Names That Start With I

Names That Start with I

If you’re looking for unique names for your baby boy or girl, you have come to the right place! Here is the complete list of unique names, boy names, girl names, and baby boy names. You can also search modern baby boy names starting with I. Check out our alphabetical list and find the fabulous, cute, first name, last name, or surname, and we have compiled names that start with I, precisely for you.

List of Top Baby Names That Start With I

Check out the latest popular girl names and popular boy names start below.

Name Meaning Gender
Ian  God Is Gracious Boy
Isaiah  God Is Salvation Boy
Isaac  He Will Laugh Boy
Ivan  God Is Gracious Boy
Ignatius  Fiery One Boy
Irving  Friend Of The Sea Boy
Ishmael  God Will Hear Boy
Ives  Little Archer Boy
Iain  God Is Gracious Boy
Ingram  Raven Of Peace Boy
Ivar  Archer Boy
Iker  Visit, Come To See Boy
Iverson  Son Of Ivor Boy
Isiah  God Is Salvation Boy
Isak  Laughter Boy
Isaiah  God Is Salvation Boy
Imani  Faith Boy
Indy  Independent Boy
Ilya  My God Is Yahweh Boy
Irena  Peace Girl
Isadora  Gift Of Isis Girl
Ibtihaj  Joy Girl
Iffat  Chastity Girl
Ihsan  Goodness, Benevolence Girl
Ikram  Honor, Hospitality Girl
Ilham  Inspiration, Revelation Girl
Iman  Faith, Belief Girl
Inaam  Kindness, Favor Girl
Inayah  Concern, Care Girl
Insha  Creation, Writing Girl
Intisar  Triumph, Victory Girl
Isidore  Gift Of Isis Boy
Ichabod  No Glory Boy
Idrissa  Studious One Boy
Ilan  Tree Boy
Ishan  Lord Shiva Boy
Ivo  Yew Boy
Ingram  Raven Of Peace Boy
Issac  He Will Laugh Boy
Icarus  Mythical Figure Boy
Ihsan  Charity, Goodness Boy
Isom  Gift Of God Boy
Ishmel  God Will Hear Boy
Isreal  God Contends Boy
Ivery  Boar Warrior Boy
Iain  God Is Gracious Boy
Italo  Italian Boy
Ivarr  Yew Tree Boy
Izen  Calm Water Boy
Iziah  God Is Salvation Boy
Imad  Pillar Of Strength Boy
Isidor  Gift Of Isis Boy
Isai  God Is Salvation Boy
Ilias  Jehovah Is God Boy
Ilija  My God Is Yahweh Boy
Isac  He Will Laugh Boy
Itai  With Me Boy
Isen  Iron Boy
Izek  He Will Laugh Boy
Iraj  Lord Of Light Boy
Isakson  Son Of Isaac Boy
Izzy  Gift Of God Boy
Ivann  God Is Gracious Boy
Isham  From The Iron One’s Estate Boy
Ikaia  God Will Establish Boy
Iason  Healer Boy
Iban  God Is Gracious Boy
Immanuel  God With Us Boy
Ishamel  God Will Hear Boy
Isao  Merit Boy
Isandro  Defending Men Boy
Iver  Yew Tree Boy
Ithan  Strong Willed Boy
Ishaq  He Laughs Boy
Isadore  Gift Of Isis Boy
Ibraheem  Father Of Many Boy
Irl  Nobleman Boy
Isael  God Contends Boy
Idan  Time Of Judging Boy
Itzae  Gift Of God Boy
Ihsaan  Excellence, Benevolence Boy
Ishrat  Happiness Boy
Ivon  Archer Boy
Iraan  Friend Of Aryans Boy
Ike  He Will Laugh Boy
Iliana  Bright, Shining One Boy
Ikeru  Meaning Of Life Boy
Isidoros  Gift Of Isis Boy
Isabella  Consecrated To God Girl
Ivy  A Climbing Plant Girl
Iris  A Colorful Flower Girl
Imogen  Innocent Girl Girl
Isadora  Gift Of Isis Girl
Indiana  Land Of The Indians Girl
Ingrid  Beautiful Girl
Imani  Faith Girl
Isabelle  Consecrated To God Girl
Ireland  Land Of Green Hills Girl
Ivana  God Is Gracious Girl
Ida  Hardworking Girl
Isadora  Gift Of Isis Girl
Ilana  Tree Girl
