List of Animals A-Z List | Types of Animals

List of animals

List of Animals

Here is a list of animals! we have consolidated an A to Z list of animals to help you easily identify the animals around the world. If you are an animal lover below check out the list of common animal names in English, ranging from insects to mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, insects, amphibians, arthropods, and mollusks.

List of Animals A-Z

Check the most comprehensive and thoroughly researched list of animals given below.

Animals that start with A

Here is a list of animals starting with A given below:

Aardvark Aye-aye Arctic fox
Alligator Alpaca Atlantic puffin
Ant Anaconda Arctic hare
Anteater African elephant American bison
Armadillo American black bear Australian cattle dog

Animals that start with B

Here is a list of animals starting with B given below:

Baboon Bengal Tiger Boar
Badger Bison Bobcat
Barracuda Black Bear Bonobo
Bat Blue Jay Bottlenose Dolphin
Beaver Blue Whale Brown Bear

Animals that start with C

Here is a list of animals starting with C given below:

Camel Cow Caribou
Cheetah Crab Clownfish
Chimpanzee Crocodile Capybara
Cockroach Coyote Common carp
Cormorant Cougar Canary

Animals that start with D

Here is a list of animals starting with D given below:

Deer Dragonfly Duiker
Dog Dingo Dhole
Dolphin Dove Desert Tortoise
Donkey Dormouse Dwarf Hamster
Duck Dassie Rat Dusky Dolphin

Animals that start with E

Here is a list of animals starting with E given below:

Elephant Egret European hare
Eagle Earthworm Eurasian lynx
Eel Eastern gorilla Eastern box turtle
Emu Eastern diamondback rattlesnake Eastern screech owl
Elk European bison Edible frog

Animals that start with F

Here is a list of animals starting with F given below:

Flamingo Fish Field Mouse
Fox Fennec Fox Finch
Falcon Fruit Bat Firefly
Ferret Flying Squirrel Fiddler Crab
Frog Fur Seal Flatfish

Animals that start with G

Here is a list of animals starting with G given below:

Giraffe Gecko Giant panda
Gazelle Gnu Grizzly bear
Gopher Golden eagle Green sea turtle
Greyhound Groundhog Great white shark
Giraffe Gray whale Golden lion tamarin

Animals that start with H

Here is a  list of animals starting with H given below:

Hippopotamus Hedgehog House sparrow
Honey badger Hermit crab Horse
Harpy eagle Hare Hummingbird
Humpback whale Hyena Hooded seal
Hammerhead shark Horseshoe crab Horned lizard

Animals that start with I

Here is a list of animals starting with I given below:

Ibis Indian rhinoceros Ibisbill
Impala Indian pangolin Imperial moth
Iguana Indian palm squirrel Indian cobra
Ibex Irish Setter Isopod
Indri Irish Wolfhound Inca tern

Animals that start with J

Here is a list of animals starting with J given below:

Jaguar Jaybird Jaguarundi
Jackal Jerboa Junco
Jellyfish Jet Ant Jabiru Stork
Japanese Macaque Junglefowl Javan Rhino
Javelina Jacana Japanese Crane

Animals that start with K

Here is a list of animals starting with K given below:

Kangaroo Kingfisher Killdeer
Koala Kakapo Kangaroo rat
Komodo dragon Kiwi King cobra
Kookaburra Kestrel Kodiak bear
Kudu Kamikaze crab Kentucky Warbler

Animals that start with L

Here is a list of animals starting with L given below:

Lion Lizard Limpet
Leopard Ladybug Lark
Lemur Lobster Loon
Llama Lemming Lapwing
Lynx Lamprey Land Crab

Animals that start with M

Here is a list of animals starting with M given below:

Macaw Marmot Moose
Magpie Meerkat Mosquito
Manatee Millipede Mountain goat
Mandrill Mink Mouse
Manta Ray Mole Muskox

Animals that start with N

Here is a list of animals starting with N given below:

Narwhal Northern goshawk Newt
Numbat Nightingale Nectar bat
Nile crocodile North Atlantic right whale Nurse shark
North American porcupine Northern fur seal Naked mole rat
Nutria Nene (Hawaiian goose) Nubian ibex

Animals that start with O

Here is a list of animals starting with O given below:

