Names That Start With A

Names That Start with A

If you're looking for unique names for your baby boy or girl, you have come to the right place! Here is the complete list of unique names, boy names, girl names, and baby boy names.

You can also search modern baby boy names starting with A. Check out our alphabetical list and find the cool, cute, first name, last name, or surname. We have compiled names that start with A exactly for you.

List of Top Baby Names That Start With A

Check out the latest popular girl and boy names with A below.

Name Meaning Gender
Aaron Mountain Of Strength Boy
Adam Man" Or "Earth Boy
Adrian Man Of Adria Boy
Aidan Fiery One Boy
Aiden Fiery One Boy
Albert Noble And Bright Boy
Alec Defender Of Mankind Boy
Alexander Defender Of The People Boy
Alfie Wise Counselor Boy
Allan Harmony Boy
Alvin Noble Friend Boy
Amos Carried By God Boy
Andrew Manly Boy
Anthony Priceless One Boy
Archer Bowman Boy
Archie Genuine And Bold Boy
Arlo Fortified Hill Boy
Arnold Ruler, Strong As An Eagle Boy
Arthur Bear Boy
Asher Happy Boy
Ashton Ash Tree Town Boy
Atticus Man Of Attica Boy
August Great" Or "Venerable Boy
Austin Great One Boy
Avery Ruler Of The Elves Boy
Axel Father Of Peace Boy
Axl Father Of Peace Boy
Ayden Fiery One Boy
Aiden Fiery One Boy
Aidan Fiery One Boy
Adriel Flock Of God Boy
Agustin Great Or Venerable Boy
Alan Harmony Boy
Albert Noble And Bright Boy
Alden Old Friend Boy
Aldo Old And Wise Boy
Alex Defender Of Mankind Boy
Alexander Defender Of The People Boy
Alfie Wise Counselor Boy
Alfred Wise Counselor Boy
Ali Noble Boy
Allan Harmony Boy
Allen Harmony Boy
Alvin Noble Friend Boy
Amari Eternal Boy
Amir Prince Boy
Anderson Son Of Andrew Boy
Andre Manly Boy
Andrew Manly Boy
Angelo Angel Boy
Anthony Priceless One Boy
Apollo God Of Light And Music Boy
Archer Bowman Boy
Archie Genuine And Bold Boy
Ari Lion Boy
Abigail My Father's Joy Girl
Adalyn Noble Girl
Addison Son Of Adam Girl
Aaliyah Exalted, Noble Girl
Alexandra Defender Of Mankind Girl
Alice Noble, Kind Girl
Alina Noble, Gracious Girl
Alyssa Noble, Kind Girl
Amelia Work, Industrious Girl
Anastasia Resurrection Girl
Angelina Angel, Messenger Girl
Annabelle Gracious, Beautiful Girl
Arabella Answered Prayer Girl
Arianna Most Holy Girl
Audrey Noble Strength Girl
Ava Life, Living One Girl
Averie Elf Counsel Girl
Ayla Oak Tree Girl
Abrielle God Is My Strength Girl
Acacia Thorny Girl
Adaline Noble Girl
Adalynn Noble Girl
Adele Noble Girl
Adeline Noble Girl
Adley Just Girl
Adriana Dark Girl
Afton River Girl
Ainsley Clearing With A Hermitage Girl
Aislinn Vision, Dream Girl
Alaina Dear Child Girl
Alayna Dear Child Girl
Alba White, Bright Girl
Alberta Noble, Bright Girl
Alena Bright, Shining Girl
Alessandra Defender Of Men Girl
Alexa Defender Of Mankind Girl
Alexandria Defender Of Mankind Girl
Alexia Defender Of Mankind Girl
Alexis Defender Of Mankind Girl
Alicea Noble, Kind Girl
Alisa Great Happiness Girl
Alison Noble, Kind Girl
Alivia Olive Tree Girl
Allegra Joyful, Lively Girl
Allyson Noble, Kind Girl
Alondra Defender Of Mankind Girl
Althea Wholesome, Healing Girl
Alyson Noble, Kind Girl
Amalia Hardworking Girl
Amanda Worthy Of Love Girl
Amber Fossilized Tree Resin Girl
Amelia Work, Industrious Girl
Amira Princess Girl
Amy Beloved Girl
Anastacia Resurrection Girl
Aabid Devotee Boy
Aadam Man, Humanity's Father In Islam Boy
Aahil Prince Boy
Aakif Devoted, Dedicated Boy
Aalam Universe, World Boy
Aalee Sublime, High Boy
Aamir Prosperous, Full Of Life Boy
Aarib Handsome, Attractive Boy
Aashif Bold, Courageous Boy
Aashir Living, Spending Time Boy
Aasif Protector, Guardian Boy
Aatif Kind, Affectionate Boy
Aazim Determined, Resolved Boy
Abbas Frowning, Serious Boy
Abdallah Servant Of Allah Boy
Abdul Servant Of, Used As A Prefix To Any Of Allah's 99 Names Boy
Abdullah Servant Of Allah Boy
Abidin Worshipers, Devout Followers Boy
Abu Father, Used As A Prefix To A Child's Name Boy
Adham Black, Dark Boy
Adil Just, Fair Boy
Adnan Proper Name, Meaning Unclear Boy
Afif Chaste, Modest Boy
Ahmad Most Commendable, Praised Boy
Ahsan The Best, The Most Beautiful Boy
Akram Generous, Noble Boy
Alamgir Conqueror Of The World Boy
Ali Excellent, Noble Boy
Aman Security, Safety Boy
Ameer Leader, Prince Boy
Aaisha Living, Prosperous Girl
Aalia Exalted, Noble Girl
Aaliyah Exalted, Noble Girl
Aaminah Secured, Safe Girl
Aamira Full Of Life, Prosperous Girl
Aaniya Caring, Affectionate Girl
Aarifa Knowledgeable, Wise Girl
Aasia Hopeful, Optimistic Girl
Aatifa Compassionate, Affectionate Girl
Aayat Sign, Proof Girl
Abida Worshiper, Devout Follower Girl
Abir Fragrant Perfume, Strong Scent Girl
Adiba Polite, Well Girl
Afia Health, Well Girl
Afiya Good Health, Wellness Girl
Afreen Encouragement, Praise Girl
Afshan Sprinkling, Scattering Girl
Afya Good Health, Wellness Girl
Ahlam Dreams, Fantasies Girl
Aida Returning, Visitor Girl
Aisha Living, Prosperous Girl
Aiza Respected, Noble Girl
Akifa Devoted, Dedicated Girl
Akila Intelligent, Wise Girl
Alia Exalted, Noble Girl
Alima Knowledgeable, Learned Girl
Alina Noble, Kind Girl
Alisa Noble, Kind Girl
Aliya Exalted, Noble Girl
Amal Hope, Aspiration Girl

