College of Health Science, Qatar

College of Health Science, Qatar

College of Health Science is one of the top health institutions of higher education in Qatar. It was founded in 2016. This college is also recognized as CHS.

About the College of Health Science

This college leads Health Education, Clinical Care, and Community Engagement through Inter-professional collaboration. CHS is dedicated to the academic models of international standards.

This college is a member of QU Health which is a strategic cluster of Medical & Allied Health programs including the College of Pharmacy, Medicine, and Dental Medicine. The consistent services at CHS provided to students, well-resourced laboratories, accessible facilities, and talented faculty comprise an unusual learning atmosphere.

Principal of the College of Health Science

Hanan Abdul Rahim is the principal of this college.

Students at the College of Health Science

  • 860+ Students
  • 120+ Students in Health Sciences Qatari Graduates
  • 850+ Total Health Sciences Graduates

Admissions at the College of Health Science

Documents Required:

  • Online Admissions Application
  • Curriculum Vitae with Personal Statement
  • Official Graduation Statement
  • Official TOEFL or IELTS Score Report
  • Official Transcripts certified by the University or College

Admission to Qatar University:

  • Fulfill the Language Requirements or Complete the Foundation Year
  • Least Secondary School Grade: 70%

Admission to the Public Health Program:

  • Completion of the QU Foundation Program Requirements
  • Minimum Secondary School Grade: 70%.
  • Pass 16 Credit Hours with a GPA: of 2.00 or Higher
  • Degree assessment is performed for the accepted students
  • Students must satisfy requirements of the Qatar University for declaring a major including the need to declare the major before completing 36 Undergraduate CH.

Fees at the College of Health Science

  • 1200 Qatari Riyals

Majors Academic Programs at CHS

  • Human Nutrition
  • Public Health
  • Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science
  • Biomedical Science

Academic Departments at the College of Health Science

Department of Biomedical Science:

This department provides high-quality education to its students to prepare them as future capable Biomedical Scientists with theoretical knowledge, Critical Thinking, and Ethics for the Healthcare Industry. Its programs highlight independent learning & development skills through conferences, seminars, research projects, and clinical experiences.

Department of Human Nutrition:

This department is also known as HND. At CHS, this department offers a B. Sc. in Human Nutrition and aims to graduate with competent dietetics in Biological Sciences, Research Methodologies, and in Biological Sciences. It is accredited by the Council for Education in Nutrition.

Rehabilitation Sciences Department:

This department is also recognized as DRS and offers 2 programs which are Bachelor of Science in Speech & Language Pathology and Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy. It aims to meet the increasing needs of the Healthcare System and the Rehabilitation Services in Qatar.

Department of Public Health:

This department is also known as DPH and focuses on the crucial role of Public Health in preserving and improving the health of the population. It is situated in a dynamic and Public health-promoting atmosphere. DPH delivers high-quality and high-impact coursework.

Facilities at College of Health Sciences

Classroom Technology:

At this college, the classroom technology comprises an incorporated technology podium that contains an elevated brightness LCD Projector, an Automatic Screen, Inputs to the System for Laptop and Supplementary Connection, and a document camera for the instructor to illustrate text or graphics from the books.

The entire system turns on and off from a touch panel at these classroom technologies using the special Password. Also, Computers are accessible in the Computer Rooms, Laboratories, and in the Department Library for the students.

The Woman Science Building of this college has almost 11 computer Rooms with around 25 computers in every room. The Wireless internet and Local Area Network connections are also available to the students in the entire female building.


This college provides a lot of sports and extracurricular activities to its students. CHS provides all of the facilities related to the sport and grounds to its students including:

  • Football Ground
  • Hockey & Cricket Ground
  • Basketball Court
  •  Volleyball Court


The facility of residence is available for the students of this college. At this college, separate accommodation is available for both of the male and female students. Each of its accommodation has advanced facilities such as:

  • Solar Hot Water
  • Backup Electricity
  • Reading Room
  • Screen LED TV
  • Night Canteens
  • 24/7 Security Assurance

Instructional Laboratories:

At this college, there are almost 14 Instructional Laboratories. Each laboratory has around 600 sq ft with provisions for 12 students per conference. Further, there are a number of rooms for specimen preparation, chemical storage, and refrigeration for reagents. A split laboratory room is specially designed for students to change their lab coats before and after each session.

Academic Support

The programs at this college are student-centered offering support to all of its students. Cooperation with international universities enables this college to meet the requirement of academic support services in coordination with academic support programs to help in the academic-based learning atmosphere.

Quality Assurance

The college provides quality assurance processes to ensure that advanced level education at all levels of the Health Science. It has a wide system of quality assurance knowledge by faculty committees and experts to constantly observe and develop program delivery. This college provides a world-class and outstanding educational experience to its students.

Why I Choose CHS?

There are a lot of reasons for choosing College of Health Science which some of which are mention below:

  • Accredited Programs in the Gulf Region
  • Advanced Educational Methods
  • Various Fun & Learn Activities for the students
  • Approachable Peer
  • High-tech laboratories with High Standards & latest Instruments
  • CHSS Graduates hold Internationally Accredited Degrees
  • Trained Academic & Administrative Staff
  • Well Established and Active Research Lines

Accreditation & International Standardization

At this college, the MLS Program at Biomedical Science Department is accredited by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences for the era of April 2020 to April 2030.

It is one of the international agencies for the authorization of learning programs in the Medical Laboratory Sciences. It is one of the academic programs of the United States to obtain accreditation by NAACLS.

Scholarships and Sponsorships


Qatar University offers an extensive range of scholarships for Non-Qatari students to be a focus for highly qualified students in each academic year. Also, there is a scholarship based on Academic Merit.

It provides scholarships and grants to the low economic-status students to help them financially. All of the decisions on scholarship and financial aid are made by the Admissions Department of QU.


At CHS, the students of Qatar are eligible for student sponsorship. Sponsorships at this college are available through:

  • Sidra Medicine
  • Hamad Medical Corporation
  • Qatar University
  • Ministry of Administrative Development Labor & Social Affairs

Partners & Affiliates

  • Hamad Medical Corporation
  • Primary Health Care Corporation
  • Sidra Medicine
  • Aspire Academy
  • National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences
  • Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics

College of Health Science Committees

  • CHS Academic Committee
  • CHS Research and Graduate Committee
  • CHS Budget and College Activities Committee
  • Clinical Training Committee
  • Continuous Professional Development

Vision & Mission of the College of Health Science


This college aspires to have its faculty, staff, and students attain distinction in Teaching, Research, and Community Services and for the credit of its health degree programs as models of excellence and outstanding achievement.


The mission of this college is to prepare capable graduates who will contribute to the delivery of the best healthcare to encourage and promote Research and Scholarly activities and to prepare for careers in Health Care & Higher Education.

Contact Us


9FJM+RG, Doha, Qatar

Phone No:

+974 4454 6073

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the goals of CHS?

  • To provide excellent and outstanding Health Services
  • To develop capable healthcare professionals to fulfill the future needs of the citizens of Qatar
  • To convey leading, universally recognized, and accredited programs in health sciences

Which language is used in Qatar in Education?

  • Arabic Language
  • English Language

Is education free in Qatar?

Public Schools are free of charge and separated by gender diversity at Qatar.

How many semesters are in this college in a year?

For Regular Semester:

  • 15 weeks Semesters as Fall & Spring
  • One 6-week summer semester

Summer Short Semesters:

  • 4 Weeks during the summer courses


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