College of Dental Medicine

College of Dental Medicine

College of Dental Medicine is one of the most prominent institutions in the state of Qatar. This college was formed in 2019. This college is also recognized as CDEM.

About College of Dental Medicine

This college aims to be the top dental college in the world. This college has an enthusiastic and passionate faculty who are well-recognized and known internationally as educators, researchers, and clinicians.

CDEM is economically responsible in Leadership and management. It increases the health of society through patient-centered care. It supports an educational and patient care atmosphere in which faculty and students can stand out professionally in the public and the organized profession.

Vice President of the CDEM

Dr. Egon Toft is the Vice-Chairperson of this college.

Admission to the College of Dental Medicine

Admission Requirements:

  • High School GPA:  85% or Higher
  • Science Track
  • English: IELTS =6  or IBT = 68
  • Mathematics: SAT 530 or ACT 21
  • English & Mathematics scores must be submitted to the QU Testing Center earlier than the admission process begins
  • Letter Grades will be secured to a fraction by the QU Admissions Department for International students
  • Candidates can apply by logging into the Qatar University Website
  • No Conditional Acceptance is offered

Annual Tuition Fees at The College of Dental Medicine

Academic Year

Total in QR

First Year


Second Year


Third Year


Fourth Year


Fifth Year


Sixth Year


Academic Programs at the College of Dental Medicine

Doctor of Dental Medicine:

This program is almost 6 years that offers a skill-based incorporated and problem-based curriculum. The skill-based program is planned to consent to horizontal and vertical integration among basic and clinical dental sciences.

It will ensure the early introduction of Clinical Skills Training highlighting the significance and application of biomedical science knowledge to patient care. This program will use the European Credit Transfer System to analyze the workload of the students over the 2 years. This program is prearranged into 3 distinct phases:

  • Transition Phase
  • Pre-Clerkship Phase
  • Clerkship phase

Students must complete the necessary credit hours of 190 CH to get the degree of DDM.

PhD Programs:

Ph.D. degree in Health Sciences is a shared research-based interdisciplinary program that is committed to training Ph.D. applicants as the future generation of Health Scientists and Research Leaders in Qatar.

Research at the College of Dental Medicine

At this college, Research is considered an integral component and is associated with the QU Health cluster to constantly enlarge knowledge through research. The research objective at this college is to form and spread prominent research related to Oral Health, Digital Dentistry, Artificial Intelligence, and Biomaterials among others for the reason of advancing dental health and providing clinical and diagnostic solutions for diverse dental health issues.

Research Groups:

  • AI & Clinical Records Data Analysis
  • Bone Regeneration & Material Sciences
  • Dental Education
  • Oral Sciences & Diseases
  • Paediatric Dentistry & Trauma
  • Public Health & Community Dentistry
  • Restorative Dentistry & Endodontics

Quality Assurance

The college provides accurate quality assurance processes to ensure that modern standards of education at all levels of the Dental Program. It has a broad system of quality assurance knowledgeable by faculty committees and expert panels to constantly observe and develop program delivery. This college provides a world-class educational experience to its students.


The Library of this college provides Electronic resources for all Academics and associated activities to all of its students and staff. This library has started an Institutional warehouse by digitalizing astonishing books.

Also, it has reserve counters with Textbooks, Existing Issues, Bound Volumes of Journals, Reference Books, Special Collections, and Photocopying Services. It has a separate study area for Staff and Wi-Fi with almost 6 terminals for internet access and CD or DVD viewing


Sport is considered to be an integral part of the extracurricular activities of the students. This college offers all the facilities including Football Ground, Hockey & Cricket Ground, Basketball Court and Volleyball Court related to sports to its students.


The facility accommodation is also available for the students and the staff members. There are separate Boys’ and Girls’ Hostels at this college with advanced facilities such as Solar Hot Water, Backup Electricity, a Reading Room, a Screen LED TV, Night Canteens, and many more.

Transfer to the College of Dental Medicine

At this college, the procedure of selection will be spirited and limited to the capacity of the college. So, higher academic records increase the chances of being accepted.

Transfer Requirements for Students from Health Cluster:

  • Students should be the College of Health Sciences, Pharmacy, or Medicine
  • High School Percentage: At least 85%
  • GPA: 3.0
  • English: IELTS =6 or TOFEL 520
  • Mathematics: SAT 530 or ACT 21
  • Passing Personal Interview arranged by the College
  • Personal Statement
  • Submit all of the mandatory documents

Transfer Criteria for students coming from other Colleges:

  • High school GPA: 85%
  • GPA: At least 3.5
  • English: IELTS =6  or IBT = 68
  • Mathematics: SAT 530  or QU Math Placer 200
  • Completed a maximum of 30 Credit hours and at least 16 credit hours
  • Passing Personal Interview arranged by the College Admission Committee
  • Personal Statement
  • Submit all of the mandatory documents

Clinical Affairs

Qatar University is increasing the future healthcare workforce leading healthcare providers in Qatar. The Clinical Affairs of QU Health is responsible for the strategic oversight of the clinical network as well as the outside representation of QU Health.

QU Health Clinical Affairs helps and supports the expansion of clinical policies that encourage quality in patient care. Its core elements are:

  • Clinical Education
  • Clinical Research
  • Evidence-Based Healthcare Delivery

Why I Choose Dentistry?

Dentistry offers a lot of diverse opportunities and challenges. Doctor of Dental Medicine is a part of the main healthcare profession on the front line of oral ailment avoidance and wellness promotion. It is a quickly varying and increasing profession.

Dentists check, make a diagnosis, and treat problems affecting the teeth, gingival tissue, tongue, lips, and jaws. These oral diseases frequently disclose other health issues that may require summarizing with the patient. Dentists are extremely appreciated in the society.

They are expert, painstaking, and civic-minded who work alongside other health professionals, educators, and government officials. Also, they volunteer their services to School Health Programs & disabled or poor citizens. Dentists offer services to their patients that ensure the appearance of the patient. It gives them a chance to smile each day by:

  • Repairing & Maintaining Oral Hygiene
  • Cosmetic Dental Procedures

Scholarships & Sponsorships


QU provides an extensive range of scholarships for Non-Qatari students to attract highly qualified students in each academic year. Also, there is a vast range of scholarships based on Academic Merit and Scholarly Achievement.

It provides scholarships and grants to students of low economic status to help them financially. All of the decisions on scholarship and financial aid are made by the Scholarship Section of the Admissions Department of Qatar University.


At CDEM, the students of Qatar at QU are eligible for student sponsorship from the Ministry of Administrative Development as well as a monthly salary.

Vision and Mission of the College of Dental Medicine


The vision of this college is to prepare healthcare providers by providing care through cooperation. Its vision is to advance knowledge for the service and benefit of its society.


It tries to provide wide-ranging, incorporated, and collaborative education and patient care as one of the illuminated dental colleges of selection for Qatari students. It has committed faculty and students and a planned modern academic dental hospital with its passion to prepare capable students to be healthcare providers for the future.

This college’s goal is to constantly develop knowledge through learning and investigating opportunities.

Contact Us


QU Campus, Doha, Qatar

Phone No:

(+974) 4403 3333

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How many top medical colleges are in Qatar?

  • Weill Cornell Medical College
  • College of Medicine at Qatar University
  • College of Dental Medicine

How many dentists are in Qatar?

There are almost 935 dentists in Qatar.

How many years of dental medicine program at this college?

At CDEM, the dental medicine program is almost 6 years. old.


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