Names That Start With L

Names That Start with L

If you’re looking for unique names for your baby boy or girl, you have come to the right place! Here is the complete list of unique names, boy names, girl names, and baby boy names. You can also search modern baby boy names starting with L. Check out our alphabetical list and find the fabulous, cute, first name, last name, or surname, we have compiled names that start with L, precisely for you.

List of Top Baby Names That Start With L

Check out the latest popular girl names and popular boy names that start with L:

Name Meaning Gender
Lacey Derived From the Old French “Lace” Which Means “A Delicate Fabric” Girl
Laila Night In Arabic Girl
Lana  Rock or To Be Calm In Gaelic Girl
Lara  Cheerful or Light Girl
Larissa  “Citadel” In Greek Girl
Laura  “Laurel Tree” In Latin Girl
Lauren   “Crowned With Laurels” In English Girl
Layla   “Night” In Arabic Girl
Leah  “Weary” or “Gazelle” In Hebrew Girl
Leanna  “Graceful” or “Meadow” In English Girl
Leila   “Dark As Night” In Persian Girl
Lena  “Light” or “Alluring” In Greek Girl
Leonie  “Lioness” In Latin Girl
Leslie  “Garden Of Holly” In Scottish Gaelic Girl
Leticia  “Happiness” In Spanish Girl
Lexi  “Defender Of Mankind” In Greek Girl
Lexie “Defender Of Mankind” In Greek Girl
Lia  “Bearer Of Good News” In Italian Girl
Liana  “To Bind” or “Climbing Vine” In Latin Girl
Liberty  “Freedom” In English Girl
Lila  “Night” In Sanskrit Girl
Lilah  “Night” In Hebrew Girl
Lilia “Lily” In Latin Girl
Liliana  “Lily” In Latin Girl
Lily  “Pure” or “Innocent” In English Girl
Linda   “Beautiful” In Spanish Girl
Lindsay  “Linden Tree Island” In Scottish Gaelic Girl
Lindsey  “Linden Tree Island” In Scottish Gaelic Girl
Lisa “God Is My Oath” In Hebrew Girl
Lise  “Pledged To God” In French Girl
Liv “Life” In Norwegian Girl
Livia  “Olive” In Latin Girl
Liz “God Is My Oath” In Hebrew Girl
Liza  Means “God Is My Oath” In Hebrew Girl
Lizzie “God Is My Oath” In Hebrew Girl
Lola “Sorrows” In Spanish Girl
Lora “Laurel Tree” In Latin Girl
Lorelei “Alluring Enchantress” In German Girl
Lorena “Crowned With Laurels” In Spanish Girl
Lorraine  “From Lorraine” In French Girl
Louisa  “Renowned Warrior” In German Girl
Louise  “Renowned Warrior” In German Girl
Luana  Means “Happy” In Hawaiian Girl
Luciana  “Light” In Italian Girl
Lucia  “Light” In Italian Girl
Lucie “Light” In French Girl
Lucille “Light” In French Girl
Lucy “Light” In English Girl
Luisa “Renowned Warrior” In Spanish Girl
Luna  “Moon” In Latin Girl
Lydia  “From Lydia” In Greek Girl
Lyra  “Lyre” In Greek Girl
Lyric “Lyre Player” In English Girl
Lacey   Lace Girl
Lachlan  Land Of Lochs Boy
Ladarius  Gift From God Boy
Lafayette  Faithful Boy
Landon  Long Hill Boy
Lane  Narrow Path Boy
Langston  Long Stone Boy
Laramie  Tears Of Love Boy
Larry  Crowned With Laurel Boy
Lars  Victorious People Boy
Lathan  Ruler Boy
Lavelle  Little Arrow Boy
Lawrence  Crowned With Laurel Boy
Lawson  Son Of Lawrence Boy
Layton  Settlement With A Leek Garden Boy
Leander  Lion Boy
Lee  Meadow Boy
Legacy  Gift Of Ancestors Boy
Legend  A Story Passed Down For Generations Boy
Leif  Descendant, Heir Boy
Leighton  Meadow Town Boy
Leland  Meadowland Boy
Lemuel  Belonging To God Boy
Lennox  Elm Grove Boy
Leo  Lion Boy
Leon  Lion Boy
Leonard  Brave Lion Boy
Leroy  The King Boy
Levi  Joined, Attached Boy
Lewis  Renowned Warrior Boy
