Names That Start With V

Names That Start with V

If you’re looking for unique names for your baby boy or girl, you have come to the right place! Here is the complete list of unique names, boy names, girl names, and baby boy names. You can also search modern baby boy names starting with V. Check out our alphabetical list and find the fabulous, cute, first name, last name, or surname, and we have compiled names that start with V, precisely for you.

List of Top Baby Names That Start With V

Check out the latest popular girl names and popular boy names start below.

Name Meaning Gender
Valentina  Strong, Healthy Girl
Vanessa  Butterfly Girl
Victoria  Victory Girl
Veronica  True Image Girl
Vienna  From Vienna, Austria Girl
Vada  Wise Girl
Valaria  Brave Girl
Valeska  Glorious Ruler Girl
Valora  Brave Girl
Vanora  White Wave Girl
Vanya  Gracious Gift Of God Girl
Varsha  Rain Girl
Vayda  Wise Girl
Vega  Falling Star Girl
Velma  Willful Protector Girl
Velda  Ruler Girl
Velvet  Soft Fabric Girl
Venessa  Butterfly Girl
Venice  From Venice, Italy Girl
Venus  Goddess Of Love Girl
Vera  True Girl
Verity  Truth Girl
Verona  From Verona, Italy Girl
Vesper  Evening Star Girl
Viana  Vineyard Girl
Vianna  Full Of Life Girl
Victoriah  Victory Girl
Victoire  Victory Girl
Vidya  Knowledge Girl
Vienna  From Vienna, Austria Girl
Vigdis  Battle Goddess Girl
Vijaya  Victory Girl
Vilda  Wild Girl
Vina  Beloved Girl
Vinaya  Modesty Girl
Vineeta  Humble Girl
Vinita  Modest Girl
Viona  Vineyard Girl
Virgie  Maiden Girl
Virginia  Pure Girl
Vishti  Happy Girl
Vita  Life Girl
Viveca  Full Of Life Girl
Viviana  Full Of Life Girl
Vivien  Lively Girl
Vonda  True Image Girl
Vreni  True Image Girl
Vrinda  Basil Girl
Vyla  Loyal Girl
Vynce  Conqueror Girl
Vaishali  An Ancient City In India Girl
Valarie  Strong, Healthy Girl
Valdis  Goddess Of The Slain Girl
Valentina  Strong, Healthy Girl
Valeria  Strong, Healthy Girl
Vallie  Valley Girl
Valma  Famous Ruler Girl
Valorie  Strong, Healthy Girl
Valree  Strong Girl
Valtina  Strong, Healthy Girl
Vana  Butterfly Girl
Vanesha  Butterfly Girl
Vania  Butterfly Girl
Varenka  From The Spring Girl
Varvara  Foreign Girl
Vasilisa  Queen Girl
Veda  Knowledge Girl
Veena  Musical Instrument Girl
Veera  Brave Girl
Velinda  Willful Protector Girl
Venetia  From Venice, Italy Girl
Vennice  From Venice, Italy Girl
Venusia  Goddess Of Love Girl
Verda  Faithful Girl
Vered  Rose Girl
Verina  True Girl
Verlene  True Image Girl
Vernice  True Image Girl
Vespera  Evening Star Girl
Vincenza  Conqueror Girl
Vaibhav  Prosperity Boy
Vajra  Strong, Sturdy Girl
Vamsi  Flute Girl
Varun  God Of Water Girl
Vasu  Wealth Girl
Ved  Sacred Knowledge Girl
Veer  Brave Girl
Venkat  Lord Vishnu Girl
Vibhishan  Brother Of Ravana In Ramayana Girl
Vidyut  Lightning Girl
Vikram  Valor Girl
Vilas  Joy, Pleasure Girl
Vinay  Modesty, Humbleness Girl
Vinod  Pleasure, Happiness Girl
Vipin  Forest Girl
Vishal  Large, Big Girl
Vishnu  Lord Vishnu Girl
Vishwa  Universe Girl
Vivek  Wisdom, Knowledge Girl
Vraj  Place Of Lord Krishna’s Childhood Girl
Vrajesh  Lord Krishna Girl
Vyas  Sage Who Wrote The Mahabharata Girl
Vandan  Salutation Girl
Vardhan  Increase, Prosperity Girl
