Names That Start With H

Names That Start with H

If you’re looking for unique names for your baby boy or girl, you have come to the right place! Here is the complete list of unique names, boy names, girl names, and baby boy names. You can also search modern baby boy names starting with H. Check out our alphabetical list and find the cool, cute, first name, last name, or surname, and we have compiled names that start with H exactly for you.

List of Top Baby Names That Start With H

Check out the latest popular girl names and popular boy names start below.

Name Meaning Gender
Harrison  Son Of Harry Boy
Henry  Ruler Of The Household Boy
Hudson  Son Of Hudd Boy
Hayden  Fire Boy
Hunter  One Who Hunts Boy
Heath  Heathland Dweller Boy
Harvey  Army Warrior Boy
Holden  Deep Valley Boy
Hector  Steadfast Boy
Hensley  From The High Meadow Girl
Hester  Star Girl
Hilary  Cheerful Girl
Holland  Land Of The Hollows Girl
Holly  Holly Tree Girl
Hope  Hope Girl
Houston  From Hugh’s Town Girl
Hudson  Son Of Hudd Girl
Hattie  Home Ruler Girl
Heidi  Of Noble Birth Girl
Houston  Settlement On The Hill Boy
Howard  Brave Heart Boy
Harley  From The Hare’s Meadow Boy
Hamish  Supplanter Boy
Hayden  Fire Boy
Heathcliff  Cliff Near The Heath Boy
Harry  Ruler Of The Household Boy
Haven  Safe Place Boy
Herman  Army Man Boy
Hubert  Bright Mind Boy
Hamilton  Beautiful Mountain Town Boy
Hampton  Home Settlement Boy
Huxley  From Huck’s Meadow Boy
Harper  Harp Player Boy
Harvey  Army Warrior Boy
Hendrick  Ruler Of The Household Boy
Hayes  Hedged Area Boy
Haven  Safe Place Boy
Heath  Heathland Dweller Boy
Hector  Steadfast Boy
Haya  Modesty, Shyness Girl
Haziqah  Intelligent, Wise Girl
Heena  Mehndi, Henna Girl
Hibah  Gift, Donation Girl
Hidayah  Guidance Girl
Hifza  Protective, Guardian Girl
Hijab  Veil, Covering Girl
Hijrah  Migration For The Sake Of Allah Girl
Henley  High Meadow Boy
Holden  Deep Valley Boy
Holton  From The Town By The Woods Boy
Heston  Town By The River Boy
Houston  Settlement On The Hill Boy
Howard  Brave Heart Boy
Howell  Eminent, Prominent Boy
Harlan  From The Hare’s Land Boy
Halston  Town In The Hall Boy
Haiden  Fire Boy
Harlow  From The Army’s Hill Boy
Harman  Army Man Boy
Harken  Listen Boy
Hart  Stag Boy
Harte  Strong, Brave Boy
Hartley  Deer Meadow Boy
Hartman  Strong, Brave Man Boy
Harun  Mountain Of Strength Boy
Harve  Army Warrior Boy
Harvel  Army Warrior Boy
Harwell  Lives By The Spring Boy
Harvard  High Guardian Boy
Haskell  Wisely Man Of The Woods Boy
Hassel  Hazel Tree Boy
Haven  Safe Place Boy
Hawk  Bird Of Prey Boy
Hawthorne  Thorny Bush Boy
Haydn  Fire Boy
Hayes  Hedged Area Boy
Haywood  From The Hedged Forest Boy
Hazen  From The Hazel Tree Boy
Heathcliff  Cliff Near The Heath Boy
Heber  Saint Boy
Hector  Steadfast Boy