Liam  Strong Boy
Lincoln  Town By The Pool Boy
Lindon  Linden Tree Hill Boy
Lionel  Lion Boy
Logan  “Little Hollow Boy
Lonnie Solitary Boy
Lorenzo Renowned Warrior Boy
Lorne From The Laurel Tree Boy
Louie Famous Warrior Boy
Louis Famous Warrior Boy
Lowell Beloved Boy
Loyd Gray Boy
Luca Bringer Of Light Boy
Lucas Bringer Of Light Boy
Lucian Light Boy
Lucius Light Boy
Ludovic Famous Warrior Boy
Luis Famous Warrior Boy
Luke Bringer Of Light Boy
Lysander Liberator Boy
Lyric Musical Boy
Laban White Boy
Lach Lake Boy
Lachlan Land Of Lochs Boy
Ladd Attendant Boy
Laine Path, Roadway Boy
Lancelot Land, Country Boy
Landen From The Long Hill Boy
Lane Narrow Path Boy
Langford Long Ford Boy
Langley Long Meadow Boy
Langston Long Stone Boy
Laramie Tears Of Love Boy
Larimore Mirror Of Grace Boy
Larsson Son Of Lars Boy
Latham Barn, Enclosure Boy
Lathrop Barn, Village Boy
Latimer Interpreter Boy
Lavern Alder Grove Boy
Lawler Fierce Oath Boy
Lawson Son Of Lawrence Boy
Layne Path, Roadway Boy
Leal Loyal, Faithful Boy
Leary Calf Herder Boy
Ledford Ford Where Lead Is Found Boy
Lee Meadow Boy
Leland Meadowland Boy
Lem Devoted To God Boy
Laaib A Young Lion Boy
Labeeb Sensible Or Intelligent Boy
Labeled  Poet Or Writer Boy
Labib  Sensible Or Intelligent Boy
Labid A Narrator Of Hadith Boy
Ladan  Delightful Or Pleasant Boy
Laiq  Suitable Or Eligible Boy
Lajbar Powerful Or Dominant Boy
Lajlaj A Type Of Bird Boy
Lakshmi One Who Is Prosperous Or Wealthy Boy
Lal  Beloved Or Dear Boy
Lamee  To Shine Or Radiate Boy
Lamees Gentle Touch Or Caress Boy
Lami Radiant Or Glowing Boy
Lamih Radiant Or Glowing Boy
Lamis Gentle Touch Or Caress Boy
Lamont Lawman Or Lawyer Boy
Lamyaa  Soft To The Touch Boy
Lanaan  A Type Of Flower Boy
Lanjawi One Who Is From Langawi Boy
Lashir Brave Or Courageous Boy
Latif Gentle Or Kind-Hearted Boy
Latuf Kind Or Gentle Boy
Lawand Lion Or Powerful Boy
Layth Lion Or Brave Boy
Leman Faithful Or Trustworthy Boy
Lemya Beautiful Or Charming Boy
Lian Soft Or Gentle Boy
Lujayn Silver Boy
Lulu Pearl Or Precious Stone Boy
Lumai Radiant Or Bright Boy
Lutfi  Gentle Or Kind Boy
Lutful Kindness Or Gentleness Boy
Lutfur Kind-Hearted Or Gentle Boy
Lutheed Gentle Or Kind Boy
Luthfan Goodness Or Kindness Boy
Luthfi Kind-Hearted Or Gentle Boy
Lutvi Kind-Hearted Or Gentle Boy
Luwai A Type Of Bird Boy
Luqman A Wise Man From Islamic Tradition Boy
Luyi Light Or Bright Boy
Lybaan One Who Is From Lybia Boy
Lykan Wolf Or Leader Boy
Lyna Tender Or Gentle Boy
Laban White Or Shining Boy
Labeeq Intelligent Or Sagacious Boy
Labidh A Narrator Of Hadith Boy
Labir Brave Or Courageous Boy
Lajawad Generous Or Noble-Minded Boy
Lajwanti A Fragrant Flower Boy
Lakht An Early Islamic Scholar Boy
Lamiya Dark Beauty Boy
Lamyah  Soft To The Touch Boy
Lamzad Unique Or Distinct Boy
Lanjan Name Of A Mountain Boy
Lashaf To Heal Or Cure Boy
Lashirah Companion Or Friend Boy
Latib Elegant Or Refined Boy
Latifur Gentle Or Kind-Hearted Boy
Laun Color Or Hue Boy
Lawan  Pure Or Spotless Boy
Layyan Gentle Or Tender-Hearted Boy
Layyin Soft Or Gentle Boy
Lazim Necessary Or Required Boy
Lisan Tongue Or Language Boy
Lisnawi One Who Is From Lisna Boy
Liyaqat Dignity Or Worthiness Boy
Liyaz Comfort Or Solace Boy
Luay Shield Or Protection Boy
Lubab:  Essence Or Core Boy
Lutf  Kindness Boy
Labibah Sensible, Intelligent Girl
Laila Good Mannered Girl
Laiqa Worthy, Deserving Girl
