Names That Start With M

Names That Start with M

If you’re looking for unique names for your baby boy or girl, you have come to the right place! Here is the complete list of unique names, boy names, girl names, and baby boy names. You can also search modern baby boy names starting with M. Check out our alphabetical list and find the fabulous, cute, first name, last name, or surname, and we have compiled names that start with M, precisely for you.

List of Top Baby Names That Start With M

Check out the latest popular girl names and popular boy names start below.

Name Meaning Gender
Madison  “Son Of Matthew” Girl
Mackenzie  “Son Of Kenneth” Girl
Mackenna  “Born Of Fire” Girl
Mackie  “Son Of Fire” Girl
Macy  “Weapon” Girl
Madeline  “High Tower” Girl
Madelyn  “High Tower” Girl
Madison  “Son Of Matthew” Girl
Maeve  “Intoxicating” Girl
Maggie  “Pearl” Girl
Magnolia  “Flower Name” Girl
Maisie  “Pearl” Girl
Makayla  “Who Is Like God?” Girl
Malia  “Calm Waters” Girl
Mallory  “Unfortunate” Girl
Maren  “Sea Of Bitterness” Girl
Margaret  “Pearl” Girl
Margot  “Pearl” Girl
Maria  “Bitterness” Girl
Mariam  “Bitterness” Girl
Mariah  “Bitterness” Girl
Maribel  “Lovely” Girl
Marigold  “Golden Flower” Girl
Marilyn  “Lovely” Girl
Marissa  “Of The Sea” Girl
Marley  “Pleasant Seaside Meadow” Girl
Marnie  “From The Sea” Girl
Marsha  “Warlike” Girl
Martina  “Warlike” Girl
Mary  “Bitterness” Girl
Matilda  “Strength In Battle” Girl
Maude  “Battle Girl
Maura  “Bitterness” Girl
Maxine  “Greatest” Girl
May  “The Fifth Month Of The Year” Girl
Maya  “Illusion” Girl
Mckenzie  “Son Of Kenneth” Girl
Megan  “Pearl” Girl
Melanie  “Black, Dark” Girl
Melinda  “Honey” Girl
Melissa  “Bee” Girl
Melody  “Music” Girl
Mercy  “Compassion” Girl
Meredith  “Great Ruler” Girl
Mia  “Mine” Girl
Michaela  “Who Is Like God?” Girl
Michelle  “Who Is Like God?” Girl
Mila  “Gracious” Girl
Mildred  “Gentle Strength” Girl
Millicent  “Strong In Work” Girl
Millie  “Gentle Strength” Girl
Mindy  “Honey” Girl
Minerva  “Goddess Of Wisdom” Girl
Miranda  “Worthy Of Admiration” Girl
Mira  “Wonderful” Girl
Miriam  “Bitterness” Girl
Molly  “Bitterness” Girl
Mona  “Noble, Solitary” Girl
Monica  “Advisor” Girl
Monique  “Advisor” Girl
Morgan  “Sea Circle” Girl
Moriah  “God Is My Teacher” Girl
Muriel  “Bright Sea” Girl
Mya  “Mine” Girl
Myra  “Sweet Girl
Myrna  “Beloved” Girl
Myrtle  “Evergreen Shrub” Girl
Madalyn  “High Tower” Girl
Madalynn  “High Tower” Girl
Madeleine  “High Tower” Girl
Madilyn  “High Tower” Girl
Madilynn  “High Tower” Girl
Makenna  “Born Of Fire” Girl
Makenzie  “Son Of Kenneth” Girl
Malaya  “Freedom” Girl
Maleah  “Bitterness” Girl
