Names That Start With N

Names That Start with N

If you're looking for unique names for your baby boy or girl, you have come to the right place! Here is the complete list of unique names, boy names, girl names, and baby boy names. You can also search modern baby boy names starting with N. Check out our alphabetical list and find the fabulous, cute, first name, last name, or surname, and we have compiled names that start with N, precisely for you.

List of Top Baby Names That Start With N

Check out the latest popular girl names and popular boy names start below.

Name Meaning Gender
Nadia  Hope Girl
Naima  Graceful Girl
Naomi  Pleasantness Girl
Nara  Happy Girl
Natalie  Christmas Day Girl
Natasha  Born On Christmas Day Girl
Naya  Renewal Girl
Neva  Snowy Girl
Neveah  Heaven Spelled Backwards Girl
Nia  Purpose Girl
Nicolette  Victory Of The People Girl
Nieve  Snowy Girl
Nila  Blue Girl
Nima  Blessing Girl
Nira  Plowed Field Girl
Nisha  Night Girl
Nita  Bear Girl
Noelani  Mist Of Heaven Girl
Nola  Fair Shouldered Girl
Noelle  Christmas Girl
Noemi  Pleasantness Girl
Noreen  Light Girl
Nori  Belief Girl
Norma  Pattern Girl
Nova  New Girl
Nya  Goal Girl
Nyla  Winner Girl
Nadine  Hope Girl
Nalani  Calm Skies Girl
Nancy  Grace Girl
Nannie  Grace Girl
Naomi  Pleasantness Girl
Nara  Happy Girl
Natalie  Christmas Day Girl
Natasha  Born On Christmas Day Girl
Naya  Renewal Girl
Neva  Snowy Girl
Neveah  Heaven Spelled Backwards Girl
Nia  Purpose Girl
Nicolette  Victory Of The People Girl
Nieve  Snowy Girl
Nila  Blue Girl
Nima  Blessing Girl
Nira  Plowed Field Girl
Nisha  Night Girl
Nita  Bear Girl
Noelani  Mist Of Heaven Girl
Nola  Fair Shouldered Girl
Noelle  Christmas Girl
Noemi  Pleasantness Girl
Noreen  Light Girl
Nori  Belief Girl
Norma  Pattern Girl
Nova  New Girl
Nya  Goal Girl
Nyla  Winner Girl
Nadia  Hope Girl
Naima  Graceful Girl
Naomi  Pleasantness Girl
Nara  Happy Girl
Natalie  Christmas Day Girl
Natasha  Born On Christmas Day Girl
Naya  Renewal Girl
Neva  Snowy Girl
Neveah  Heaven Spelled Backwards Girl
Nia  Purpose Girl
Nicolette  Victory Of The People Girl
Nieve  Snowy Girl
Nila  Blue Girl
Nima  Blessing Girl
Nira  Plowed Field Girl
Nisha  Night Girl
Nita  Bear Girl
Noelani  Mist Of Heaven Girl
Nola  Fair Shouldered Girl
Noelle  Christmas Girl
Noemi  Pleasantness Girl
Noreen  Light Girl
Nori  Belief Girl
Norma  Pattern Girl
Nova  New Girl
Nya  Goal Girl
Nyla  Winner Girl
Nadine  Hope Girl
Nalani  Calm Skies Girl
Nancy  Grace Girl
Nannie  Grace Girl
Naomi  Pleasantness Girl
Nara  Happy Girl
Natalie  Christmas Day Girl
Natasha  Born On Christmas Day Girl
Naya  Renewal Girl
Neva  Snowy Girl
Neveah  Heaven Spelled Backwards Girl
Nia  Purpose Girl
Nicolette  Victory Girl
Nathan  Gift From God Boy
Noah  Rest, Comfort Boy
Nolan  Champion Boy
Nathaniel  God Has Given Boy
Neil  Champion, Cloud Boy
Nelson  Son Of Neil Boy
Nikhil  Complete, Whole Boy
Nicholas  Victory Of The People Boy
Nigel  Dark Champion Boy
Nash  Cliff Boy
Niall  Champion, Cloud Boy
Nate  Gift From God Boy
Nico  Victory Of The People Boy
Norris  From The North Boy
Naveen  New Boy
Navin  New Boy
Neilson  Son Of Neil Boy
Nehemiah  Comforted By God Boy
Newton  Settlement Of The New Town Boy
Nixon  Son Of Nicholas Boy
Nolan  Champion Boy
Norbert  Bright North Boy
Norman  From The North Boy
North  Direction Boy
Nathanial  God Has Given Boy
Nataniel  God Has Given Boy
Nashawn  God's Gracious Gift Boy
Naseem  Breeze Boy
Nashit  Energetic, Active Boy
Navarro  Plains, Lowlands Boy
Navdeep  New Light Boy
Navid  Good News, Bearer Of Good News Boy
Nayan  Eye, Sight Boy
Nealson  Son Of Neil Boy
Neel  Blue Boy
Nehal  Beautiful Boy
Neilan  Champion Boy
Nekoda  Marked, Identified Boy
Nello  A Form Of Cornelius Boy
Nelson  Son Of Neil Boy
Nemuel  Comforted By God Boy
Nephi  Good, Handsome Boy
Nero  Strong, Powerful Boy
Nestor  Wisdom, Traveller Boy
Nev  Holy Boy
Nevan  Holy, Little Saint Boy
Neven  Holy Boy
Newell  From The New Hall Boy