Isadora  Gift Of Isis Girl
Isidora  Gift Of Isis Girl
Isla  Island Girl
Ivy  A Climbing Plant Girl
Iyana  Beautiful Flower Girl
Irene  Peace Girl
Indira  Splendid Girl
Imelda  Powerful Fighter Girl
Ira  Watchful One Boy
Ishaan  Lord Shiva Boy
Israel  God Contends Boy
Ismael  God Will Hear Boy
Idris  Studious One Boy
Immanuel  God Is With Us Boy
Indigo  Blue Dye Boy
Isadore  Gift Of Isis Boy
Isadora  Gift Of Isis Girl
Ivy  A Climbing Plant Girl
Iyanna  Beautiful Flower Girl
Inez  Pure Girl
Irena  Peace Girl
Isolde  Fair Lady Girl
Ivette  Yew Tree Girl
Isidora  Gift Of Isis Girl
Isabella  Consecrated To God Girl
Ida  Hardworking Girl
Iyonna  Beautiful Flower Girl
India  Land Of The Indians Girl
Imogen  Innocent Girl Girl
Indigo  Blue Dye Girl
Isla  Island Girl
Isadora  Gift Of Isis Girl
Ivy  A Climbing Plant Girl
Imani  Faith Girl
Ingrid  Beautiful Girl
Isabelle  Consecrated To God Girl
Indra  Powerful Girl
Iola  Violet Girl
Iqra  Read Girl
Iram  Garden In Heaven Girl
Irsa  Rainbow Girl
Isbah  Morning Breeze Girl
Ishrat  Joy, Pleasure Girl
Isma  Safeguarding Girl
Ismah  Purity, Infallibility Girl
Ismat  Chastity, Innocence Girl
Isra  Night Journey Of The Prophet Girl
Itidal  Moderation, Balance Girl
Itrat  Lineage, Ancestry Girl
Izza  Honor, Esteem Girl
Izzah  Might, Power Girl
Ikhlas  Sincerity, Purity Girl
Imane  Faith Girl
Ilyana  Soft, Gentle Girl
Imaad  Support, Pillar Girl
Imanol  Faith In God Girl
Ikhlas  Sincerity, Purity Girl
Ikramiya  Generosity, Hospitality Girl
Ilaahi  Divine, Heavenly Girl
Ilhan  Inspiration, Intuition Girl
Imtiaz  Distinction, Privilege Girl
Inaaya  Concern, Solicitude Girl
Insia  Intelligence, Wisdom
Irhaa  Kindness, Compassion Girl
Ishraq  Sunrise, Dawn Girl
Israa  Night Journey Of The Prophet Girl
Iyan  Gift Of God Girl
Iyana  Gentle, Soft Girl
Imanii  Faith Girl
Ikhlaas  Sincerity Girl
Ikramah  Honor, Respect Girl
Ilaya  High, Elevated Girl
Ileena  Faithful, Loyal Girl
Imanah  Security, Safety Girl
Imara  Building, Construction Girl
Imtithal  Obedience, Submissiveness Girl
Inam  Kindness, Benevolence Girl
Inara  Light, Illumination Girl
Inshaal  Brilliance, Radiance Girl
Intisaar  Triumph, Success Girl
Iqbal  Prosperity, Fortune Girl
Iqraam  Generosity, Hospitality Girl
Ira  Watchful, Vigilant Girl
Iram  Garden In Paradise Girl
Irsa  Rainbow Girl
Isbah  Morning Breeze Girl
Ishani  Goddess Durga Girl
Ishrat  Happiness, Joy Girl
Ismat  Innocence, Chastity Girl
Israar  Secret, Mystery Girl
Itifaq  Harmony, Agreement Girl
Itimad  Trust, Reliance Girl
Iwana  Hope, Desire Girl
Iyadah  Support, Assistance Girl
Izzaat  Honor, Respect Girl
Izzah  Power, Might Girl
Ikhlasah  Purity, Sincerity Girl
Ihtiraam  Respect, Reverence Girl
Ilm  Knowledge Girl
Ilmira  Noble, Honorable Girl
Inas  Friendly, Sociable Girl
Inayah  Help, Care Girl
Inbar  Amber Girl
Indira  Beauty Girl
Insaf  Justice, Fairness Girl
Idris  Prophet Mentioned In The Quran Boy
Ibrahim  Father Of Many Nations Boy
Ihsan  Goodness, Excellence Boy
Imad  Support, Pillar Boy
Imran  Exalted, Prosperous Boy
Ilyas  Prophet Mentioned In The Quran Boy
Irfan  Knowledge, Awareness Boy
Ishaq  Prophet Mentioned In The Quran Boy