Lamah Brilliance, Radiance Girl
Lamis  Soft To The Touch, Gentle Girl
Lamyaa Soft To The Touch Girl
Latifa Gentle, Kind-Hearted Girl
Layla Night, Dark-Haired Beauty Girl
Layyinah Soft, Gentle Girl
Lazima Necessary, Required Girl
Leena Tender, Delicate Girl
Lila Night, Dark Beauty Girl
Lina Tender, Delicate Girl
Lujain Silver Girl
Luma Wisdom, Knowledge Girl
Luluah Pearl, Gemstone Girl
Luqman Name Of A Wise Man In Islamic Tradition Girl
Lutfiyah  Kind, Gentle Girl
Laaiqa Worthy, Deserving Girl
Laaibah A Young Lioness Girl
Labeebah  Ray Of Light Girl
Labina  A Beautiful Lady Girl
Labisah  Soft To The Touch Girl
Labna  A Palm Tree Girl
Ladan Pleasant, Enjoyable Girl
Laiha  Glittering Girl
Laima Lucky, Fortunate Girl
Laisa Gentle, Soft-Spoken Girl
Laitha  Lioness Girl
Lajila  Courageous, Brave Girl
Lakhsha  Aim, Goal Girl
Lamai  Radiant, Bright Girl
Lamara  Liquid Gold Girl
Lamees  Soft To The Touch, Gentle Girl
Lameesa Gentle, Soft-Spoken Girl
Lamia  Radiant, Glowing Girl
Lamisah Soft To The Touch Girl
Lamyra Night, Dark-Haired Beauty Girl
Lanasah  Gentle, Soft-Spoken Girl
Landya One Who Is From Landon Girl
Lanja Gentle, Tender Girl
Lanna Tender, Graceful Girl
Laqa  One Who Acquires Knowledge Quickly Girl
Laraib Intuition, Insight Girl
Lareeb Sensible, Intelligent Girl
Laseefah One Who Is Skilled In Writing Girl
Lashira Companion, Friend Girl
Latas  One Who Is Subtle And Delicate Girl
Latifah Gentle, Kind-Hearted Girl
Launah Color, Complexion Girl
Lava  Beauty, Grace Girl
Lawahiz One Who Is Quick-Witted And Alert Girl
Lawla One Who Is From A Beautiful Place Girl
Layana Gentle, Tender-Hearted Girl
Layina Soft, Gentle Girl
Laylaa Night, Dark-Haired Beauty Girl
Layyali Nights, Dark-Haired Beauty Girl
Lazeeza Joy, Delight Girl
Laziqa Pleasant, Enjoyable Girl
Lazzat Pleasure, Enjoyment Girl
Leen Tender, Delicate Girl
Lili Beautiful, Graceful Girl
Linaa Tender, Delicate Girl
Liyana Soft, Gentle Girl
Liyina Tender, Delicate Girl
Liyza  Comfort, Ease Girl
Luba  Affection, Love Girl
Lubaaba  The Innermost Essence, The Heart Girl
Lubabah  The Essence, The Core Girl
Lubaina Pretty, Attractive Girl
Lakshya  Aim Or Target Girl
Lalita  Beautiful, Elegant Girl
Laxmi  Goddess Of Wealth And Prosperity Girl
Laxmi  Goddess Of Wealth And Prosperity. Girl
Lakshman  Brother Of Lord Rama Boy
Lata A Creeper, Vine, Or Plant Girl
Lavanya Beauty, Grace, Charm Girl
Lalita Beautiful, Elegant, Charming Girl
Lokesh Lord Of The World Boy
Lohit Red, Copper-Colored Boy
Lajja Shyness, Modesty, Humility Girl
Leela Play, Amusement, Sport Girl
Latika  A Small Creeper, A Vine Girl
Lochan The Eye, Sight, Vision Boy
Lekha Writing, A Written Document Girl
Lagan  Dedication, Devotion, Commitment Boy
Lipi The script, Writing, Handwriting Girl
Lila Play, Amusement, Sport Girl
Laxmanprasad Blessing Of Laxman Boy
Lalan Beloved, Darling, Loved One Boy
Lavi Lovable, Friendly Girl
Lav  Fragrance, Scent, Aroma Boy
Lilaavati  Beautiful, Playful, Charming Girl
Lekhraj Writer, Author, Scribe Boy
Lilaakar  Made Of Play, Playful Girl
Lashkara Glamour, Splendor, Charm Boy
Lajjawati  Shy, Modest, Demure Girl
Lalitaditya  Beautiful Sun, Handsome Like The Sun Boy
Latafat  Delicacy, Elegance, Finesse. Girl
Latif Gentle, Subtle, Refined Boy
Lekhi Writing, Scripture, Document Girl
Lochana The Eye, Vision, Sight Girl
Lachman Younger Brother Of Lord Rama Boy

