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Bilinear meaning describes a mathematical function or system that is linear with respect to each of its two variables.

History of the Word Bilinear

Emergence of Linear Algebra

The term bilinear is closely associated with the development of linear algebra in the 19th century. As mathematicians explored the properties of linear equations and functions, they began to investigate functions with two variables.

Applications in Mathematics

Bilinear functions and systems have various applications in mathematics, including linear transformations, matrix operations, and optimization problems. They are fundamental to areas like vector spaces and differential equations.

Beyond Mathematics

The concept of bilinearity extends beyond mathematics into fields like physics and engineering. Bilinear systems analyze physical phenomena with multiple variables.

English (Bilinear As Adjective)


(From "bi-" (two) + "linear," indicating linearity concerning two variables.


Pronounced: /ˈbaɪˈlɪniər/ (BY-LIN-ee-ər)

Bilinear as Adjective

Adjective bilinear
Comparative Degree  more bilinear
Superlative Degree  most bilinear
Adverb Bilinearly
Noun                                                          Bilinearly

Derived Terms

  • Bilinearly
  • Bilinearity


  • Spanish: Bilineal
  • French: Bilinéaire
  • German: Bilinear
  • Italian: Bilineare
  • Portuguese: Bilinear
  • Chinese (Simplified): 双线性的 (Shuāng xiànxìng de)
  • Japanese: 双線形の (Sō senkei no)
  • Bilinear meaning in Hindi: द्वि-रेखांकीय (Dvi-rekhāṅkīya)
  • Urdu: دو خطی (Do xatti)
  • Russian: Билинейный (Bilineynyy)


  • Two-dimensional
  • Bi-dimensional
  • Dual-linear
  • Double-linear
  • Two-way linear
  • Two-variable
  • Two-factor
  • Two-fold linear
  • Two-way
  • Twin-linear


  • Nonlinear
  • Multilinear
  • Complex
  • Curvilinear
  • Non-monotonic

Examples Sentence

  • The bilinear transformation simplified the mathematical model.
  • Bilinear interpolation is commonly used in image processing.
  • In physics, bilinear relationships are often encountered.

FAQs (People May Also Ask)

What does bilinear mean in mathematics?

In mathematics, bilinear describes a mathematical function or system that exhibits linearity to each of its two variables.

What is the significance of bilinear functions in linear algebra?

Bilinear functions play a fundamental role in linear algebra, particularly in the study of vector spaces, matrix operations, and differential equations.

Can bilinear be applied to systems in fields other than mathematics?

Yes, the concept of linearity is applicable in physics, engineering, and other fields to model and analyze systems with two variables.

Are there real-world applications of bilinear functions?

Yes, bilinear functions are used in various real-world applications, including image processing, optimization problems, and physics simulations.

What is the opposite of a bilinear function?

The opposite of a bilinear function is a nonlinear function, which does not exhibit linearity concerning its variables.

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