Maliyah  “Heavenly” Girl
Mallorie  “Unfortunate” Girl
Mandy  “Lovable” Girl
Marcella  “Warlike” Girl
Marcy  “Warlike” Girl
Mason  “Worker In Stone” Boy
Matthew  “Gift Of God” Boy
Max  “Greatest” Boy
Michael  “Who Is Like God?” Boy
Miles  “Soldier” Boy
Mitchell  “Who Is Like God?” Boy
Morgan  “Sea Circle” Boy
Marcus  “Warlike” Boy
Mark  “Warlike” Boy
Martin  “Warlike” Boy
Marshall  “Caretaker Of Horses” Boy
Maurice  “Dark Boy
Maverick  “Independent Boy
Maxwell  “Great Stream” Boy
Malachi  “My Messenger” Boy
Malcolm  “Disciple Of Saint Columba” Boy
Manley  “From The Man’s Meadow” Boy
Manny  “God Is With Us” Boy
Manuel  “God Is With Us” Boy
Marc  “Warlike” Boy
Mario  “Warrior” Boy
Marlon  “Little Hawk” Boy
Marcellus  “Warlike” Boy
Matthias  “Gift Of God” Boy
Maverick  “Independent Boy
Melvin  “Council Protector” Boy
Merrick  “Ruler Of The Sea” Boy
Micah  “Who Is Like God?” Boy
Miguel  “Who Is Like God?” Boy
Milan  “Gracious” Boy
Milo  “Soldier” Boy
Milton  “Mill Town” Boy
Mitchell  “Who Is Like God?” Boy
Monroe  “Mouth Of The Roe River” Boy
Montgomery  “Man Power” Boy
Morgan  “Sea Circle” Boy
Morris  “Dark Boy
Moses  “Drawn Out Of The Water” Boy
Murphy  “Descendant Of Sea Warrior” Boy
Murray  “Sea Warrior” Boy
Myron  “Aromatic Shrub” Boy
Mac  “Son Of” Boy
Mack  “Son Of” Boy
Mackenzie  “Son Of Kenneth” Boy
Maddox  “Beneficent” Boy
Magnus  “Great” Boy
Malakai  “My Messenger” Boy
Malcolm  “Disciple Of Saint Columba” Boy
Malloy  “Descendant Of Sea Warrior” Boy
Mannix  “Monk’s Son” Boy
Manolo  “God Is With Us” Boy
Marcell  “Warlike” Boy
Marcelo  “Warlike” Boy
Marcos  “Warlike” Boy
Mariano  “From The Sea” Boy
Mario  “Warrior” Boy
Markel  “Warlike” Boy
Markus  “Warlike” Boy
Marley  “Pleasant Seaside      Meadow” Boy
Marlon  “Little Hawk” Boy
Martell  “Warrior” Boy
Martinus  “Warlike” Boy
Marty  “Warlike” Boy
Marvin  “Sea Hill” Boy
Masen  “Son Of Mace” Boy
Maslin  “Little Thomas” Boy
Mason  “Worker In Stone” Boy
Matias  “Gift Of God” Boy
Maurice  “Dark Boy
Maverick  “Independent Boy
Maxen  “Greatest” Boy
Maxim  “Greatest” Boy
Maximilian  “Greatest” Boy
Maxwell  “Great Stream” Boy
Maynard  “Powerful, Brave” Boy
Mclean  “Son Of Leander” Boy
Merle  “Blackbird” Boy
Micah  “Who Is Like God?” Boy
Michael  “Who Is Like God?” Boy
Miguel  “Who Is Like God?” Boy
Miller  “One Who Grinds Grain” Boy
Mahira  “Skilled, Expert” Girl
Maryam  “Mother Of Jesus” Girl
Madiha  “Praiseworthy” Girl
Maimuna  “Blessed, Prosperous” Girl
Malika  “Queen” Girl
Masooma  “Innocent” Girl
Manal  “Achievement” Girl
Marwa  “Fragrant Plant” Girl
Mawaddah  “Love, Affection” Girl
Maysa  “To Walk With A Proud, Swinging Gait” Girl