Baby Girl Names That Start With L

Luna Logan Luca
Layla Lily Lucy
Lillian Leah Landon
Leilani Legend Lydia
Liliana Lyla Lucia
Lennon Lainey Lukas
Lane Londyn Lilah
Lila Lilly London
Leila Lia Lena
Leia Lola Lilith
Leighton Lucille Laila
Legacy Lauren Lyric
Luciana Laura Lilliana
Lana Lexi Lorelei
Layne Liana Lorelai
Lyra Leland Leona
Lilian Lina Layton
Lylah Leyla Leslie
Louise Lian Laurel
Lara Leilany Laney
Love Loyal Lee
Liv Landyn Lillie
Liberty Lea Linda
Loretta Louise Lux
Lilianna Lacey Luisa
Livia Laken Lilyana
Laylah Lauryn Lisa
Lenora Luz Leanna
Lottie Lexie Loyalty
Luella Lilia Leylani
Libby Lyanna Lizbeth
Laine Lillianna Lettie
Leena Lianna Leilah
Liz Lavender Lorena
Linden Lindsey Lesly
Lorraine Lailah Leela
Laramie Lucie Lenny
Lori Lake Liya
Leni Larissa Loren
Linnea Letty Lou
Lidia Lotus Lauda
Lois Leticia Louella
Liza Lindsay Lesly
Loralei Leonora Leana
Lizzie Luan Lilibeth
Lark Lacy Lynn
Lili Leya Lior
Libera Lavon Lucena
Lyrica Linza Lynette
Lynx Leigh Lulu
Leyna Luci Laurence
Lovinia Leonor Lacie
Lidwina Larson Luiza
Lillia Leigha Lealia
Loucille Lidie Lucyle
Leonara Laurentina Leonie
Lefa Leontina Levona
Lillias Lora Livvy
Leiana Lupita Livie
Lilyan Laurie Lourence
Lesley Livy Lillianne
Liba Leokadia Lethe
Leura Loena Laurentine
Laela Luane Lyndi
Lilliann Leveta Lilo
Lexa Leandra Louisette
Leiah Lexy Leann
Lurleen Lorna Lanae
Laima Lenoir Lygia
Laurella Lelani Luzette
Lizzy Lilli Llinda
Lauretha Leoda Lurlene
Louvinia Lizz Larine
Leola Leeann Lavina
Loranne Leone Lewana
Latissa Levenia Lorree
Ludie Lurline Lawanza
Lahoma Leaha Lyndy
Lyna Lisbeth Lilibet
Loir Lind Levonda
Lorrine Loyce Latitia
Latreece Lata Lindalee
Lakida Linelle Laverna
Laralyn Ljiljana Lindsee
Lucienne Luanna Lovella
Lillyan Lanna Lakshmi
Lastarr Liset L’Wren
Laquilla Larea Latice
Lavona Lindsie Lyvia
Liezl Lyndsey Leina
Leda Lacresha Leighan
Like Lateashia Lorella
Luwana Laniece Lynzi
Lawra Laurette Laurian
Leoni Lillyanne Lasonda
Lady Lakaiya Lynzey
Lali Latanya Lakeysha
Lenis Linsday Ludia
Laquina Lorilyn Latoyla
Lachonda Loriane Lacrista
Latarsha Leandre Libertad
Lashaunta Laurita Lajuana
Latoia Lavetta Lucila
Lovie Lilac Lalani
Laicee Laurena Lavanna
Livanna Livinia Lorenia
Lateasha Latoria Linzey
Loleta Latarisha Latascha
Linetta Lavonte Lamonica
Lillieana Lissett Le
Leondra Lauraine Laurica
Laretha Lovetta Liese
Lorilynn Luigina Lynnda
Lareesa Latania LeDonna
Lynley Loryn Loreal