Ismail  Prophet Mentioned In The Quran Boy
Imtiaz  Excellence, Distinction Boy
Inam  Gift, Reward Boy
Iqbal  Prosperity, Success Boy
Irtaza  Affection, Friendship Boy
Isa  Jesus, Prophet Mentioned In The Quran Boy
Isam  Protection, Security Boy
Ishtiyaq  Longing, Yearning Boy
Iskandar  Alexander The Great Boy
Ismaeel  Variant Of Ismail Boy
Ihsaan  Excellence, Kindness Boy
Ihab  Gift, Blessing Boy
Ihsaan  Beneficence, Charity Boy
Iqraam  Honor, Hospitality Boy
Iqraar  Confession, Acknowledgement Boy
Irfanullah  Knowledge Of Allah Boy
Irtiza  Willingness, Desire Boy
Israar  Determination, Insistence Boy
Ismaila  God Will Hear Boy
Israr  Secret, Hidden Boy
Ibaad  Servants Of Allah Boy
Ibtesaam  Smiling Boy
Idrees  Variant Of Idris Boy
Iftikhar  Pride, Glory Boy
Iftikhar  Honor, Pride Boy
Ihab  Gift, Reward Boy
Ihsanul  Excellence, Virtue Boy
Ihtisham  Respectability, Decorum Boy
Ijaz  Miracle, Wonder Boy
Ijli  Respected, Honored Boy
Ijma  Consensus, Agreement Boy
Ijtiba  Choice, Preference Boy
Ijtimaa  Gathering, Assembly Boy
Ikram  Honor, Generosity Boy
Ilias  Variant Of Ilyas Boy
Imaad  Support, Assistance Boy
Imranullah  Exalted By Allah Boy
Irfanuddin  Knowledge Of The Religion Boy
Irshad  Guidance, Instruction Boy
Isaam  Protection, Preservation Boy
Isar  Sacrifice, Selflessness Boy
Isat  Respect, Dignity Boy
Isha  Prayer Boy
Ishaaq  Variant Of Ishaq Boy
Ishfaq  Sympathy, Compassion Boy
Iskander  Variant Of Iskandar Boy
Ismaa’il  Variant Of Ismail Boy
Ismaili  Belonging To The Tribe Of Ismail Boy
Issar  Sacrifice, Devotion Boy
Ithaar  Kindness, Generosity Boy
Iyad  Support, Reinforcement Boy
Iyaan  Gift Of God Boy
Izaan  Obedience, Compliance Boy
Izaaz  Honor, Distinction Boy
Izhaar  Expression, Disclosure Boy
Izhar  Expression, Manifestation Boy
Izz  Honor, Power Boy
Izzat  Honor, Respect Boy
Izzul  Might, Power Boy
Idhaam  Strive, Struggle Boy
Idreesa  Variant Of Idrees Boy
Iesa  Variant Of Isa Boy
Iftikhaar  Variant Of Iftikhar Boy
Idris  Prophet Mentioned In The Quran Boy
Ishan  Lord Shiva Boy
Ishaanvi  Goddess Parvati Girl
Ira  Earth Girl
Ila  Earth Girl
Inaaya  Concern, Solicitude Girl
Ishita  Mastery, Control Girl
Indu  Moon Girl
Isha  One Who Protects Girl
Ivan  Ruler Of The World Boy
Ishwar  God Boy
Iram  Garden In Heaven Girl
Ishaani  Wife Of Lord Shiva Girl
Ijya  Sacrifice Girl
Ipsita  Desired Girl
Ilham  Inspiration Boy
Inayat  Kindness, Favor Unisex
Ilisha  Queen Of The Earth Girl
Imanpreet  Love For Faith Unisex
Indumati  Full Moon Girl
Ishraq  Sunrise Boy
Ishrat  Pleasure, Happiness Girl
Ilma  Knowledge Girl
Inder  God Of Thunder Boy
Iraja  Daughter Of The Wind Girl
Iravati  Ravi River Girl
Ishwarpreet  Love For God Unisex
Indrani  Wife Of Lord Indra Girl
Ishanika  Goddess Durga Girl
Ishaqzaade  Passionate Lover Boy
Ishwarika  Goddess Durga Girl
Iyalisai  Musical Girl
Imanjeet  Victory Of Faith Unisex
Ilish  Hilsa Fish Girl
Ishwarjot  Light Of God Unisex
Indrajit  Conqueror Of Lord Indra Boy
Ishana  Supreme Ruler Girl
Ishpreet  Love Of God Unisex
Ishwardeep  Lamp Of God Unisex
Imanjit  Victory Of Faith Unisex
Irsyad  Guidance, Advice Boy
Ishira  Goddess Durga Girl

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