Names That Start With J

Names That Start with J

If you’re looking for unique names for your baby boy or girl, you have come to the right place! Here is the complete list of unique names, boy names, girl names, and baby boy names. You can also search modern baby boy names starting with J. Check out our alphabetical list and find the fabulous, cute, first name, last name, or surname, and we have compiled names that start with J, precisely for you.

List of Top Baby Names That Start With J

Check out the latest popular girl names and popular boy names start below.

Name Meaning Gender
Jackson Son Of Jack Boy
Jacob Supplanter Boy
James Supplanter Boy
Jason Healer Boy
Jaden God Has Heard Boy
Jared Descent Boy
Jaxon Son Of Jack Boy
Jayden Thankful Boy
Jeremiah God Will Uplift Boy
Jeremy Appointed By God Boy
Jesse Gift Boy
John God Is Gracious Boy
Jonathan God Has Given Boy
Joseph God Will Increase Boy
Joshua God Is My Salvation Boy
Josiah God Supports Boy
Julian Youthful Boy
Julius Youthful Boy
Jace Healer Boy
Jack God Is Gracious Boy
Jacoby Supplanter Boy
Jadon God Has Heard Boy
Jaiden Thankful Boy
Jair He Shines Boy
Jalen Calm Or Serene Boy
Jamal Handsome Boy
Jameson Son Of James Boy
Jamie Supplanter Boy
Jamison Son Of James Boy
Jarek Strong or Healthy Boy
Jarius He Will Heal Boy
Jarrett Strong or Brave Boy
Jarrod Spearman Boy
Jase Healer Boy
Jasiah God Will Save Boy
Jasper Treasurer Boy
Javan Greece Boy
Jax Son Of Jack Boy
Jaxon Son Of Jack Boy
Jay Victorious Boy
Jayce Healer Boy
Jayden Thankful Boy
Jaylen Calm Or Serene Boy
Jayson Son Of Jay Boy
Jed Friend Of God Boy
Jedidiah Beloved Of God Boy
Jeff God’s Peace Boy
Jefferson Son Of Jeffrey Boy
Jem God Will Raise Up Boy
Jemuel God Will Raise Up Boy
Jered Descent Boy
Jericho City Of The Moon Boy
Jermaine Brother Boy
Jerome Holy Name Boy
Jerrod Spearman Boy
Jesse Gift Boy
Jesiah God Will Save Boy
Jesus God Saves Boy
Jet Black Gemstone Boy
Jethro Abundance Boy
Jett Black Gemstone Boy
Jim Supplanter Boy
Jimmy Supplanter Boy
Joab Father Of The Nation Boy
Job Persecuted Boy
Joel Jehovah Is God Boy
Joey May Jehovah Add Boy
Johan God Is Gracious Boy
Johnathan God Has Given Boy
Johnny God Is Gracious Boy
Jonah Dove Boy
Jonathan God Has Given Boy
Jordan To Flow Down Boy
Jorden To Flow Down Boy
Jordy To Flow Down Boy
Jordon To Flow Down Boy
Jorge Farmer Boy
Jose God Will Increase Boy
Josephus God Will Increase Boy
Joshua God Is My Salvation Boy
Josiah God Supports Boy
Jotham Jehovah Is Perfect Boy
Jovani God Is Gracious Boy
Jovanny God Is Gracious Boy
Jovany God Is Gracious Boy
Joyce Lord Boy
Juan God Is Gracious Boy
Judah Praised Boy
Judd Praised Boy
Jude Praised Boy
Julian Youthful Boy
Julius Youthful Boy
Junior Young Boy
Justen Just Boy
Justin Just Boy
Justus Just Boy
Jade A Precious Green Stone Girl
Jada A Variant Of Jade Girl
Jaden A Combination Of Jade And Denzel Girl
Jael Mountain Goat Girl
Jaida A Variant Of Jade Girl
Jaimie Supplanter Girl
Jana God Is Gracious Girl
Jane God Is Gracious Girl
Janessa A Combination Of Jane And Vanessa Girl
Janelle God Is Gracious Girl
Janice God Is Gracious Girl
Janine God Is Gracious Girl
Janna God Is Gracious Girl
Jansen Son Of Jan Girl
Jara God Is Gracious Girl
Jasmin A Fragrant Flower Girl
Jasmine A Variant Of Jasmin Girl
Jazlyn A Combination Of Jasmine And Lynn Girl
Jean God Is Gracious Girl
Jeanette God Is Gracious Girl
Jeannie God Is Gracious Girl
Jemma Precious Stone Girl
Jenna Small Bird Girl
Jennifer White Wave Girl
Jenny A Variant Of Jennifer Girl
Jeri Ruler With Spear Girl
Jerica Ruler With Spear Girl
Jerri A Variant Of Jeri Girl
Jessa God Sees Girl
Jesse God’s Gift Girl
Jessica God Sees Girl
Jessie A Variant Of Jesse Girl
Jetta Black Gemstone Girl
Jewel Precious Stone Girl
Jewell A Variant Of Jewel Girl
Jezabel Not To Be Conquered Girl
Jill Youthful Girl
Jillian Youthful Girl
Jocelyn Joyous Girl
Joelle Jehovah Is God Girl
Johanna God Is Gracious Girl
Jolie Pretty Girl
Joni God Is Gracious Girl
Jordan To Flow Down Girl
Jordyn A Variant Of Jordan Girl
Josslyn Cheerful Girl
Journey A Trip Girl
Joy Happiness Girl
Joyce Joyous Girl
Juanita God Is Gracious Girl
Jude Praised Girl