Hendrick  Ruler Of The Household Boy
Hendrix  Ruler Of The House Boy
Hendry  Ruler Of The Household Boy
Henley  High Meadow Boy
Heston  Town By The River Boy
Hewitt  Little Smart One Boy
Hadley  From The Heath Girl
Hailey  From The Hay Meadow Girl
Halle  From The Hall Girl
Harper  Harp Player Girl
Hayden  From The Hay Valley Girl
Hazel  Hazel Tree Girl
Heather  A Flowering Plant Girl
Helena  Bright, Shining One Girl
Hendrix  Ruler Of The House Boy
Hayes  Hedged Area Boy
Hank  Ruler Of The Household Boy
Harris  Son Of Harry Boy
Hugo  Mind, Intellect Boy
Henley  From The High Meadow Girl
Hermione  Messenger, Earthy Girl
Hera  Queen Of Gods Girl
Harperlee  Harp Player Girl
Harperrose  Harp Player Girl
Harriet  Ruler Of The Home Girl
Harmony  Harmony Girl
Harlow  From The Hare’s Meadow Girl
Harperlyn  Harp Player Girl
Harperlynn  Harp Player Girl
Hartley  From The Deer Meadow Girl
Haven  Safe Place Girl
Hawa  Eve Girl
Haylee  From The Hay Meadow Girl
Hayley  From The Hay Meadow Girl
Heatherly  A Flowering Plant Girl
Heaven  Heaven Girl
Heavenly  Of The Heavens Girl
Hedda  Battle Maiden Girl
Hedy  Sweet, Pleasant Girl
Heidiann  Of Noble Birth Girl
Heidie  Of Noble Birth Girl
Helaina  Sun Ray Girl
Helen  Sun Ray Girl
Helena  Bright, Shining One Girl
Helene  Bright, Shining One Girl
Helga  Holy, Blessed Girl
Hellen  Sun Ray Girl
Hendrix  Son Of Hendrick Girl
Hennessy  Surname Girl
Henrika  Home Ruler Girl
Henrietta  Home Ruler Girl
Henslee  From The High Meadow Girl
Hensley  From The High Meadow Girl
Hera  Queen Of Gods Girl
Hermina  Army Man Girl
Hermine  Army Man Girl
Hidi  Of Noble Birth Girl
Hilde  Battle Maiden Girl
Hillary  Cheerful Girl
Hildegard  Battle Stronghold Girl
Hilda  Battle Maiden Girl
Holland  Land Of The Hollows Girl
Hollie  Holly Tree Girl
Holly  Holly Tree Girl
Honesty  Honesty Girl
Hope  Hope Girl
Hosanna  Praise Girl
Houda  Guided Girl
Houston  From Hugh’s Town Girl
Huldah  Weasel Girl
Hunter  Hunter Girl
Henson  Son Of Henry Boy
Herbert  Bright Army Boy
Herman  Army Man Boy
Hershel  Deer Boy
Huxley  From Hugh’s Meadow Girl
Hayden  From The Hay Valley Girl
Hadassah  Myrtle Tree Girl
Haidyn  From The Heath Girl
Haleigh  From The Hay Meadow Girl
Hallie  From The Hall Girl
Halona  Of Happy Fortune Girl
Halyn  From The Hall Girl
Hamza  Lion Girl
Hanley  From The High Meadow Girl
Hadiyah  Gift Girl
Hafsah  Lioness Girl
Hafsa  Cub, Young Lioness Girl
Haima  Snow Girl
Hajara  One Who Migrated For The Sake Of Allah Girl
Halimah  Gentle, Patient Girl
Hamdah  Praise, Commendation Girl
Hamida  Praised, Commendable Girl
Hanan  Mercy, Compassion Girl
Haniya  Pleased, Happy Girl
Hareem  Sanctuary, Sacred Place Girl
Harisah  Guardian, Protector Girl
Hasna  Beautiful, Good Girl
Hina  Henna, Mehndi Girl
Hind  Old Name For India Girl
