Sun Yat-sen University

Sun Yat-sen University

Sun Yat-sen University is a national public research university also known as Zhongshan University located in Guangzhou in China. It was founded and named by Sun Yat-sen in 1924 founder of the Republic of China.


The university has 5 campuses in three cities Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Zhuhai, and 10 affiliated hospitals, and also is a member of the nation’s Double First Class University Plan for leading research universities.

In the beginning, each of the Sun Yat Sen universities was based on Sun Yat Sen’s political philosophy and adopted a statism educational model. Now present-day SYSU is the result of multiple mergers as well as splits and restructurings that have involved more than a dozen academic institutions over time.

The most recent merger happened in 2001 when Sun Yat-sen University became Sun Yat-sen College of Medical Science by the merger of Sun Yat-sen University of Medical Science with Sun Yat-sen University.

The Nationalist government that was set up during the first cooperation between the Nationalists and Communists formally decreed to change its name to National Sun Yat-Sen University after the death of Sun Yat-Sen in 1926 in memory of Sun Yat Sen.

There were four National Sun Yat Sen Universities first Sun Yat-Sen University in Wuhan, second Sun Yat-Sen University in Canton, third Sin Yat-Sen University in Zhengzhou, fourth Sun Yat-Sen University in Hangzhou.

Rankings and Reputation

Sun Yat-sen University's ranking in 2023 is 72nd globally, 7th in China, and 11th in Asia by the Academic Ranking of World Universities.  Its programs in management, physics, business, chemistry, mathematics, pharmacy, biology, and medicine are among the best in the nation.

CWTS Lieden Ranking in 2023 SYSU ranked 9th in the world and 12th in Asia and 40th in the world by the number of their scientific publications.


Professors 2266
Associate Professors 2898
Total Full-time Faculty 17022
Undergraduate  Students 32220
Graduate Students for Master’s Degree 13351
Full-time Students 65638
Doctoral Students 5961
Annual Budget $ 2.5
Annual Research Funding $ 454

Faculties and Schools

Several adjustments to its academic departments throughout its history were made by Sun Yat-Sen University. Now the University comprises a total of 67 schools, which are divided among seven faculties the Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Economics and Management, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Medicine, and Faculty of Information Science and Technology. These schools have five campuses.

Schools and Departments Faculties Campuses
Schools of Foreign Languages Faculty of Humanities Guangzhou South Campus
Liberal Arts College Faculty of Humanities Guangzhou South Campus
School of Government Faculty of Social Sciences Guangzhou South Campus
Department of History Faculty of Humanities Zhuhai Campus
School of Law Faculty of Social Sciences Guangzhou East Campus
School of Business Faculty of Economics and Management Zhuhai Campus
School of Mathematics Faculty of Natural Sciences Guangzhou South Campus
School of Physics Faculty of Natural Sciences Guangzhou South Campus
School of Life Sciences Faculty of Natural Sciences Guangzhou East campus
School of Electronics and Communication Engineering Faculty of Information Science and Technology Shenzhen Campus
School of Pharmaceutical Science Faculty of Medicine Shenzhen Campus
School of Nursing Faculty of Medicine Shenzhen Campus

Affiliated Hospitals

The University has eight affiliated hospital systems in China, including the Sun Yat-Sen University Ophthalmology Center and the Sun Yat-Sen University Cancer Center are 3A class hospitals.

Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hospital was founded as an Ophthalmic Hospital in Canton in 1835 by American Peter Parker. It originally dealt with diseases of the eye and later became the Canton Hospital.

In 2001, Sun Yat sen University Cancer Center was A class hospital and awarded as the key subject of China. Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Center was designated as the World Health Organization in 1980 and collaborated Center for Research on Cancer.


The system of the University of Libraries is one of the largest in China and it holds more than 6 million paper volumes including periodicals. Harvard College Library of Harvard University donated 158000 volumes in Hilles Library to SYSU in 2005.

Confucius Institutes

SYSU has established five Confucius Institutes since 2006.

  • The Confucius Institute in Lyon established together with Jean Moulin University Lyon 3 and Lumiere University Lyon 2
  • The Confucius Institute at the University of Cape Town


Essential Science Indicators (ESI)

The total number of citations of papers in 15 disciplines of SYSU entered the global top 1%, according to statistics of the Essential Science Indicators (ESI) database from 2003 to 2013. SYSU ranked 2nd in universities in China, tied with Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Zhejiang University, and Fudan University.