Judi Praised Girl
Judith Praised Girl
Jules Youthful Girl
Juli Youthful Girl
Julia Youthful Girl
Julie Youthful Girl
Julienne Youthful Girl
Juliet Youthful Girl
June Born In June Girl
Juniper A Fragrant Plant Girl
Justice Fairness Girl
Justine Fair Girl
Jynx A Charm Or Spell Girl
Jacinda Beautiful Girl
Jacinta Hyacinth Girl
Jaclyn A Combination Of Jack And Lynn Girl
Jacque God Is Gracious Girl
Jacqueline God Is Gracious Girl
Jadae A Variant Of Jada Girl
Jaleah God Will Increase Girl
Jaleesa A Combination Of Jala And Lisa Girl
Jaliyah Lofty, Exalted Girl
Jamia A Combination Of James And Mia Girl
Janay God Is Gracious Girl
Janel God Is Gracious Girl
Janessa A Combination Of Jane And Vanessa Girl
Jazelle A Combination Of Jasmine And Elle Girl
Jeanine God Is Gracious Girl
Jenelle God Is Gracious Girl
Jennifer A Variant Of Jennifer Girl
Jennette God Is Gracious Girl
Jeraldine Ruler With Spear Girl
Jerusha Possession Girl
Jeslyn God Sees Girl
Jessalyn A Variant Of Jessa Girl
Jabeen Forehead Girl
Jalees Companion Girl
Jameela Beautiful Girl
Jannat Heaven Girl
Jawahir Jewels Girl
Jaza Reward Girl
Jaziya Reward Girl
Jemimah Little Dove Girl
Jenaan Paradise Girl
Jibran River Girl
Jihan The World Girl
Jomana Silver Pearl Girl
Jood Generosity Girl
Jumanah Pearl Girl
Jumaymah Night Girl
Junaidah Helper Girl
Juriyah Jewel Girl
Jwairiyah Little One Girl
Jaziah The Reward Girl
Ja’ida Hardworking Girl
Jabalah Mountain Girl
Jada Gift Girl
Jadida New Girl
Jadwa Gift Girl
Jafar Stream Girl
Jaffa Lovely Girl
Jahangir Conqueror Girl
Jahanara Queen Of The World Girl
Jahizah Competent Girl
Jala Clarity Girl
Jalila Great Girl
Jalsa Celebration Girl
Jalwa Attraction Girl
Jameela Beautiful Girl
Jamila Beautiful Girl
Jana Paradise Girl
Janan Heart Girl
Janat Heaven Girl
Janiah God Is Gracious Girl
Jannan Garden Girl
Jannah Paradise Girl
Jaseena Winner Girl
Jasmeen Jasmine Girl
Jasmin Gift From God Girl
Jasmina Gift From God Girl
Jafar Small Stream Boy
Jahangir Conqueror Of The World Boy
Jaleel Great, Noble Boy
Jamal Beauty Boy
Jari Powerful, Brave Boy
Jasir Brave, Bold Boy
Jawad Generous Boy
Jazib Attractive Boy
Jibril Archangel Gabriel Boy
Jumah Friday Boy
Junaid Warrior, Fighter Boy
Juzar Assistance Boy
Jaan Life Boy
Jabbar Mighty, Powerful Boy
Jabir Comforter, Consoler Boy
Jahan World Boy
Jaleed Brave, Valiant Boy
Jalil Great, Grand Boy
Jamil Beautiful, Handsome Boy
Jasim Great, Powerful Boy
Jawhar Jewel, Gem Boy
Jazil Great, Admirable Boy
Jibran River Of Paradise Boy
Jishan Good, Happy Boy
Joher Jewel Boy
Jomar Camel Boy
Junaidi Soldier Boy
Jaabir Consoler, Comforter Boy
Jabril Archangel Gabriel Boy
Jafarullah Small Stream Of Allah Boy
Jahm Sullen, Frowning Boy
Jahsh Courage, Boldness Boy
Jalaluddin Glory Of The Religion Boy
Jalees Friend, Companion Boy
Jalilullah Grandeur Of Allah Boy
Jamshed Sun Boy
Jareer Powerful, Strong Boy
Jasem Handsome Boy
Jasoor Brave Boy
Jawdat Generosity, Excellence Boy
Jaza Reward, Recompense Boy
Jazool  Handsome, Attractive Boy
Jehad  Struggle, Effort Boy
Jihan  World, Universe Boy
Jinaan  Gardens, Paradise Boy
Jivaan  Life Boy
Juayl  Generous, Magnanimous Boy
Judah  Praised Boy
Juhair  Jewel, Gem Boy
Jummal  Handsome Boy
Jundub  Grasshopper Boy
Juzair  Assistance Boy
Jibranullah  River Of Paradise Of Allah Boy
Jibreelullah  Archangel Gabriel Of Allah Boy
Jabirullah  Comforter, Consoler Of Allah Boy
Jaafar  Small Stream Boy
Jahanzeb  Ornament Of The World Boy
Jalal  Grandeur, Glory Boy
Jameel  Beautiful, Handsome Boy
Jamsheed  Sun Boy
Jaraah  Surgeon Boy
Jareem  Generous, Magnanimous Boy
Jariyah  Female Warrior Boy
Jasoorah  Brave, Courageous Boy
Jawahir  Jewels, Gems Boy
Jawdatullah  Generosity, Excellence Of Allah Boy
Jazir  Brave, Bold Boy
Jazlaan  Blessed Boy
Jehadullah  Struggle, Effort Of Allah Boy
Jibreel  Archangel Gabriel Boy
Jihadi  Warrior, Fighter Boy
Jimaal  Handsome Boy
Jinaad  Strength, Power Boy
Jivin  Life Boy
Juayla  Generous, Magnanimous Boy
Jubair  Consolation, Comfort Boy
Judi  Praised Boy
Juhairi  Jewel, Gem Boy
Julaid  Little Champion Boy
Junayd  Warrior, Fighter Boy

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