Orangutan Okapi Octopus
Ostrich Osprey Owl
Otter Opossum Orca (killer whale)
Ocelot Ocean sunfish Olive baboon
Olive ridley sea turtle Oriental short-clawed otter Orchid mantis

Animals that start with P

Here is a list of animals starting with P given below:

Panda Platypus Proboscis monkey
Penguin Pelican Puffin
Panther Polar bear Pangolin
Porcupine Pronghorn Pika
Peacock Puma Pheasant

Animals that start with Q

Here is a list of animals starting with Q given below:

Quail Quahog Qinyuan water frog
Quetzal Quail Dove Qinghai Lake naked carp
Queen Snake Quail Finch Qilian shrew
Quokka Quail Thrush Qacha’s Nek long-fingered frog
Quoll Qilian Mountains salamander Qinling panda

Animals that start with R

Here is a list of animals starting with R given below:

Rabbit Red Panda Roadrunner
Raccoon Red Fox Robin
Ram Reindeer Rockhopper Penguin
Rat Rhinoceros Roseate Spoonbill
Ray River Otter Rough-skinned Newt

Animals that start with S

Here is a list of animals starting with S given below:

Sloth Snail Stork
Shark Snake Swordfish
Squirrel Stingray Skunk
Salamander Spider Shrimp
Seal Starfish Seahorse

Animals that start with T

Here is a list of animals starting with T given below:

Tiger Tapir Turkey
Turtle Terrier Trumpeter swan
Tarantula Tasmanian devil Tree kangaroo
Toucan Thorny devil (also known as the thorny dragon) Trilobite (an extinct marine arthropod)
Tarsier Tuna Tsetse fly

Animals that start with U

Here is a list of animals starting with U given below:

Uakari Urial (wild sheep) Ulysses butterfly
Uguisu (Japanese bush warbler) Uromastyx (lizard) Umbrette (wading bird)
Umbrellabird Urutu (pit viper) Upupa (hoopoe bird)
Unicorn (mythical animal) Uakari (New World monkey) Utahraptor (dinosaur)
Uinta ground squirrel Uguisu (Japanese bush warbler) Utonagan (dog breed)

Animals that start with V

Here is a list of animals starting with V given below:

Vampire Bat Vulture Visayan Warty Pig
Viper Velvet Ant (actually a wasp) Vicariate Scallop
Vervet Monkey Vine Snake Velvet Worm
Vicuna Vole Virginia Opossum
Vaquita (smallest porpoise in the world) Violet-backed Starling Varied Thrush

Animals that start with W

Here is a list of animals starting with W given below:

Walrus Wildcat Woodchuck
Warthog Wildebeest Woodpecker
Weasel Wolf Woolly mammoth
Whale Wolverine Water buffalo
White-tailed deer Wombat Western lowland gorilla

Animals that start with X

Here is a list of animals starting with X given below:

Xerus Xanthic ocellated lizard Xestia moth
Xenarthra Xylophis snake Xanthopan
Xoloitzcuintli Xylocopa Xanthic ground snake
X-ray tetra Xylotrupes beetle Xyridaceae
Xanthareel Xenopus Xiphosuran

Animals that start with Y

Here is a list of animals starting with Y given below:

Yak Yellow-throated marten Yeti crab
Yellow baboon Yellow-throated warbler Yucatan brown brocket
Yellow-bellied marmot Yellowfin tuna Yucatan pocket gopher
Yellow-eyed penguin Yellowhead jawfish Yuma myotis
Yellow-rumped Warbler Yellowtail amberjack Yunnan snub-nosed monkey

Animals that start with Z

Here is a list of animals starting with Z given below:

Zebra Zigzag Salamander Zebra Shark
Zebu Zebra Dove Zestos Skipper
Zorilla Zebra Finch Zenaida Dove
Zebrafish Zebra Longwing Butterfly Zokor
Zokor Zebra Mussel Zwergspitzmaus (also known as the pygmy shrew)

Types of Animals

Animals can be classified into various types based on different criteria and locations. Below are some examples of how animals can be classified:

Types Definition & Examples
Vertebrates Animals with a backbone, such as mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fish
Invertebrates Animals without a backbone, such as insects, arachnids, crustaceans, mollusks, and echinoderms
Mammals Animals that have hair, produce milk for their young and have a four-chambered heart
Birds Animals that have feathers, lay eggs, and have a beak or bill
Reptiles Animals that are cold-blooded, have scales or scutes, and lay eggs on land
Amphibians Animals that live both on land and in water, have moist skin and lay eggs in water
Fish Animals that live in water, have gills for breathing and lay eggs in water.
Arthropods Animals with jointed legs and an exoskeleton, such as insects, arachnids, and crustaceans
Mollusks Animals with soft bodies are often protected by hard shells, such as snails, clams, and octopuses.
Echinoderms Animals with spiny skin and radial symmetry, such as starfish and sea urchins.

