Names That Start With O

Names That Start with O


If you’re looking for unique names for your baby boy or girl, you have come to the right place! Here is the complete list of unique names, boy names, girl names, and baby boy names. You can also search modern baby boy names starting with O. Check out our alphabetical list and find the fabulous, cute, first name, last name, or surname, and we have compiled names that start with O, precisely for you.

List of Top Baby Names That Start With O

Check out the latest popular girl names and popular boy names start below.

Name Meaning Gender
Oakley  From The Oak Tree Field Boy
Obadiah  Servant Of God Boy
Obed  Servant, Worshipper Boy
Oberon  Noble Bear Boy
Octavio  Eighth Boy
Odin  Inspiration Boy
Odis  Ardent, Fiery Boy
Oisin  Little Deer Boy
Ojai  Moon Boy
Okey  From The Oak Tree Boy
Olaf  Ancestor’s Descendant Boy
Olden  Ancient, Old Boy
Oliver  Olive Tree Boy
Omar  Flourishing, Long Boy
Onyx  Black Gemstone Boy
Orion  Son Of Fire Boy
Orland  Famous Throughout The Land Boy
Orlando  Famous Throughout The Land Boy
Orlo  Golden Boy
Orson  Bear Cub Boy
Orville  Golden City Boy
Osborn  Divine Bear Boy
Oscar  Divine Spear Boy
Osmond  Divine Protector Boy
Oswald  Divine Ruler Boy
Othello  Prosperous Or Wealthy Boy
Otis  Wealthy, Fortunate Boy
Otto  Wealthy, Prosperous Boy
Owen  Youth Warrior Boy
Ozias  Salvation Of The Lord Boy
Ozzie  Divine Power, Strength Boy
O’Neil  Descendant Of Niall Boy
O’Riley  Descendant Of Raghailleach Boy
O’Shea  Descendant Of Shea Boy
Oak  Strong, Durable Boy
Oakes  From The Oak Trees Boy
Obie  Heart Boy
Odell  Wealthy, Prosperous Boy
Odis  Ardent, Fiery Boy
Ogden  Oak Valley Boy
Ogilvy  From The High Peak Boy
Ohm  Unity, Wholeness Boy
Ola  Wealthy, Fortunate Boy
Oleg  Holy Boy
Olga  Holy Boy
Olin  Holly, Olive Tree Boy
Oliverio  Olive Tree Boy
Olivier  Olive Tree Boy
Olly  Olive Tree Boy
Omari  High Born, Elevated Boy
Onan  Strong Boy
Oneal  Descendant Of Niall Boy
Onslow  From The Zealous One’s Hill Boy
Onyx  Black Gemstone Boy
Ora  Gold Boy
Oran  White, Pale Boy
Orben  River Crossing Boy
Orbie  Light Boy
Ordell  Spearman’s Hill Boy
Orel  Golden Boy
Oren  Pine Tree Boy
Orestes  Mountain Dweller Boy
Orin  Pale, Fair Boy
Orion  Son Of Fire Boy
Oris  Tree Boy
Orland  Famous Throughout The Land Boy
Orlando  Famous Throughout The Land Boy
Orlo  Golden Boy
Ormand  Serpent Boy
Ormond  Mountaineer Boy
Orrick  Ancient Oak Tree Boy
Orson  Bear Cub Boy
Orval  Golden City Boy
Orville  Golden City Boy
Osbert  Divine Brightness Boy
Osborn  Divine Bear Boy
Oscar  Divine Spear Boy
Osmond  Divine Protector Boy
Oswald  Divine Ruler Boy
Otis  Wealthy, Fortunate. Boy
Oakley  From The Oak Tree Meadow Girl
Ocean  The Sea Girl
Oceana  Of The Sea Girl
Octavia  Eighth Girl
Odessa  Long Journey Girl
Ola  Ancestor’s Relic Girl
Olga  Holy Girl
Olive  Olive Tree Girl
Olivia  Olive Tree Girl
Ollie  Olive Tree Girl
Olympia  Home Of The Gods Girl
Omega  Last Letter Of The Greek Alphabet Girl
Ona  Grace Girl
Onyx  A Type Of Gemstone Girl
Opal  A Type Of Gemstone Girl
Opaline  Resembling Opal Girl
Ophelia  Helper Girl
Ora  Light Girl
Oralie  Golden Girl
Orchid  A Type Of Flower Girl
Orelia  Golden Girl
Oriana  Golden Girl
Orla  Golden Princess Girl
Orlagh  Golden Princess Girl
Orli  “My Light” In Hebrew Girl
Orly  “My Light” In Hebrew Girl
Orna  Pine Tree Girl
Orpah  Fawn Girl
Orra  Light Girl
Orsa  Little She Girl
Ortega  A Type Of Hawk Girl
Ortensia  A Type Of Flower Girl
Osanna  Praise Girl