Varenya  Best, Most Excellent Girl
Varish  Most Excellent Girl
Varman  Armor Girl
Vayu  God Of Wind Girl
Veda  Knowledge, Sacred Scripture Girl
Vian  Full Of Life Girl
Vidur  Wise Girl
Vijay  Victory Girl
Vimal  Pure, Clean Girl
Vinayak  Lord Ganesha Girl
Viraj  Splendor, Brightness Girl
Vishesh  Special, Unique Girl
Vishnudutt  Devotee Of Lord Vishnu Girl
Vishvendra  Lord Of The Universe Girl
Vivaan  Full Of Life, Lively Girl
Vrajendra  King Of Vraja Girl
Vrisa  Lord Krishna Girl
Vrishin  Lord Shiva Girl
Vyan  Sky, Heaven Girl
Vagmi  Eloquent, Speaker Girl
Vakul  Flowering Tree Girl
Valin  Possessing Strength Girl
Vallabh  Beloved Girl
Vallavan  Skilled, Expert Girl
Vamana  Dwarf Incarnation Of Lord Vishnu Girl
Vandanu  Adoration Girl
Vandit  Praised, Celebrated Girl
Vani  Speech, Voice Girl
Varad  Blessing, Boon Girl
Varah  Boar Incarnation Of Lord Vishnu Girl
Varin  Gifted, Talented Girl
Varishtha  Senior, Respected Girl
Varit  Chosen, Selected Girl
Varsh  Rain Girl
Varshney  Belonging To Varsha Girl
Vartanu  Dedication, Devotion Girl
Vasant  Spring Season Girl
Vashisht  Name Of A Sage Girl
Vatshal  Affectionate, Loving Girl
Vedant  Sacred Knowledge Girl
Vedatman  Spirit Of The Vedas Girl
Vedeesh  Lord Of The Vedas Girl
Veeren  Brave, Courageous Girl
Velan  Lord Murugan Girl
Venkatesh  Lord Vishnu Girl
Venkateshwara  Lord Vishnu Girl
Vibhu  All Boy
Vichar  Reflection, Contemplation Boy
Vidyacharan  Learned Person Boy
Vijayan  Victorious Boy
Vijendra  Victorious Boy
Vikas  Development, Progress Boy
Vikrant  Powerful, Mighty Boy
Vilok  To See, To Perceive Boy
Vahid  Unique, Solitary Boy
Vais  A Kind Of Tree Boy
Vali  Friend, Protector Boy
Varis  Heir, Successor Boy
Vaseem  Handsome Boy
Vasiq  Confident, Sure Boy
Vazir  Minister, Advisor Boy
Veer  Brave, Courageous Boy
Vikar  Remorse, Regret Boy
Vikram  Valorous, Victorious Boy
Vinay  Humble, Modest Boy
Vishal  Large, Grand Boy
Vishnu  One Of The Hindu Gods Boy
Vivaan  Full Of Life Boy
Vohra  A Tribe Of People Boy
Vardaan  Gift Boy
Vaqar  Dignity, Respect Boy
Vashishtha  A Sage In Hindu Mythology Boy
Vashkar  Dawn Boy
Vastav  True, Real Boy
Ved  Sacred Knowledge In Hinduism Boy
Vedang  Part Of The Vedas Boy
Vedat  Divine Knowledge Boy
Vedavyasa  Compiler Of The Vedas Boy
Veekesh  Lord Of Courage Boy
Veerendra  King Of Warriors Boy
Veervir  Warrior Of Warriors Boy
Venkat  Lord Vishnu Boy
Vennela  Moonlight Boy
Vibhav  Prosperity, Wealth Boy
Vibhor  Joyful, Ecstatic Boy
Vibhu  All Boy
Vidhur  Wise, Learned Boy
Vijay  Victory, Triumph Boy
Vikrant  Powerful, Brave Boy
Vilas  Pleasure, Enjoyment Boy
Vinayak  Lord Ganesh Boy
Vineet  Humble, Modest Boy
Vipan  Marketplace Boy
Vipin  Forest Boy
Viplav  Revolution Boy
Viren  Brave, Strong Boy
Virinder  Brave King Boy
Virinchi  Creator Of The Universe In Hinduism Boy
Virinder  Brave King Boy
Vishesh  Special, Unique Boy
Vishnuvardhan  Lord Vishnu Boy
Vishruth  Famous, Renowned Boy
Vishwas  Trust, Faith Boy
Vismay  Wonder, Amazement Boy
Vivek  Wisdom, Discrimination Boy
Vrajalal  Lover Of Vraja Boy
Vrajendra  King Of Vraja Boy
Vrajesh  Lord Of Vraja Boy
Vrajraj  King Of Vraja Boy
Vrajranjan  Pleasure Of Vraja Boy
Vrishank  Lord Shiva Boy
Vrishin  Lord Vishnu Boy