These are just a few examples of how animals can be classified, and there are many more ways to categorize them based on their characteristics, habitats, behaviors, and more.

List of Vertebrates

Gorilla Hippopotamus Blue Whale
Lion Giraffe Great White Shark
Bald Eagle Grizzly Bear Crocodile
Tiger Orangutan Alligator
Kangaroo Chimpanzee Komodo Dragon

List of Vertebrates

List of Invertebrates

Jellyfish Crab Spider
Octopus Shrimp Ant
Squid Lobster Beetle
Snail Starfish Butterfly
Clam Worm Centipede

List of Invertebrates

List of Mammals

Lion Giraffe Bat
Gorilla Whale Kangaroo
Elephant Koala Moose
Tiger Platypus Rhinoceros
Chimpanzee Panda Hippopotamus

List of Mammals

List of Birds

Bald Eagle Snowy Owl Red-tailed Hawk
Peregrine Falcon Canada Goose Eastern Bluebird
American Robin American Goldfinch American Crow
Northern Cardinal Black-capped Chickadee Ruby-throated Hummingbird
Common Loon Blue Jay Osprey

List of Birds

List of Reptiles

Alligator Snake Monitor Lizard
Crocodile Gecko Boa Constrictor
Turtle Iguana Garter Snake
Tortoise Chameleon Rattlesnake
Lizard Komodo Dragon Anaconda

List of Reptiles

List of Amphibians

Frog Axolotl Mudpuppy
Toad Tree frog Siren
Salamander Poison dart frog Amphiuma
Newt Glass frog Surinam toad
Caecilian Hellbender Fire-bellied toad

List of Amphibians

List of Fish

Salmon Halibut Sardines
Tuna Grouper Haddock
Cod Swordfish Mahi-mahi
Trout Barracuda Tilapia
Catfish Mackerel Carp

List of Fish

List of Arthropods

Shrimp Barnacles Squid
Lobster Clam Octopus
Crab Mussel Cuttlefish
Crawfish Oyster Nautilus
Krill Scallop Horseshoe crab

List of Arthropods

List of Mollusks

Salmon Anchovy Squid
Tuna Sardine Clam
Cod Haddock Oyster
Trout Mackerel Mussel
Swordfish Octopus Scallop

List of Mollusks

List of Echinoderms

Sea Stars (Starfish) Sea Cucumbers Halibut
Sea Urchins Sea Lilies (Crinoids) Haddock
Sand Dollars Sea Biscuits Anchovy
Brittle Stars Sea Apples Mackerel
Feather Stars (Crinoids) Heart Urchins (Sea Potatoes) Tilapia

List of Echinoderms

List of  Top 100+ Common Animals in English

Dog Rhino Worm
Cat Kangaroo Spider
Bird Koala Scorpion
Fish Sloth Fly
Mouse Monkey Mosquito
Rabbit Chimpanzee Ant
Guinea pig Gorilla Bee
Hamster Orangutan Butterfly
Rat Bat Moth
Horse Squirrel Grasshopper
Cow Raccoon Cricket
Pig Skunk Ladybug
Sheep Beaver Caterpillar
Goat Otter Snakes
Deer Seal Lizard
Moose Whale Turtle
Elk Dolphin Crocodile
Bear Shark Alligator
Lion Octopus Frog
Tiger Squid Toad
Leopard Jellyfish Salamander
Cheetah Crab Newt
Elephant Lobster Peacock
Giraffe Shrimp Pheasant
Hippopotamus Snail Turkey
Duck Parrot Gazelle
Goose Sparrow Antelope
Chicken Finch Wolf
Rooster Eagle Fox
Pigeon Falcon Coyote
Seagull Hawk Skink
Pelican Owl Armadillo
Camel Vulture Bison

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