The University covers a total area of approximately 6.17 square kilometers with five campuses, Guangzhou North Campus in Yuexiu District, Shenzhen Campus, Guangzhou South Campus in Haizhu District, and Zhuhai Campus.

Guangzhou south campus of SYSU mainly hosts disciplines in humanities and sciences and covers an area of 1.17 square km in Haizhu District.

Fees Structure

Chinese language learners

  • Tuition is RMB 17400/ person/ academic and Year 8700/ person/ semester Registration fee is RMB 400
  • Learning Materials according to their prices

Tuition for long-term programs

  • Undergraduate Programs RMB 23000 to RMB 48000
  • Master Programs RMB 27000 to RMB 55000
  • D Programs RMB 30000 to RMB 65000

Tuition for short-term courses

  • Tuition Fee RMB 3800/ month
  • Registration Fee RMB 400

Benefit Plan and Overall Insurance for International Students

  • RMB 800/ person/ year


  • Air-conditioned Single Room RMB 1650/ person/ month
  • Air-conditioned Double Room RMB 1050/ person/ month


Basic Requirements

  • Uphold the leadership and political Ideology, Abide by the Constitution and laws, Stay Loyal, and Observe the rules and Regulations of the University
  • Possess a rigorous academic attitude and observe professional ethics
  • Be familiar with the rules of the higher education system and the state of higher education both abroad and domestically
  • Possess an international academic vision
  • Be in good health


  • Social Sciences and Humanities, Law, Philosophy, Chinese Language and Literature, etc.
  • Science, Physics, Biology, Statistics, Mathematics, etc
  • Engineering, Computer Science and Technology, Optical Engineering, Mechanics, etc.
  • Agriculture, Plant Protection, Crop Science
  • Medicine, Clinical Medicine, Nursing, Basic Medicine, etc.
  • Arts and Physical Education, Arts, Education, Dance and Music

How to Apply

Method 1: Log in to the Sun Yat-Sen University Registration Portal

Method 2: Log in to the Sun Yat-Sen University Recruitment Portal

Contact Details for Tenure Track Faculty

Contact: Ms. Wu, Mr. Chen

Cell No. +86 02 84111781



36 billionaires graduated from SYSU putting it 7th national and the first place in the South Central China region since 2017.

  • Shiu Ying Hu, botanist
  • Muzi Mei, blogger
  • Li Fanghua, physicist
  • Ye Shuhua, astronomer

Contact Us

  • Tel: +86 02 84110315
  • Official Website:
  • Address: No. 135, Xingang West Road, 510275, Guangzhou

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FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

What University did SYSU go to?

He enrolled in the Guangzhou Hospital Medical School in 1886 after another trip to Hawaii. He graduated in 1892 and transferred later to the College of Medicine for Chinese in Hong Kong.

What is SYSU ranked in the world?

SYSU is ranked 129th in Best Global Universities.

What is the rank of SYSU in QS?

SYSU is ranked 323rd in the QS World University Ranking 2023, it is one of the top public universities in China.

What is the scholarship for SYSU?

SYSU offers who wish to pursue their studies in China with the Chinese Government to international students. This scholarship provides living expenses accommodation, and financial support for tuition for international students.

How do I apply for the ICDF scholarship 2023?

Applicants go online to the ICDF Scholarship online application system and complete the 1st of January to the 19th of March; each applicant can apply only for one program at a time.

What is the fee for MBBS in SYSU?

The tuition fee for MBBS students is RMB 48000 and the hostel fee is RMB 5100.

Is SYSU private or public?

SYSU is one of the top national public Universities in Taiwan.

What is the KGS 2023 scholarship?

The Scholarship is open for applicants who must be in good health and physically fit. Applicants must have a minimum CGPA requirement of 2.80/4, 3.23/5, or 80% average marks.

What is SYSU is known for?

SYSU is one of the leading universities in China and it is a comprehensive multi-disciplinary university, including the medical sciences, humanities, management sciences, and pharmacology.

What is the full name of Sun Yat Sen?

Sun Tat sen real name inscribed in the genealogical records of his family is Sun Te Ming.

What religion is Sun Yat-sen?

Sun Yat-sen's religion and ideas are similar to the salvation mission of the Christian church and his revolutionary ideals which push for advancement.


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