Maysam  “Gentle Breeze” Girl
Maysun  “Beautiful Face, Fair Complexion” Girl
Medina  “City Of The Prophet Muhammad” Girl
Meena  “Precious Blue Stone” Girl
Mehreen  “Pleasant, Beautiful” Girl
Mehak  “Fragrance” Girl
Mehwish  “Moon Girl
Misbah  “Lamp” Girl
Misha  “Like God” Girl
Misk  “Perfume” Girl
Miskinah  “Poor, Needy” Girl
Mubarakah  “Blessed” Girl
Muna  “Wish, Desire” Girl
Muneeba  “Repentant” Girl
Munira  “Illuminating” Girl
Muskan  “Smile” Girl
Mustafa  “Chosen One” Girl
Muzna  “Rain Clouds” Girl
Mariya  “Beloved” Girl
Maheen  “Fine, Delicate” Girl
Mahjabeen  “Forehead Like The Moon” Girl
Mahnaz  “Pride Of The Moon” Girl
Mahwish  “Moon Girl
Makarim  “Generous, Noble” Girl
Malaika  “Angels” Girl
Maleeha  “Skilled, Proficient” Girl
Maliha  “Beautiful” Girl
Manar  “Beacon, Guiding Light” Girl
Manha  “Gift Of God” Girl
Mannat  “Prayer, Devotion” Girl
Marjan  “Precious Gem” Girl
Maryamah  “Mother Of Jesus” Girl
Masarrat  “Joy, Happiness” Girl
Masoomah  “Innocent” Girl
Masroorah  “Happy, Delighted” Girl
Mawadda  “Love, Affection” Girl
Mayameen  “Blessings, Good Deeds” Girl
Mayassa  “To Walk With A Proud, Swinging Gait” Girl
Maymunah  “Blessed, Prosperous” Girl
Mehek  “Fragrance” Girl
Meher  “Kindness, Grace” Girl
Mehira  “Skilled, Expert” Girl
Mehr  “Sun” Girl
Mehwish  “Moon Girl
Mina  “Star Of The Sea” Girl
Mishaal  “Torch, Light” Girl
Mishal  “Torch, Light” Girl
Mona  “Wishes, Desires” Girl
Morwa  “Fragrant Plant” Girl
Moumina  “Believer” Girl
Musfirah  “Enlightened” Girl
Muzaina  “Rain Clouds” Girl
Muzaynah  “Adorned, Ornamented” Girl
Mahek  “Fragrance” Girl
Mahfuza  “Protected” Girl
Mahnaz  “Pride Of The Moon” Girl
Mahrosh  “Beauty Of The Sun” Girl
Mashhad  “City Of The Moon” Girl
Mai  “Coyote” Girl
Mohammad  “Praised, Praiseworthy” Boy
Mustafa  “Chosen One” Boy
Malik  “King, Master” Boy
Musa  “Prophet Moses” Boy
Mahmood  “Praised, Commendable” Boy
Muhammed  “Praised, Praiseworthy” Boy
Murad  “Desire, Wish” Boy
Mansoor  “Victorious” Boy
Mubarak  “Blessed, Fortunate” Boy
Murtaza  “Chosen One, Approved” Boy
Mohsin  “Benefactor, Charitable” Boy
Moiz  “Honored, Respected” Boy
Mudassir  “Clothed” Boy
Muzammil  “Wrapped Up” Boy
Mohtashim  “Praised, Admired” Boy
Munir  “Shining, Bright” Boy
Maaz  “Refuge, Shelter” Boy
Muawiyah  “A Young Dog Or Wolf” Boy
Mufaddal  “Preferred, Selected” Boy
Muneeb  “Repentant” Boy
Mushtaq  “Longing, Yearning” Boy
Majeed  “Glorious, Noble” Boy
Mahir  “Skilled, Expert” Boy
Musab  “Strong, Steadfast” Boy
Muhammad Ali  “Praised, Noble” Boy
Murshid  “Guide, Mentor” Boy
Muhannad  “Sword, Sabre” Boy
Mubashir  “Bearer Of Good News” Boy
Mahtab  “Moonlight” Boy
Mujahid  “Fighter, Warrior” Boy
