Asian College of Journalism, Chennai, India

Asian College of Journalism, Chennai, India

Asian College of Journalism is a private college of higher learning in Chennai, India. It was formed in 1994. This college is also known as ACJ. The objective of ACJ is to promote excellence in academics through Training, Education, and Media Related Research.

History of the Asian College of Journalism

This college was formed in Bangalore in 1994 as an Asian School of Journalism. It was founded by the Indian Express Group and offers only a Print course. It was taken over by a non-profit trust which was founded by a journalist named Sashi Kumar.

After some time, it was renamed and moved to Chennai. It was on a similar site as the old Hindu office. After that, it relocated to an 80,000 square ft location in Taramani. It includes the College and the Residential Blocks. Now, it comes under the sponsorship of the Media Development Foundation.

Admission Requirements at the Asian College of Journalism


The candidates or applicants must have a bachelor's Degree. After that, they can be eligible to apply to the following for Admission at ACJ:

  • ACJ Bloomberg Business & Financial Journalism program
  • ACJ Integrated Multimedia Journalism program

Application Procedure:

  • Application Fees: Rs. 2360/-
  • Download the Application
  • Completed the Application & Submit Online

Entrance Test and Interview

After the submission and selection of the applicants, the shortlisted applicants will be required to take an online entrance test that held online.  Candidates applying for both of the programs will be informed within a week of receipt of the completed application.

  • Date & Time of the Online Test
  • Date & Time of the online interview

Fees at Asian College of Journalism

  • For ACJ Postgraduate Program in Business & Financial Journalism: INR 7, 08,000/-
  • For ACJ Postgraduate Program in Integrated Multimedia Journalism: INR 4, 60,200/-

Campus at Asian College of Journalism

The campus of ACJ is on a land area of almost 80,000 Square feet. It has a friendly environment with solar power panels generating a major part of the electricity. The waste in the accommodation and canteen is separated. The organic waste is composted into plants as a fertilizer. The college complex includes:

  • Classrooms
  • 10 Computer Labs
  • 2 Conference Halls
  • Spacious Library
  • High-tech 342 seaters Auditorium
  • 8 Classrooms with modern teaching aids
  • Technical Multimedia Lecture Hall
  • Workshop facility
  • Seminar Room
  • Print & New Media Edit Desks
  • An Integrated Digital Newsroom
  • 2 Digital TV Studios
  • 10 Digital TV Edit Suites
  • Spacious Canteen
  • Students Common Rooms

Ranking of the Asian College of Journalism

  • # 1st in Chennai

Postgraduate Diploma in Business & Financial Journalism

Asian College of Journalism Bloomberg program on Business & Financial Journalism offers the desiring journalist a distinctive opportunity to learn from the top Professionals and Academics worldwide. Trainers come from America, India, Europe, Australia, and of the other regions.

They give coaching to the students using advanced technology. They prepare them for a satisfying career in financial journalism. This is the collaboration between the biggest news organization in the world and the ACJ. It requires no previous knowledge of Economics or Mathematics.

Its objective is to make the stimulating world of business journalism accessible to students. All modules start with the initial first principles of the subject.

Center of Excellence

This college follows the modernized teaching method in the Journalism Education programs in the world. It combines an exact academic curriculum with concentrated practical training. It tries to maintain a balance between education and training.

One one-year program of postgraduate education in journalism is divided into 3 trimesters from July to May. It helps the students to gain knowledge and develop their skills for employment in the profession.

Media Development Foundation

It is a nonprofit public trust that promotes journalism as a self-governing, analytical, socially responsible, and ethical profession. This foundation seeks to equip the aspirant modern journalist with the capabilities to attain world-class standards. It is dedicated to promoting multiplicity and expanding access to journalism by offering educational and training opportunities in society. The trustees of this foundation are:

  • Sashi Kumar
  • N. Ram
  • C. P. Chandrasekhar
  • Radhika Menon
  • N. Murali

Residential Accommodation

At this college, all of its rooms have Microwave Ovens, Washing Machine, Refrigerator and a number of facilities which are:

  • All of its rooms are air-conditioned
  • The campus is a Little Free Zone
  • 24 hours Security
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Hygienic & Healthy Food
  • All Medical facilities

Course Modules

  • Reporting, Writing, and Editing
  • Bloomberg Training
  • Integrated Journalism
  • Quantitative Methods
  • Key Issues in Business Journalism
  • Principles of Economics
  • Finance & Financial Markets
  • Global Trade & Finance
  • Economics of Innovation
  • Technology & Law
  • Long-form Writing
  • Year End Project

Fully Integrated Courses

  • Print Component
  • Multimedia or Digital Component
  • Video & Audio Component
  • The Concentrations
  • Entrepreneurial Journalism Special Project
  • Wirecast & Other Technology
  • Integrated Digital Newsroom

Elective Courses

Electives are a very important component of the academic programs of this college. All of its students take three optional courses chosen from a variety of offerings courses in a year.

All students are probable to put forward a list of 7 electives and students will have 2 electives in the first semester and the remaining one in the other. These elective courses may be conducted in the form of Workshops, Lectures, and Seminars.

Dissertation at Asian College of Journalism

It is a written work of approximately 5,000 to 8,000 words mandatory for all students. Faculty members help the students with the choice of topics in the middle of the 1st semester.

They supervise the research and writing required to complete the project. Students defend their thesis in a viva voce session with the chosen supervisor. Also, it could be a comprehensive essay on numerous books, films, plays by an author, or a set of works covering a period.


The library of ACJ is well equipped with advanced facilities such as high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity, LAN Networking, Web Resources, and Online Journals. It offers a growing range of Databases on the campus network. This library provides several Research or Project Support Services such as Plagiarism Check.

This library has a collection of rare books related to Business, Economy, Social Sciences, Biographies, Media, journalism, and Fiction. Also, its collection includes Standard Reference Works, News Writing, Reporting, and Page Design.


At this college, sport is considered a vital part of the development of the students and the society. This college offers all the facilities related to Sports to its students including Football Ground, Hockey Ground, Cricket Ground, Basketball Court and Volleyball Court.


ACJ offers a range of scholarships and grants to the students. Its objective is to support students who belong to poor and Low Economic status families and want to continue their education. Also, it gives the merit-based scholarships to overseas and the International Students.

Contact Us


2nd Main Rd, Tharamani, CIT Campus, Tharamani, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600113, India

Phone No:

+91 44 2254 2842

Official Website:

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Who is the father of the Journalism?

James Augustus Hickey is famous as the father of the Journalism.

How many journalism colleges are in Tamil Nadu?

There are almost 70 Journalism colleges all over India.

Which subjects are best for Journalism?

  • Introduction to Journalism
  • Media & Cultural Studies
  • IT & Online Journalism
  • Reporting for Print
  • Broadcast Journalism
  • International Politics
  • Media Laws and Ethics

How many types of journalism?

  • New Journalism
  • Investigative Journalism
  • Feature Journalism
  • Opinion or Analysis

What is the main Purpose of Journalism?

  • Practice of Gathering
  • Recording
  • Verifying
  • Reporting


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