List of Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With A

Here we compile gender-neutral baby names that start with the letter 'A', you may choose any name from these you'd like for your baby.

Name Meaning
Alex Defender of the people
Avery Ruler of the elves
Adrian Dark one or rich
Amari Eternal
Aubrey Noble ruler or bear-like
Aspen Tree name, symbolizing strength and flexibility
August Great, magnificent
Ariel Lion of God
Arden Valley of the eagle
Ash Tree name, symbolizing strength and resilience
Amal Hope or aspiration
Azariah God has helped
Austin Majestic, venerable
Ainsley Clearing with a hermitage
Addison Child of Adam
Andy Brave or manly
Ayo Joy or happiness
Alva Bright, fair
Allyn Little rock
Amory Industrious or brave
Arlo Fortified hill
Auden Old friend
Azul Blue
Amery Industrious ruler
Alden Old friend
Alani Orange tree
Allyn Little rock
Arlen Pledge or oath
Adair Noble, exalted
Ayden Little fire

Unique Names for Babies With 'A'

Name Meaning
Adonis Handsome and charming
Amethyst A precious purple gemstone
Aveline Hazelnut or little bird
Azura Sky blue or clear blue
Altair Star; the brightest star in the constellation Aquila
Anouk Grace
Aphra Dust; earth
Arvid Eagle tree or forest of eagles
Ashwin Light or horse tamer
Aviana Modern blend of Ava and Ana, meaning bird-like
Azalea A type of flowering shrub
Acadia Idyllic place
Alaric Ruler of all
Allegra Joyful or lively
Amias Loved
Ansel Noble or follower of a nobleman
Arlen Pledge or oath
Astrid Beautiful, loved
Atreyu Fictional character from "The NeverEnding Story"
Avani Earth
Avelina Little bird
Azriel Helped by God
Axiom Self-evident truth
Aziza Precious or beloved
Arcadia Pastoral paradise
Artemis Goddess of the moon and hunting
Aurelian Golden
Autumn Fall season
Ayan Gift of God
Azure Sky blue

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are some popular baby names starting with A?

Ans: Aria, Asher, Ava, Amelia, and Arlo are trendy A-names, blending classic and modern appeal.

Q: Are there any unique A-names with meanings?

Ans: Unique 'A' baby names are Azura (sky blue), Aveline (hazelnut), and Amias (loved) offer unique choices with beautiful meanings.

Q: Are there gender-neutral A-names?

Ans: Gender-neutral baby names starting with A include: Alex, Avery, Adrian, and Ariel suitable for both boys and girls.

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