Musawwir  “Fashioner, Designer” Boy
Munib  “Repentant” Boy
Mudasser  “Clothed” Boy
Muhib  “Beloved, Loving” Boy
Muhsin  “Benefactor, Charitable” Boy
Muazzam  “Glorified, Exalted” Boy
Muntazir  “Awaited, Expected” Boy
Mustansir  “Victorious, Triumphant” Boy
Muslih  “Reformer, Peacemaker” Boy
Mashhood  “Witnessed, Observed” Boy
Mahdi  “Guided One” Boy
Mursaleen  “Messengers” Boy
Maazin  “Rain Clouds” Boy
Mabruk  “Blessed” Boy
Maazuz  “Mighty, Strong” Boy
Muhaimin  “Protector, Guardian” Boy
Mubariz  “Warrior” Boy
Mujeeb  “Responsive, Answerable” Boy
Murtaaz  “Approval, Satisfaction” Boy
Mahfuz  “Protected, Guarded” Boy
Munzir  “Warner, Cautioner” Boy
Muheet  “Vast, Extensive” Boy
Muhriz  “Leopard, Lion” Boy
Mumin  “Believer, Faithful” Boy
Musaddiq  “Witness, Supporter” Boy
Mushir  “Adviser, Counselor” Boy
Mu’in  “Helper, Supporter” Boy
Muqtadir  “Powerful, Mighty” Boy
Mutasim  “Adherent, Follower” Boy
Mustapha  “Chosen One” Boy
Mahbub  “Beloved, Dear” Boy
Mabrouk  “Blessed, Fortunate” Boy
Maqbool  “Accepted, Approved” Boy
Masood  “Fortunate, Happy” Boy
Maysir  “Easy, Comfortable” Boy
Moataz  “Honored, Exalted” Boy
Moaz  “Refuge, Shelter” Boy
Moazzam  “Glorified, Exalted” Boy
Mohsin  “Benefactor, Charitable” Boy
Mohiuddin  “Reviver Of Religion” Boy
Moosa  “Prophet Moses” Boy
Mounir  “Shining, Bright” Boy
Moustafa  “Chosen One” Boy
Moussa  “Prophet Moses” Boy
Mohib  “Beloved, Loving” Boy
Montaser  “To Be Victorious” Boy
Montasir  “To Be Victorious” Boy
Morad  “Desire, Wish” Boy
Motaz  “Honored, Exalted” Boy
Moufid  “Useful, Beneficial” Boy
Mouhib  “Beloved, Loving” Boy
Mouiz  “Honored, Respected” Boy
Moussaoui  “Descendant Of Prophet Moses” Boy
Manav  “Human Being” Boy
Meena  “Precious Gem” Girl
Mohit  “Charming, Fascinating” Boy
Mansi  “Woman’s Intellect” Girl
Manya  “Respected, Honored” Girl
Mihir  “Sun, Radiant” Boy
Madhav  “Another Name For Lord Krishna” Boy
Meera  “Prosperous, Famous” Girl
Manas  “Mind, Intellect” Boy
Muskan  “Smile, Happiness” Girl
Mohini  “Enchantress, Beautiful Woman” Girl
Manvi  “Humanity, Kindness” Girl
Mayank  “Moon” Boy
Maitri  “Friendship” Girl
Mahesh  “Lord Shiva” Boy
Madhuri  “Sweetness” Girl
Mridul  “Tender, Gentle” Boy
Manik  “Gemstone” Unisex
Misha  “Smile, Happy” Girl
Malti  “Jasmine Flower” Girl
Manish  “Lord Of The Mind” Boy
Madhukar  “Honey Bee” Boy
Manisha  “Intelligence, Wisdom” Girl
Mahi  “Earth, Great” Girl
Mohan  “Charming, Enchanting” Boy
Madhu  “Sweet” Unisex
Mithun  “Couple, Pair” Boy
Manorama  “Charming, Beautiful” Girl
Megha  “Cloud, Rain” Girl
Manohar  “Charming, Beautiful” Boy

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