University of Science and Technology

University of Science and Technology

University of Science and Technology of China is a public university of Higher education in Hefei, Anhui, China. It was established in 1958. This university is also known as USTC. The Motto of this university in English is Being both responsible and integrating theory with practice.

This university is associated with the Chinese Academy of Sciences and co-sponsored by the Ministry of Education of China, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the Anhui Provincial Government. It is a part of the Double First Class University Plan, Project 985 and Project 211.

This university has almost 13 Schools, 11 National Research Platforms, 8 Science Education Integration Colleges, and 5 joint cooperative institutes with local governments.  It is a member of the C9 League.


In 1958, this university was established in Beijing by the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The Director of CAS Mr. Guo Moruo was selected as the first president of this university. The mission of its foundation was to develop high-level level a high-level science and technology workforce as deemed critical for the development China’shina Economy, Defense, science, and Technology Education.

The foundation of this university was welcomed as A Major Event in the History of Chinese Education and Science. Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies has supported this university by merging the majority of its institutes with the departments of the university. It was listed in the top 16 National Key universities in 1959 and became the youngest national key university.

The university shifted to Hefei during the Cultural Revolution at the start of 1970. This university and the National University of Defense Technology signed a strategic agreement to cooperate on quantum computing research at a ceremony attended by Pan Jianwei and Yang Xuejun.

Former President

  • Myung Sai Chung
  • Se Kyung Lee
  • Un Woo Lee
  • Kil Choo Moon

Current President

Hou Jianguo is the President of the University of Science and Technology of China.

Student Enrolled

In the academic year 2023, this university enrolled a total of 16,718 students out of which 7,426 are Undergraduate students and 9,292 the Postgraduate students. This university has 2,621 academic staff in 2023.

Fee Structure


Length of Study


Undergraduate 4 Years RMB 26000 Per Year
Master Degree 3 Years RMB 30000 Per Year
Ph. D Degree 3 Years RMB 35000 Per Year
General Scholar 1-2 Years RMB 26000 Per Year
Senior Scholar 1 Year RMB 32000 Per Year

How to Apply

  • Step 1: Complete Application Online
  • Step 2: Upload Required Application Documents
  • Step 3: Pay Fees or Send to University
  • Step 4: Track Admission Status

Main Campus

This university has an urban campus. It provides students with many options for study and recreation. This university has plenty of Museums, Thea,ters and Cinemas that provide opportunities for the cultural development of youth.

University of Science and Technology of China Rankings

Globally, this university is ranked 51-60 by Times Higher Education in 2021 and will rank as #57th in 2024. In 2022, it is ranked #6 by the by0 Academic Ranking of World Universities. Also, it is ranked as # 10th by U.S. News & World Report.

Popular Majors at the University of Science

  • Computer Science
  • Engineering
  • Mathematics
  • Material Science
  • Physics
  • Electronic Engineering
  • Chemistry
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • Management Science
  • Economics
  • Geophysics
  • Computer
  • Electronics
  • Ecology
  • Work
  • Electrical Engineering

Schools & Departments at the University of Science and Technology of China

  1. School for the Gifted Young
  2. School of Mathematical Sciences
  3. School of Physical Sciences

Department of Modern Physics

  1. Department of Astronomy
  2. Department of Physics
  3. Department of Optics and Optical Engineering
  4. Physics Experiment Teaching Center

School of Chemistry and Materials Science

  1. Department of Chemistry
  2. Department of Chemical Physics
  3. Department of Materials Science and Engineering
  4. Department of Polymer Science and Engineering
  5. Chemical Experimental Teaching Center
  6. School of Nuclear Science and Technology
  7. School of Life Science
  8. Molecular Biology and Cell Biology
  9. Neurobiology and Biophysics
  10. Systems Biology
  11. Biomedicine and Biotechnology

Engineering Science School

  1. Modern Mechanics
  2. Thermal Science and Energy Engineering
  3. Precision Machinery and Instrumentation

School of Information Science and Technology

  1. Electronic Science and Technology
  2. Automation
  3. Electrical Engineering and Information Science
  4. Information Security

School of Computer Science and Technology

  1. Computer Science and Technology

Earth and Space Science

  1. Earth and Space Science
  2. Faculty of Geochemistry and Environmental Science

School of Software Engineering

Colleges at the University of Science & Technology of China

This university has almost 26 colleges to grant postgraduates some of these are:

  • College of Software Engineering
  • College of Information Technology & Computer Sciences
  • College of Biochemistry & Material Education
  • College of Math Sciences
  • College of Physics

Facilities at the University of Science & Technology of China

This university operates almost 23 Labs which comprises of High Quality Native Labs and 34 R&D centers. 5 campuses cover an area of 20km which are:

  • Centre Campus
  • East Campus
  • West Campus
  • South Campus
  • North Campus

The Center campus is the main campus of the university. It has an archive with approximately 2,000,000 volumes and more than 1,000,000 E-Books.

Research Institution

  • National Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory
  • Hefei National Laboratory for Physical Sciences
  • State Key Laboratory of Fire Science
  • State Key Laboratory of Particle Detection & Electronics
  • National Engineering Laboratory of Language Information Processing
  • National High-Performance Computing Center at Hefei
  • Mengcheng National Geophysical Observatory
  • High Magnetic Field Laboratory
  • Chinese Academy of Science
  • Provincial & Ministerial Level Research Institution


  • C9 League
  • Association of East Asian Research Universities
  • Association of Pacific Rim Universities

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the GPA requirement at this university?

This university requires a minimum GPA of 2.5.

What is the acceptance rate of this university?

The acceptance rate at this university is USTC is 88%.

What are the core values of this university?

  • Student Education
  • Research Excellence
  • Serving Our Society

Which is the number 1 university in China?

China’s number 1 university Tsinghua University.

In which city is USTC University placed?

This university is in the Hefei which is the capital of the Anhui Province.


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