Osha  Dew Girl
Osmunda  Divine Protection Girl
Othelia  Wealthy Girl
Ottilie  Wealthy Girl
Ottoline  Wealthy Girl
Ouida  Famous Warrior Girl
Ovelia  Olive Tree Girl
Ovidia  Sheep Girl
Owen  Youthful Warrior Girl
Oyin  Honey Girl
Ozara  Treasure Girl
Ozella  God’s Power Girl
Ozie  God’s Power Girl
Ozzie  God’s Power Girl
Oakleigh  From The Oak Tree Meadow Girl
Oceanea  Of The Sea Girl
Oceanne  The Sea Girl
Odelia  Praise God Girl
Odile  Wealthy Girl
Oksana  Praise Be To God Girl
Olena  Torch Of Light Girl
Olina  Joyful Girl
Olinda  Pretty Girl
Olwyn  White Footprint Girl
Olympia  Heavenly Home Girl
Onalee  “Graceful Light” Girl
Onora  Honor Girl
Oona  Lamb Girl
Opalina  Resembling Opal Girl
Opalyn  Resembling Opal Girl
Orabella  Beautiful Seacoast Girl
Oralia  Golden Girl
Orea  Beautiful Girl
Oren  Pine Tree Girl
Oria  Golden Girl
Oriole  A Type Of Bird Girl
Orissa  Pine Tree Girl
Orithyia  Mountain Nymph Girl
Orliyah  “My Light Is Yahweh” Girl
Orlynn  “My Light” Girl
Ornaith  “Newborn Lamb” Girl
Orphea  Fawn Girl
Orrie  Elf Power Girl
Orya  Light Girl
Osiris  God Of The Dead And Underworld Girl
Osma  Protecting Girl
Osyth  Divine Treasure Girl
Omaima  Little Mother Girl
Omaira  Red Or Rosy Cheeked Girl
Omaya  Leader Girl
Omaria  Long Girl
Omnia  Wish Or Desire Girl
Oraib  The Light Of The Dawn Girl
Orkida  Orchid Flower Girl
Orkide  Orchid Flower Girl
Orly  Light, My Light Girl
Oumaima  Little Mother Girl
Oumayma  Little Mother Girl
Oumnia  Wish Or Desire Girl
Oya  Air, Wind Girl
Oyku  Story Or Tale Girl
Oyshee  Delicious Girl
Ozge  Different Or Unique Girl
Ozra  Pure, Clear Girl
Ozzie  Mighty Or Powerful Girl
Obaida  Female Servant Girl
Ofa  Love Girl
Ola  Glory Or Honor Girl
Olfa  Advantage Or Benefit Girl
Olina  Joyous Girl
Olima  Wise Girl
Oliya  Exalted Or High Girl
Olma  Possession Or Treasure Girl
Oluwakemi  God Has Favored Me Girl
Oma  Life Giver Or Giver Of Prosperity Girl
Omah  Leader Or Ruler Girl
Omama  Caring Mother Girl
Omara  Eloquent Or Well Spoken Girl
Omaya  Leader Or Head Of The Family Girl
Omeka  Elevated Or High Girl
Omina  Wish Or Desire Girl
Omnia  My Wish Or Desire Girl
Omola  Riches Or Prosperity Girl
Onaiza  Intelligent Or Wise Girl
Ons  Affection Or Love Girl
Onsa  Remember Or Recall Girl
Onsi  Emotional Or Sensitive Girl
Ora  Prayer Or Light Girl
Orina  Sunrise Or Dawn Girl
Orla  Golden Princess Girl
Ornah  Light Or Brightness Girl
Oruj  Brilliant Or Shining Girl
Osaira  Light Or Radiance Girl
Osamah  Lion Or King Girl
Osaydah  Lioness Girl
Oshin  Ocean Or Sea Girl
Osma  Protector Or Defender Girl
Ossama  Lion Or King Girl
Oumaimah  Little Mother Girl
Ounsi  Emotional Or Sensitive Girl
Oviya  Artist Or Painter Girl
Owa  Gift Or Present Girl
Owaisa  Little Or Small Girl
Owda  Promise Or Covenant Girl
Owena  Feminine Form Of Owen Girl
Owliya  Friends Or Allies Girl
Ozara  Pure Or Clear Girl
Ozayr  Patient Or Steadfast Girl
Ozraa  Pure Or Clear Girl
Ozrah  Pure Or Clear Girl
Obaida  Female Servant Girl
Ohood  Promise Or Covenant Girl
Olwiya  High Or Exalted Girl
Onjali  Flower Or Blossom Girl
Oraiba  The Light Of The Dawn Girl
Orzala  Brightness Or Light Girl
Oshra  Happiness Or Joy Girl
Othman  A Companion Of Prophet Muhammad Girl
Ouafa  Loyal Or Faithful Girl
Oumou  Mother Or Lady Girl
Oureya  Bright Or Radiant Girl
Owadah  Gift Or Present Girl
Owla  Helper Or Assistant Girl
Owlema  Wise Or Learned Girl
Owolewa  A Wealthy Person Girl
Owliya  Friend Or Ally Girl
Obaidullah  Servant Of Allah Boy
