Biogenous - Definition, Meaning, Synonyms & Antonym

Biogenous - Definition, Meaning, Synonyms & Antonym

Biogenous meaning refers to substances, or structures that are produced or created by living organisms or biological processes.

History of the Word Biogenous

Emergence of Biological Sciences

The term biogenous emerged with the development of biological sciences in the 19th century. As researchers delved into the study of life forms and processes, they needed language to describe biological origins.

Biological Contributions

Biogenous became a useful term to categorize materials or substances that have their origin in biological organisms. This could refer to anything from organic matter produced by plants to sediments created by marine life.

Geological Significance

In geology, biogenous materials are particularly important. Biogenous sediments, for example, are deposits on the ocean floor primarily composed of the remains of marine organisms like plankton and shells.

Interdisciplinary Use

The term biogenous is not limited to biology and geology but extends into various scientific disciplines. It describes materials, compounds, and structures created by living organisms or biological processes.

English (Biogenous As Adjective)


From "bio-" (related to life) + "genous" (producing or originating), indicating an origin in living organisms.


Pronounced: /baɪˈɒdʒənəs/ (by-OJ-uh-nuhs)

Biogenous as Adjective

Adjective biogenous
Comparative Degree  more biogenous
Superlative Degree  most biogenous
Adverb Biogenously
Noun Biogenousness

Derived Terms

  • Biogenously
  • Biogenousness


  • Spanish: Biógeno
  • French: Biogène
  • German: Biogen
  • Italian: Biogeno
  • Portuguese: Biogênico
  • Chinese (Simplified): 生物源的 (Shēngwù yuán de)
  • Japanese: 生物起源の (Seibutsu kigen no)
  • Biogenous meaning in Hindi: जैविक (Jaivik)
  • Urdu: حیاتی (Hayati)
  • Russian: Биогенный (Biogennyy)


  • Organic
  • Living
  • Biological
  • Life-derived
  • Biogenic
  • Living-origin
  • Bio-derived
  • Organically produced
  • Natural
  • Life-generated


  • Abiogenous
  • Inorganic
  • Non-biological
  • Artificial
  • Synthetic

Examples Sentence

  • Fossils embedded in biogenous rock layers provide insights into Earth's history.
  • Biogenous materials in the soil enrich its organic content.
  • Researchers study biogenous sediments to understand past marine ecosystems.

FAQs (People May Also Ask)

What does biogenous mean?

Biogenous refers to materials, substances, or structures that are produced or living organisms or biological processes.

In what scientific disciplines is biogenous commonly used?

You can use it in various scientific fields, including biology, geology, chemistry, and environmental science, to describe materials originating from living organisms.

Can you provide examples of biogenous materials?

Examples include fossil-bearing rock layers, organic matter in soil, and marine sediments composed of the remains of marine life.

What is the opposite of biogenous?

The opposite of biogenous is abiogenous, which refers to materials or processes that do not originate from living organisms.

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