College of Education, Qatar

College of Education, Qatar

College of Education is one of the first higher educational institutions in the state of Qatar. It was formed in 1973. Some of the key facts about this college are:

About College of Education

This college aims to make its students financially independent. It prepares them to face the coming challenges of the future. It is well-known for its illustrious position as well as the responsibility that follows. This college works on major research projects to increase the research activities in Qatar and is funded by the Qatar National Research Fund.

Facts about the College of Education

  • 3438 Students
  • 3 Academic Centers
  • 12 Numbers of Academic Programs
  • 21CED Journal Issues

Academic Programs at the College of Education

Undergraduate Degree Programs:

  • Bachelor of Education in Elementary Education with 4 tracks
  • Bachelor of Education in Secondary Education with 8 tracks
  • Bachelor of Education in Special Education with 3 tracks
  • Bachelor of Education in Physical Education
  • Bachelor of Education in Art Education

Graduate Degree Programs

Master Programs:

  • Master in Educational Leadership
  • Master in Curriculum & Assessment
  • Master in Special Education

Diploma Programs:

  • Diploma of Secondary Education
  • Diploma of Primary Education
  • Diploma of Special Education
  • Diploma of Early Childhood

Academic Department at College of Education

  • Department of Educational Sciences
  • Department of Psychological Sciences
  • Department of Physical Education
  • Department of Art Education

Centers at the College of Education

National Center for Educational Development:

This center is also recognized as NCED. It has been providing excellent professional development based on the latest research findings and published studies by its educationally qualified and experienced team.

This is a central point for Local and International partnerships that look to create the most current and in demand programs. Its programs provide educators with high-quality professional practices that promote well-being of the Learners. It contributes to building up a conscious competitive generation that attempts to inventiveness and innovation.

Early Childhood Center:

This center accommodates children from various cultures to support them in all aspects of their lives. It shapes their personalities and increases their academic levels and life skills. Specialized Researchers and Collaborators are interested in the field of Early Childhood in collaboration with its talented teachers.

Learning Resource Room:

In 2005, it was founded due to the cooperation between the University of Qatar and Texas A&M University. The objective of its creation was to support the Primary Teachers and the Graduate Diploma Students in Qatar.

Educational Research Center:

This center is also known as ERC. It encourages the Research Education in Qatar. It aims to become the National Center of Excellence in Educational Research at all levels of Education. This center is committed to creating an environment that promotes Excellence in Research and impactful advances in Knowledge.

Student Affairs at the College of Education

The Office of Student Affairs is the connection between Students and Faculty Members at this college and the Administration of the QU. It provides an educational atmosphere that helps all of its students to achieve success academically.

It provides educational services and student activities that help students to build up their personality. Also, it increases the relationships of the students with the other Colleges by conducting various activities among them.

Field Educational Training

The team of the Field Educational Training plays an important role at this college with the help of the members of the field training unit and the academic staff of the college.

Here, everybody works as one team, to attain the desired goal. It empowers its graduates with high qualifications that contribute to qualifying them in an industry of new beginnings and development.

Learning Unit

This unit aims to create such an educational atmosphere that supports students in their coursework while nurturing their educational, individual, and communal skills.

Further, it cooperates with faculty members and research centers in the college to offer individual and group support workshops to inspire the academic performance of the students. Also, it is working to establish partnerships with other universities involving the Section of Academic Support and the Section of Writing & Language Support.


The libraries of this college are well-resourced with advanced facilities such as Wi-Fi connectivity, Online Journals, and E-Books. It offers a growing range of Databases on the campus network. This library provides several Research or Project Support Services such as Plagiarism Check & Spelling Checker.


At this college, sport is considered a vital part of the development of the students and the society. This college offers all the facilities related to Sports to its students including Football Ground, Hockey Ground, Cricket Ground, Basketball Court and Volleyball Court.


The facility of Hostels is available at this college. There are separate Boys and Girls Hostels with all of the facilities. Each of the hostels has Solar Hot Water, Backup Electricity, a Reading Room, a Screen LED TV, Night Canteens, and many more.

Journal of Educational Sciences (JES)

It is a biyearly peer-reviewed journal. This journal publishes Theoretical & Applicable Research studies in Education and its relevant fields in Arabic and English language. It is a collaborative publication between this college and Qatar University Press.


This college offers a range of scholarships and financial aid or grants to the students. Its objective is to support students who belong to poor and Low Economic status families and want to continue their education. Also, it gives merit-based scholarships to International Students.


This institution feels pride as the 1st institute of education in the state of Qatar. Recognition Council of the Board on International Reviewers awarded this college at the University of Qatar its acknowledgment.

This proves that the unit meets each of the following six standards of the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education which is:

  • Shared Vision
  • Coherence
  • Professional Commitments & Dispositions
  • Commitment to Diversity
  • Commitment to Technology
  • Candidate Proficiencies associated with Professional & State Standards

Vision and Mission of the College of Education


The vision of this college is to become one of the leading colleges in preparing specialists in education through illustrious education. Also, it focuses on:

  • Scholarships
  • Leadership in shaping the future of Qatar


Its mission is to achieve excellence in the early and superior preparation of education professionals by promoting 2 processes of Learning and Teaching. It promotes Research and Community partnerships. The college completes its commitment by:

  • The members of this college have an Educational, Motivational, and Sympathetic atmosphere for learning and teaching in an environment that balances modernity and preserves the Arab & Islamic identity.
  • It provides highly qualified and skilled education Professionals and constant professional expansion by supporting Scientific activities and sharing responsibility for modernizing the country through efficient partnerships.

Contact Us


Doha, Qatar

Phone No:

+974 4403 5187

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Which language is used in Qatar in Education?

The Arabic Language is used in its educational institutions.

Is education free in Qatar?

In Qatar, Public Schools are free of charge and generally separated by gender.

How much is the basic salary of teachers in this college?

The salary of teachers in Qatar per month is nearly QAR 22,000.

Is this a good place for education?

Yes, Qatar is one of the top places to study for both National and International students.


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