Obayd  Worshiper Boy
Oktay  Brave Boy
Omar  Long Boy
Omran  Solid Structure, Civilization Boy
Omer  Life, Long Boy
Omran  Solid, Structure Boy
Onur  Brightness, Radiance Boy
Orhan  Great Leader, Emperor Boy
Osama  Lion Boy
Osman  Servant Of God Boy
Owais  Little Wolf Boy
Owaiz  Replacement Boy
Ozan  Bard, Poet Boy
Ozgur  Free, Independent Boy
Ozi  Beloved, Darling Boy
Ozzie  Powerful, Mighty Boy
Obaida  Small Slave Boy
Obayda  Servant Boy
Oday  Calm, Peaceful Boy
Ola  Wealth, Fortune Boy
Olabode  Wealth Returns Boy
Olayinka  Honored In Wealth Boy
Olumide  God Has Arrived Boy
Omarion  King, Leader Boy
Omeed  Hope Boy
Omero  Prospering Boy
Omri  My Sheaf Boy
Onurcan  Honorable Soul Boy
Or  Light Boy
Oran  Green, Fertile Boy
Oray  Prayer, Supplication Boy
Orhanen  Highborn, Noble Boy
Ori  Light Boy
Oriel  Angel Of Destiny Boy
Orin  Fair, Pale Boy
Orion  Son Of Fire Boy
Orville  Golden City Boy
Osaid  Lion Boy
Osamah  Lion, Tiger Boy
Osamu  Discipline, Study Boy
Osayd  Lion Boy
Osaze  Whom God Helps Boy
Osbourne  God’s Spear Boy
Osgood  Divine, Good Boy
Osiris  Powerful God Boy
Oskar  Spear Of God Boy
Osmanli  Ottoman Boy
Ossama  One Who Is Lion Boy
Ossian  Little Deer Boy
Osvald  Divine Ruler Boy
Oswaldo  God’s Power Boy
Othman  Baby Snake Boy
Othniel  Lion Of God Boy
Ousama  One Who Is Lion Boy
Oussama  One Who Is Lion Boy
Owaisuddin  Little Wolf Of The Faith Boy
Owanto  One Who Leads Boy
Owyn  Young Warrior Boy
Oya  Wind Boy
Ozair  God’s Helper Boy
Ozan  Poet Boy
Ozay  Strong, Solid Boy
Ozias  God’s Strength Boy
Ozkan  Leader Of The Clan Boy
Ozman  Divine Protector Boy
Ozren  Heavenly Boy
Ozvald  Divine Ruler Boy
Ozzie  Powerful, Mighty Boy
Ozzman  Divine Protector Boy
Othmane  Baby Snake Boy
Oueslati  Powerful, Strong Boy
Ousmane  Servant Of God Boy
Ousseynou  Little Husayn Boy
Owais Khan  Little Wolf Leader Boy
Owais Malik  Little Wolf King Boy
Owais Qarni  Little Wolf Of Qarn Boy
Owais Raza  Little Wolf Of The Faith Boy
Owais Shaikh  Little Wolf Of The Boy
Orlando  Renowned Throughout The Land Boy
Ottavio  Eighth Boy
Osvaldo  Divine Ruler Boy
Olimpia  From Mount Olympus Girl
Oreste  Mountain Dweller Girl
Orlina  Gold Boy
Ottavia  Eighth Girl
Orsino  Bear Boy
Orazio  Timekeeper Boy
Ottone  Prosperous Defender Boy
Osman  Servant Of God Boy
Oya  Wind Girl
Oktay  Brave Boy
Ozan  Bard, Poet Boy
Ozge  Mature Girl
Ozlem  Longing, Yearning Girl
Ozgur  Free, Independent Unisex
Onur  Brightness, Radiance Unisex
Omer  Life, Long Boy
Oya  Embroidery Girl
Om  Sacred Syllable, Universe Boy
Omkar  Lord Shiva Boy
Ojas  Vitality, Strength Boy
Oviya  Artist, Beautiful Drawing Girl
Omisha  Goddess Of Birth And Death Girl
Oindrila  Wife Of Lord Indra Girl
Ojal  Vision, Splendor Girl
Omprakash  Light Of God Boy
Oorvi  Earth Girl
Ovi  Poetry Girl
Olivia  Olive Tree Girl
Oscar  God’s Spear Boy
Owen  Young Warrior Boy
Orlando  Renowned Throughout The Land Boy
Octavia  Eighth Girl
Oakley  From The Oak Tree Field Unisex
Odette  Wealthy Girl
Ophelia  Help Girl
Odessa  Long Journey Girl
Odell  Wealthy Unisex
Olga  Holy Girl
Oleg  Holy Boy
Oksana  Praise Be To God Girl
Olav  Ancestor’s Descendant Boy
Orest  Mountain Dweller Boy
Olena  Bright, Shining Girl
Olesya  Defender Girl
Oksanka  Praise Be To God Girl
Olver  Elf Army Boy
Orian  Golden Girl
Ofir  Gold Unisex
Or  Light Unisex
Ofer  Fawn Boy
Ovadia  Servant Of God Boy
Osnat  Divine Gift Girl
Oz  Strength Boy
Omer  Life, Long Boy
Orli  Light Of God Girl

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