Hira  Mountain Of Light Girl
Hirah  A Place In Saudi Arabia Girl
Hoor  Angel Girl
Huda  Guidance, Direction Girl
Huma  Bird Of Paradise Girl
Humaira  Red Girl
Humayra  Small, Red Girl
Humera  Of Reddish Complexion Girl
Husna  Beauty, Goodness Girl
Huzaima  Name Of The Prophet Muhammad’s Companion Girl
Huzefa  Name Of The Prophet Muhammad’s Companion Girl
Huzna  Sorrow, Sadness Girl
Huzur  Presence, Attention Girl
Hafiza  Guardian, Protector Girl
Haleemah  Calm, Patient Girl
Hesper  Evening Star Girl
Hesperia  Western Land Girl
Hestia  Goddess Of The Hearth Girl
Hetty  Star Girl
Heidi  Of Noble Birth Girl
Hiba  Gift Girl
Hameeda  Praiseworthy Girl
Hamimah  Close Friend Girl
Hamna  Blessed Girl
Hanaan  Affectionate, Tender Girl
Hanifa  Believer In One God Girl
Hanin  Longing, Yearning Girl
Hannanah  Kind, Loving Girl
Hasiba  Rational, Intelligent Girl
Hassan  Beautiful, Good Girl
Hawa  Eve Girl
Hayah  Life, Vitality Girl
Hayat  Life Girl
Hayfa  Slender, Delicate Girl
Hayrah  Good Deed Girl
Hazima  Determined, Resolute Girl
Haziq  Intelligent, Wise Girl
Hazirah  Prepared, Ready Girl
Hiba  Gift, Donation Girl
Hidayatullah  Guidance From Allah Girl
Hifzah  Protector, Guardian Girl
Hijrat  Migration, Emigration Girl
Hikmah  Wisdom Girl
Hinaa  Henna, Mehndi Girl
Hirad  A Special Kind Of Plant Girl
Hiran  Deer Girl
Hirra  Name Of A Bird Girl
Hooria  Angelic, Heavenly Girl
Horia  Free, Noble Girl
Hudaifa  Wise, Clever Girl
Hudun  Softness, Tenderness Girl
Humaidah  Praising Allah Girl
Humaydah  Praising Allah Girl
Humayrah  Reddish Girl
Husainah  Beautiful, Good Girl
Husniyah  Beautiful, Good Girl
Huzaimah  Companion Of The Prophet Muhammad Girl
Huzayfah  Name Of The Prophet Muhammad Girl
Habib  Beloved, Dear Boy
Hadi  Guide, Leader Boy
Haider  Lion Boy
Hafiz  Guardian, Keeper Boy
Haidar  Lion Boy
Haikal  A Cedar Tree Boy
Hakeem  Wise, Learned Boy
Hakim  Judge, Ruler Boy
Halim  Gentle, Calm Boy
Hamdan  Praised, Laudable Boy
Hamid  Praiseworthy, Grateful Boy
Hamza  Lion, Brave Boy
Hanif  True Believer, Orthodox Boy
Hani  Happy, Contented Boy
Haris  Guardian, Protector Boy
Haroon  Prophet Aaron Boy
Harun  Prophet Aaron Boy
Hasib  Respected, Noble Boy
Hassan  Beautiful, Handsome Boy
Hatim  Judge, Ruler Boy
Hayaat  Life Boy
Haydar  Lion Boy
Haytham  Young Hawk Boy
Hazem  Strict, Firm Boy
Hazim  Decisive, Determined Boy
Hisham  Generous, Kind Boy
Hossam  Sword, Protector Boy
Humam  Courageous, Generous Boy
Husam  Sword, Protector Boy
Hussein  Handsome, Good Boy
Huzayfah  Companion Of The Prophet Boy
Huzayl  Noble, Generous Boy
Haaziq  Intelligent, Clever Boy
Haitham  Young Hawk Boy
Hamad  Praise, Thanks Boy
Hamdullah  Praise Be To Allah Boy
Hamim  Intimate Friend Boy
Hanbal  Purity, Sincerity Boy
Hanifah  True Believer, Orthodox Boy
