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Cozy meaning refers to a warm, comfortable, and inviting feeling, often associated with snugness and relaxation.

History of the Word Cozy


This term has its roots in the 18th century, originating from the Scottish word cosie, meaning snug or comfortable. It was initially used to describe warm and comfortable homes. The concept of coziness gained prominence during the Victorian era, with the popularity of corners and nooks in interior design.

Over time, broadened its usage to describe any setting or atmosphere that evokes a sense of comfort and relaxation.


It has continued to evolve and expand its meaning throughout the 20th century, becoming a versatile adjective used to describe everything from warm sweaters and inviting cafes to intimate gatherings and comforting books.

In contemporary usage, it embodies a feeling of contentment and security, making it a cherished term for describing pleasant and comforting experiences.

English (Cozy As Adjective)


From Scottish cosie, signifying warmth and comfort, especially in homes.


Pronunciation of cozy: /KOH-zee/.

Forms of Cozy

Adjective Cozy
Comparative Degree Cozier
Superlative Degree Coziest
Adverb Cozily
Noun Coziness


  • Comfortable
  • Snug
  • Warm
  • Inviting
  • Homely
  • Comfortable
  • Pleasant
  • Relaxed
  • Intimate
  • Homey


  • Uncomfortable
  • Cold
  • Austere
  • Inhospitable
  • Sterile
  • Formal
  • Distant
  • Uninviting
  • Unwelcoming

Derived Terms

  • Cozily
  • Coziness

Translations of Cozy

  • Spanish: Acogedor
  • French: Comfortable
  • German: Gemütlich
  • Italian: Accogliente
  • Portuguese: Aconchegante
  • Dutch: Gezellig
  • Russian: Уютный (Uyutnyy)
  • Chinese (Simplified): 舒适的 (Shūshì de)
  • Cozy meaning in Hindi: आरामदायक (Aaramdayak)
  • Urdu: دلگی (Dilgi)

Example Sentences

  • The cabin in the woods felt cozy with its crackling fireplace.
  • Ms. John wrapped herself in a cozy blanket on the chilly evening.
  • The small cafe had a cozy ambiance, perfect for a quiet chat.

FAQs (People May Also Ask)

What does cozy mean?

It describes a warm, comfortable, and inviting feeling, often associated with comfort and relaxation.

Can you suggest synonyms for cozy?

Synonyms include comfortable, snug, and inviting.

Are there antonyms for cozy to describe unwelcoming environments?

Yes, antonyms include cold and inhospitable.

How is cozy commonly used in the context of interior design?

It often refers to creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in homes and spaces.

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