Bilabiate - Definition, Meaning, Synonyms & Antonym

Bilabiate - Definition, Meaning, Synonyms & Antonym

Bilabiate meaning describes a structure or organism having two lips or lip-like parts, often referring to certain flowers or animal anatomies.

History of the Word Bilabiate

Latin Origins

The word bilabiate has Latin origins, deriving from the Latin word "bi-" (meaning two) and "labium" (meaning lip). This term was used in the context of botany and biology to describe structures with two lip-like parts.

Botanical Usage

In botany, bilabiate refers to a specific type of flower structure. Flowers with bilabiate corollas have petals that are fused into two distinct lips, creating a unique appearance. This feature is commonly seen in the mint family (Lamiaceae), where the upper lip typically arches over the lower lip.

Zoological Applications

The term is not limited to botany; it is also used in zoology to describe certain anatomical features in animals. For example, some insects have bilabiate mouthparts, consisting of two lip-like structures.

Linguistic Expansion

While primarily a scientific term, bilabiate has not entered common everyday language. It remains a specialized term used within the fields of botany, biology, and zoology.

English (Bilabiate As Adjective)


From Latin "bi-" (two) + "labium" (lip), describing structures with two lip-like parts.


Pronounced: /baɪˈleɪbiət/ (by-LAY-bee-it)

Bilabiate as Adjective

Adjective bilabiate
Comparative Degree  more bilabiate
Superlative Degree  most bilabiate
Adverb Bilabiately
Noun Bilabiate

Derived Terms



  • Spanish: Bilabiado/a
  • French: Bilabié
  • German: Zwei-lippig
  • Italian: Bilabiato/a
  • Portuguese: Bilabiado/a
  • Chinese (Simplified): 双唇的 (Shuāng chún de)
  • Japanese: 二唇の (Nishin no)
  • Bilabiate meaning in Hindi: दोनों होंठों वाला (Dono hotho wala)
  • Urdu: دو لبوں والا (Do labon wala)
  • Russian: Двугубый (Dvugubyy)


  • Twolipped
  • Double-lipped
  • Bifid
  • Labiaceous (related term)
  • Divided into two lips


Monolabiate (having a single lip or lip-like structure)

Examples Sentence

  • The bilabiate flowers in the garden attract pollinators.
  • Certain insects have bilabiate mouthparts for feeding.
  • The mint family is known for its bilabiate corollas.

FAQs (People May Also Ask)

What does bilabiate mean?

Bilabiate describes a structure or organism with two lips or lip-like parts, commonly used in botany and zoology to describe certain flower corollas or anatomical features.

Where does the term bilabiate originate from?

Bilabiate comes from the Latin words "bi-" (meaning two) and "labium" (meaning lip), signifying structures with two lip-like parts.

In what contexts is bilabiate commonly used?

Bilabiate primarily describes certain flower corolla structures and in zoology for specific anatomical features in animals.

Are there any synonyms for bilabiate?

A related term is monolabiate, which describes structures with a single lip or lip-like part.

Is bilabiate a widely used word in everyday language?

No, bilabiate is a specialized term primarily used in scientific fields.

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