Mandatoriness

Derived Terms 

  • Mandatory requirement
  • Mandatory compliance
  • Mandatory law
  • Mandatory training

Translations of Mandatory

  • Mandatory meaning in Hindi: अनिवार्य (Anivārya)
  • Urdu: لازمی (Lāzimī)
  • Spanish: Obligatorio
  • French: Obligatoire
  • German: Pflicht-
  • Russian: Обязательный (Obyazatel'nyy)
  • Arabic: إلزامي (Ilzami)
  • Chinese (Simplified): 强制性的 (Qiángzhì xìng de)
  • Japanese: 強制的な (Kyōseiteki na)
  • Portuguese: Obrigatório


  •  Required
  • obligatory
  • compulsory
  • necessary
  • essential.


  • Optional
  • voluntary
  • discretionary
  • non-compulsory

Example Sentences

  • Attendance at the safety briefing is mandatory.
  • Vaccination may be mandatory for international travel.
  • Compliance with the dress code is mandatory.

FAQs (People May Also Ask)

What does mandatory mean?

Mandatory means something is obligatory, or must be done as a rule or law. It is often due to necessity or compulsion.

Can you provide an example of a mandatory requirement?

In some workplaces, completing a safety training course is a mandatory requirement for all employees.

Are there any antonyms for mandatory?

Yes, antonyms include optional, voluntary, and discretionary, which denote choices or actions that are not obligatory.

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