Lakita Loa Lashell
Lynde Leelah Latissha
Loletta Lorey Lakitia
Latacha Launi Lekesia
Loise Larrisa Lekisha
Lyndia Limor Liesa
Louvenia Latanja Leizel
Lekeesha Lawrie Leverne
Laqueena Lanesha Laronda
Letisia Lindey Lajoia
Lavelle Leeron Lashawn
Lachina Laveta Letetia
Loma Lanika Lesia
Lakisha Liann Ling
Linora Lorinda Lyndsie
Lashana Lindsea Lidija
Lasandra Lorrayne Laketia
Laquela Lytisha Lai
Leontine Libbey Loris
Lujayn Linsay Lynnette

List of Baby Boy Names That Start With L

Here is a list of Names That Start With L:

Liam Lucas Levi
Logan Leo Luca
Luke Lincoln Leonardo
Landon Luka Legend
Luis Lorenzo Leon
Lennox Lennon Louis
Londyn London Leighton
Leonel Legacy Lauren
Luciano Lawson Leonidas
Layne Lorelai Leland
Lucca Lewis Lucian
Leandro Lawrence Layton
Ledger Leslie Lionel
Landry Lian Loyal
Lee Louie Landyn
Leonard Lachlan Lea
Landen Lux Langston
Lochlan Lance Lacey
Laken Leif Leroy
Larry Lev Lyle
Laine Link Lenox
Lucien Linden Lindsey
Lesly Laramie Lenny
Lamar Lucius Lake
Loki Lazarus Lyam
Leni Loren Lou
Levy Lotus Linus
Lindsay Lucio Levon
Leeland Luther Lyndon
Lazaro Leander Lonnie
Larkin Leopold Lloyd
Laiken Lumi Lyrik
Lester Lindy Lisandro
Leyton Lael Lex
Lathan Lamont Linley
Layken Lemuel Lucky
Ludvik Lando Lacy
Lyon Lynn Luc
Lior Lavon Lynx
Leigh Locke Laurence
Ludwik Lacie Lindburg
Lucifer Ladislav Larson
Lowman Lorimer Ladislaus
Lorentz Lino Ludvig
Lowell Leviticus Lynden
Leonida Ludlow Laurie
Lancaster Lourence Lesley
Lock Libero Lauriston
Larrey Linder Loman
Lendall Latrell Lion
Levin Luigi Lenoir
Lowell Lander Lindberg
Laddy Luverne Levant
Leoda Lindal Leopoldo
Lazer Lornell Lothario
Langford Laurent Lanford
Lindall Leone Lindo
Luvern Lonzo Luiz
Leary Lutz Lewellyn
Lange Landan Lad
Loyde Lyndee Lennie
Lindley Lothar Lonn
Leonid Leeroy Lavern
Larsen Lyndall Lawton
Lonza Landis Loukas
Lochlann Lyndal Lazar
Laszlo Lind Lovell
Loic Liem Leevi
Larenzo Lewayne Lavi
Lemarr Lindsee Lysander
Laron Lyndsey Leroi
Lizandro Lourie Laurian
Lonne Ledell Leandre
Lamond Lisle Lavonte
Lukan Lugh Loran
Li Lesean Laughlin
Lamario Lyonel Lyndell
Lukyan Lorne Long
Logen Lockwood Linc
Liandro Lesandro Leron
Leandrew Lazarus Lateef
Lasean Lancelot Laird
Ladell Lynell Liang
Leonhard Lendell Lazzaro
Lei Lynsey Lindsy
Lyn Lundy Lezlie
Laikin Lupe Lowry
Lorien Lemmie Laurell
Ladi Lisha Lucjan
Lucjusz Lassarina Ludlowe
Labrun Lachman Lachmann
Lacko Lacrosse Laddey
Lamarque Ladislas Ladle