Hanzalah  A Name Of A Companion Of The Prophet Boy
Hareem  Sanctuary, Sacred Place Boy
Harith  Ploughman, Cultivator Boy
Haroun  Prophet Aaron Boy
Harunur  Prophet Aaron Boy
Hasham  Generous, Generous Boy
Hashem  Generous, Kind Boy
Hashid  One Who Rallies The Troops Boy
Hashim  Generous, Destroyer Of Evil Boy
Hashmat  Dignity, Splendor Boy
Hasibullah  Respected By Allah Boy
Hasnain  Two Swords, Name Of The Prophet’s Grandsons Boy
Hassanain  Two Beautiful Ones Boy
Hasyim  Generous, Kind Boy
Hatem  Determined, Decisive Boy
Haydarali  Lion Of Ali (Cousin And Son Boy
Haykal  A Pyramid, A Castle Boy
Haytham  A Young Hawk Boy
Hazar  One Thousand, Thousandfold Boy
Haziq  Intelligent, Clever Boy
Hazrat  Respect, Honor Boy
Hesham  Generous, Kind Boy
Hidayah  Guidance, Instruction Boy
Hikmat  Wisdom, Knowledge Boy
Hishmat  Dignity, Splendor Boy
Hissan  Fort, Castle Boy
Hoor  Beautiful, Fair Boy
Hossain  Handsome, Good Boy
Husaam  Sword, Protector Boy
Husein  Handsome, Good Boy
Husni  Beautiful, Handsome Boy
Hussain  Handsome, Good Boy
Husaini  From The Lineage Of Hussain Boy
Husamuddin  Sword Of Religion Boy
Huthayfah  A Companion Of The Prophet Boy
Hiral  Lustrous
Hrithik  From The Heart Boy
Hrithvi  Earth Girl
Harsh  Joy, Happiness Unisex
Harshil  One Who Is Happy Boy
Hridaan  Heart Boy
Hridhaan  Kind Hearted Boy
Hrithikesh  Lord Of Heart Boy
Himanshi  Ice Girl
Hemant  Winter Boy
Hema  Golden Girl
Harshita  Happy, Joyous Girl
Hiralal  Lustrous Gem Boy
Harit  Green Boy
Hruday  Heart Boy
Harika  Beloved
Harshit  Joyous, Happy Unisex
Hemal  Golden Unisex
Himaanshu  Moon Boy
Hridayesh  King Of Heart Boy
Hrithika  From The Heart Girl
Harshini  Happy, Joyous Girl
Hemangi  Golden Bodied Girl
Hemanthi  Winter Flower Girl
Harshwardhan  Creator Of Happiness Boy
Harshil  One Who Is Happy Boy
Hitesh  Lord Of Goodness Boy
Hitaishi  Well Girl
Hrishitaa  Pleasant, Cheerful Girl
Harinakshi  Doe Girl
Haritbaran  Green Complexioned Boy
Himank  Cold, Snow Boy
Hrithvik  Truthful, Honest Boy
Himangshu  Moon Boy
Hemachandra  Golden Moon Boy
Harshprabha  Happiness, Joy Girl
Harshavardhana  Creator Of Happiness Boy
Harshvardhan  Creator Of Happiness Boy
Harnoor  God’s Light Unisex
Harshaan  Joyful Boy
Haryaksha  Lord Shiva Boy
Hemang  Golden Body Boy
Hemavathi  River With Golden Banks Girl
Hradini  Lightening Girl
Hridika  One With A Pure Heart Girl
Hrudhika  Pure Hearted Girl
Hriya  Heart Girl
Huma  Bird Of Paradise Girl
Hyma  Snow Girl
Haima  Snow Girl
Hiralal  Lustrous Gem Boy
Harin  Deer Boy
Hrith  Love Boy
Hrithvik  Truthful, Honest Boy
Harpuneet  Love For God Unisex
Hemalatha  Golden Creeper Girl
Hemaakshi  Golden Girl
Harivallabh  Beloved Of Lord Vishnu Boy
Harshendra  King Of Happiness Boy

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