Vrishabh  Lord Shiva Boy
Vyas  Sage Who Wrote The Mahabharata Boy
Vaibhav  Grandeur, Prosperity Boy
Vaishnav  Devotee Of Lord Vishnu Boy
Vajra  Thunderbolt, Diamond Boy
Varun  God Of The Sea Boy
Vatsal  Affectionate, Loving Boy
Vayun  Swift, Fast Boy
Vibhu  All Boy
Vijendra  Victorious King Boy
Vikas  Progress, Development Boy
Vikhyat  Famous, Well Boy
Vinod  Joy, Pleasure Boy
Vishalaksh  Big Boy
Vishnu  One Of The Hindu Gods Boy
Vishvendra  Lord Of The Universe Boy
Vishwanath  Lord Of The Universe Boy
Vivaan  Full Of Life Boy
Varda  Rose Girl
Varisha  Lightning Girl
Vania  God’s Gracious Gift Girl
Vardah  A Rose Girl
Vareesha  A Gift From God Girl
Vafiya  Loyal, Faithful Girl
Varana  A River Girl
Vahida  Unique Girl
Vajeeha  Eloquent, Expressive Girl
Vaseema  Beautiful Girl
Vaseemah  Great, Noble Girl
Vasima  Beautiful, Graceful Girl
Vajida  One Who Is Brave Girl
Vatina  Beautiful Girl
Vahbiz  Brave Girl
Vatani  One Who Belongs To A Specific Place Girl
Vaniah  Gift Of God Girl
Vaniaa  God Is Gracious Girl
Vannia  Gracious Gift Of God Girl
Vaida  Promise Girl
Vaheeda  Unique, Peerless Girl
Vahia  Great, Noble Girl
Vahiya  Great, Noble Girl
Vahisha  Happy, Joyous Girl
Vahidaa  Unique, Rare Girl
Vajila  Successful Girl
Vajna  Capable Girl
Vajidaa  Brave, Courageous Girl
Vajeehah  Eloquent, Expressive Girl
Vajihah  Beautiful, Handsome Girl
Vajeela  Successful, Triumphant Girl
Vakara  Enormous Girl
Vakeela  Lawyer Girl
Vakila  Intelligent Girl
Vakila  Lawyer Girl
Valika  Powerful, Strong Girl
Valli  Creeper Girl
Vama  A Musical Raga Girl
Vameera  Beautiful, Elegant Girl
Vamika  Queen Of The World Girl
Vamshi  Flute Girl
Vanaja  Daughter Of The Forest Girl
Vanalika  Sunflower Girl
Vanathi  Lady Of The Forest Girl
Vandana  Worship, Prayer Girl
Vandita  Adored, Worshiped Girl
Vanhi  Fire Girl
Vanija  Merchant Girl
Vanikha  Moon Girl
Vanisa  Goddess Of The Forest Girl
Vanisha  Pure Girl
Vaniya  Creator Girl
Vanjula  Charming, Beautiful Girl
Vanki  Armlet Girl
Vanshi  Flute Girl
Vanshika  Flute Girl
Vanyaa  Praise, Applause Girl
Varaa  Goddess Parvati Girl
Varali  Moon Girl
Varana  A River Girl
Varisha  Lightning Girl
Varshini  Rain Girl
Varuna  Goddess Of The Sea Girl
Varuni  A Goddess, Wine Girl
Varushka  Creator Of Rain Girl
Varva  A River Girl
Vasanta  Spring Girl
Vasanthi  Spring Girl
Vashnie  Sweet, Melodious Girl
Vasudha  Earth Girl
Vasundhara  Earth Girl
Vathika  Pathway Girl
Vathsala  Affectionate Girl
Vatya  Nature Girl
Vaveela  Beautiful, Charming Girl
Vayuna  God Of Wind Girl
Vayushi  Full Of Life Girl
Valentin  Strong, Healthy Boy
Vivienne  Full Of Life Girl
Victor  Winner, Conqueror Boy
Violette  Purple Girl
Vincent  Conquering Boy
Véronique  Victory Bringer Girl
Valérie  Strength, Health Girl
Virgil  Staff Bearer Boy
Vanessa  Butterfly Girl
Vidal  Life Boy
Valentin  Strong, Healthy Boy
Vivienne  Full Of Life Girl
Vildan  Wild, Untamed Girl
Veysel  Great Boy
Vadi  Valley Boy
Vefa  Loyalty, Faithfulness Girl
Volkan  Volcano Boy
Vasfiye  Talented, Skilled Girl
Vahdettin  Unity Of Religion Boy
Vedia  Knowledgeable Girl
Vezir  Vizier, Prime Minister Boy
Vuslat  Reunion Girl

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