Factual - Definition, Meaning, Synonyms & Antonyms

Factual - Definition, Meaning, Synonyms & Antonyms

Factual meaning refers to something that is based on facts or actual occurrences, providing truthful and objective information.

History of the Word Factual

 Ancient Origins

The word factual doesn't have a specific ancient origin but is rooted in the broader evolution of the English language.

Emergence in Modern English

The term factual came into prominence in modern English as a result of the language's natural development. It became particularly relevant as societies placed more emphasis on objective, fact-based information, and accuracy in the dissemination of knowledge.

Key Role in Information Age

In the information age, the word "factual" holds significant importance, signifying the accuracy and reliability of data, news, and information shared through various media.

English (Factual As Adjective)


Factual doesn't have a specific etymological origin; it represents a modern usage of English for truth-based information.


Pronounced: /ˈfæktʃuəl/ (FAK-choo-uhl)

Forms of Factual

Adjective factual
Comparative Degree  more factual
Superlative Degree  most factual
Adverb Factually
Noun Factuality

Derived Terms

  • Factually
  • Factualism
  • Factualist
  • Factualities
  • Factualize
  • Nonfactual


  • Spanish: Factual
  • French: Factuel
  • German: Faktisch
  • Italian: Fattuale
  • Portuguese: Factual
  • Chinese (Simplified): 事实的 (Shìshí de)
  • Japanese: 事実上の (Jijitsujō no)
  • Factual meaning in Hindi: तथ्यात्मक (Tathyātmak)
  • Urdu: حقیقی (Haqiqi)
  • Russian: Фактический (Fakticheskiy)


  • True
  • Real
  • Accurate
  • Authentic
  • Verifiable


  • False
  • Fictional
  • Imaginary
  • Unverified
  • Fabricated

Examples Sentence

  • The report provided factual information about the incident.
  • His argument is supported by factual evidence.
  • The news article presented factual details of the event.

FAQs (People May Also Ask)

What does factual mean?

Factual describes something that is based on real facts, actual events, or objective truth, providing truthful and reliable information.

Is factual synonymous with "truthful"?

While factual implies truthfulness, it emphasizes the reliance on verifiable facts and objective information.

Can facts be used to describe both information and individuals?

Yes, facts can describe information, reports, individuals, or statements that are based on factual data or actual events.

Are factual and accurate interchangeable?

They are closely related but not entirely interchangeable. Accurate emphasizes correctness, while factual implies reliance on objective facts.

Is factual suitable for academic or scientific writing?

Yes, factual is highly suitable for academic and scientific contexts, where precision and reliance on verifiable facts are crucial.

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