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With L

Lauren Layne Lorelai
Logan Luca Landon
Legend Lennon Londyn
London Leighton Legacy
Leland Layton Leslie
Lian Loyal Lee
Landyn Lea Lux
Lacey Laken Laine
Linden Lindsey Lesly
Laramie Lenny Lake
Leni Loren Lou
Lotus Lindsay Leander
Lonnie Laiken Lumi
Lyrik Lindy Leyton
Lael Lex Linley
Layken Lacy Lynn
Lior Lavon Lynx
Leigh Laurence Lacie
Larson Laurie Lourence
Lesley Lenoir Leoda
Leone Luvern Lyndee
Lavern Larsen Lyndall
Lind Lindsee Lyndsey
Laurian Leandre Lavonte
Le Lynley Loryn
Lynde Lorey Launi
Lawrie Leverne Leeron
Lashawn Ling Lyndsie
Lai Linsay Lessie
Lorry Lorah Lyndel
Leslea Laicey Lexus
Lorrin Lawerence Linzi
Linnie Larsson Lonie
Lindon Leto Larkyn
Larren Linn Leith
Langley Lean Linh
Leslee Lorin Lyndsay
Linlee Lexis Larell
Laren Logann Lang
Lamarr La Lannie
Linzy Linsey Larue
Laray Luce Larin
Loran Lyndell Lorne
Long Logen Lynell
Liang Lei Lynsey
Lindsy Lyn Lundy
Lezlie Liron Lanny
Laike Lono Loden
Laverne Lynton Lorren
Lupe Lorien Lemmie
Laurell Ladi Lisha
Lally Lundie Langlea
Langlee Langleigh Larch
Larrin Li-ming Leonce
Liekki Likem Lagi
Lualhati Luntian Luzon
Loial Lemaj Livington

Unique Names for Babies With ‘L’

  • Lyric
  • Larkin
  • Leocadia
  • Liora
  • Linden
  • Lysander
  • Lucienne
  • Leonidas
  • Livia
  • Lirael
  • Lachlan
  • Lorelei
  • Leandra
  • Lazarus
  • Lavinia
  • Lior
  • Lennox
  • Liberty
  • Liora
  • Lyanna

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are popular meanings for names starting with ‘L’?

Ans: ‘L’ names for babies often symbolize qualities like love, light, strength, and grace, offering positive and meaningful choices.

Q: Are there trendy names that start with L for boys and girls?

Ans: Liam, Luna, and Layla are trendy ‘L’ baby names. For boys, Luca and Logan are also popular and stylish choices.

Q: What are unique ‘L’ names for my baby?

Ans: Consider Lysander, Leocadia, or Lyanna for a unique touch. These names that start with L offer a diverse range of beautiful and distinctive names.

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