Blackish - Definition, Meaning, Synonyms & Antonym

Blackish - Definition, Meaning, Synonyms & Antonym

Blackish meaning describes something that has a tinge of slight resemblance to the color black, often used to convey a dark or murky appearance.

History of the Word Blackish

Early Usage

The term blackish has been used in the English language since at least the Middle English period. It often describes things that have a partial or slight black coloration.

Descriptive Usage

Throughout history, blackish was used descriptively to portray a shade or appearance that was somewhat black but not entirely so. This was particularly useful when referring to colors, substances, or objects that had a dark or murky quality.

Modern Usage

In contemporary English, blackish retains its historical usage. It is often employed to describe colors, liquids, or elements that are dark but not purely black. For example, brackish water might describe a body of water with a dark, murky appearance.

English (Blackish As Adjective)


From "black" + "-ish," indicating a partial or slight resemblance to the color black.


Pronounced: /ˈblækɪʃ/ (BLAK-ish)

Blackish as Adjective

Adjective Blackisher
Comparative Degree  more Blackisher
Superlative Degree  most Blackisher
Adverb Blackishly
Noun Blackishness

Derived Terms

  • Blackishly
  • Blackishness


  • Spanish: Amarronado/a
  • French: Noirâtre
  • German: Schwarzlich
  • Italian: Nerastro/a
  • Portuguese: Meio-negro/a
  • Chinese (Simplified): 微黑的 (Wēi hēi de)
  • Japanese: 黒ずんだ (Kurozunda)
  • Blackish meaning in Hindi: कालेजैसा (Kālējaisā)
  • Urdu: کالا جیسا (Kālā jaisā)
  • Russian: Черноватый (Chernovatyy)


  • Dark
  • Ebony
  • Charcoal
  • Coal-colored
  • Ink-black
  • Sooty
  • Jet-black
  • Pitch-black
  • Shadowy
  • Murky


  • Whitish
  • Bright
  • Light
  • Clear
  • Luminous

Examples Sentence

  • The river appeared blackish due to sediment.
  • Her dress had a blackish hue in certain lighting.
  • The sky turned blackish as the storm approached.

FAQs (People May Also Ask)

What does blackish mean?

Blackish describes something that has a tinge or slight resemblance to the color black, often conveying a dark or murky appearance.

Can blackish be used to describe colors other than black?

Yes, blackish can describe colors, liquids, or substances that have a dark or partially black quality.

Is blackish a common word in everyday language?

Blackish is less common than black and is typically used when a degree of darkness, but not pure blackness, is being described.

Are there synonyms for blackish?

Synonyms include dark, murky, shadowy, and somewhat black.

What is the opposite of blackish?

The opposite of  Blackish is typically whitish or light, indicating a color or appearance that is lighter or brighter than blackish.

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