Newman  Newcomer Boy
Newton  Settlement Of The New Town Boy
Nial  Champion, Cloud Boy
Niam  Beloved Boy
Nicanor  Conqueror Boy
Nicandro  Victorious Man Boy
Niccolo  Victorious People Boy
Nicodemus  Victory Of The People Boy
Nicostratus  Victorious Army Boy
Nigel  Dark Champion Boy
Nijel  Champion Boy
Nikhil  Complete, Whole Boy
Niklaus  Victory Of The People Boy
Nikolai  Victory Of The People Boy
Nile  From The Nile River Boy
Niles  Son Of Neil Boy
Nilo  Victory Of The People Boy
Nilson  Son Of Neil Boy
Nimrod  Rebel Boy
Nino  God Is Gracious Boy
Nishant  Dawn, Peaceful Boy
Nithin  Master Of The Right Path Boy
Niven  Holy Boy
Nixon  Son Of Nicholas Boy
Noam  Pleasantness Boy
Noah  Rest, Comfort Boy
Noble  Aristocratic, Dignified Boy
Nolan  Champion Boy
Norbert  Bright North Boy
Norman  From The North Boy
North  Direction Boy
Norton  From The North Town Boy
Norwood  From The Northern Woods Boy
Novak  Newcomer Boy
Nowell  Christmas Boy
Nuh  Rest, Comfort Boy
Nuri  Shining, Brilliant Boy
Nuruddin  Light Of Faith Boy
Nye  Island Boy
Nygel  Champion Boy
Nyron  Crowned Boy
Naadia  Caller Girl
Naadirah  Rare, Precious Girl
Naaila  Acquirer, Obtainer Girl
Naajia  Safe Girl
Naashitah  Energetic, Dynamic Girl
Naaz  Pride, Elegance Girl
Naba  News, Tidings Girl
Nabeeha  Intelligent, Smart Girl
Nabeelah  Noble, Distinguished Girl
Nabila  Noble, Generous Girl
Nabihah  Intelligent, Noble Girl
Nabila  Intelligent, Noble Girl
Nadia  Hope Girl
Nadiah  Caller Girl
Nadifa  Clean, Pure Girl
Nadira  Rare, Precious Girl
Nadirah  Rare, Precious Girl
Nadiyah  Caller Girl
Nadra  Rare, Unique Girl
Nadya  Hope Girl
Naeema  Blessing, Favor Girl
Naeemah  Blessing, Favor Girl
Nafeesa  Precious, Valuable Girl
Nafisa  Precious, Valuable Girl
Nafisah  Precious, Valuable Girl
Nageenah  Precious Stone Girl
Naghma  Melody, Song Girl
Nagma  Melody, Song Girl
Nahar  Daytime Girl
Nahed  Venus, Goddess Of Love Girl
Nahida  Precious, Unique Girl
Nahla  Drink, Water Girl
Nahlah  Drink, Water Girl
Nahlaa  Drink, Water Girl
Nahleejah  High In Rank, Exalted Girl
Nahlima  Blessing, Happiness Girl
Nahya  Adviser, Counselor Girl
Naida  Water Nymph Girl
Naila  Achiever, Attainer Girl
Naima  Tranquil, Calm Girl
Naimah  Tranquil, Calm Girl
Najah  Success Girl
Najat  Salvation, Rescue Girl
Najeeba  Distinguished, Noble Girl
Najia  Safe, Saved Girl
Najiba  Distinguished, Noble Girl
Najiyah  Safe, Saved Girl
Nakeisha  Alive, Well Girl
Nakiyah  Pure, Chaste Girl
Nalani  Serenity, Calmness Girl
Nalayn  Two Girl
Nalia  Successful, Achiever Girl
Nama  Blessing Girl
Namara  Leopard Girl
Namirah  Cheetah, Fast Girl
Namiyah  Star Girl
Nana  Beautiful, Gracious Girl
Nani  Pretty, Beautiful Girl
Nanya  Graceful, Elegant Girl
Nara  Happy, Joyful Girl
Nardeen  Pomegranate Flower Girl
Nargis  Narcissus Flower Girl
Nargisah  Narcissus Flower Girl
Narjis  Narcissus Flower Girl
Narmina  Delicate, Gentle Girl
Naseem  Breeze, Gentle Wind Girl
Naseema  Gentle, Kind Girl
Naseerah  Helper, Friend Girl
Nasha  Intoxication, Drunkness Girl
Nashema  Wise, Intelligent Girl
Nashida  Student Girl
Nasim  Gentle Breeze, Cool Wind Girl
Nasima  Breeze, Gentle Wind Girl
Nasirah  Supporter, Helper Girl
Nasira  Supporter, Helper Girl
Naadir  Rare, Precious Boy
Naail  Acquirer, Earner Boy
Naaji  Safe, Secure Boy
Naasih  Advisor, Counselor Boy
Naazim  Organized, Disciplined Boy
Nabawi  Prophetic Boy
Nabhan  Noble, Outstanding Boy
Nabi  Prophet, Messenger Boy
Nabil  Noble, Generous Boy
Nadeem  Friend, Companion Boy
Nader  Rare, Unique Boy
Nadheer  Warner, Alarmer Boy
Nadhir  Rare, Precious Boy
Nadim  Friend, Companion Boy
Nadir  Rare, Precious Boy
Naeem  Blessing, Happiness Boy
Nafees  Precious, Pure Boy
Nafi  Beneficial Boy
Nafis  Precious, Pure Boy
Nageen  Gem, Jewel Boy
Nagib  Noble, Intelligent Boy
Naguib  Noble, Intelligent Boy
Nahid  Pure, Chaste Boy
Naim  Peace, Tranquility Boy
Naji  Savior, Rescuer Boy
Najib  Noble, Distinguished Boy
Najid  Savior, Rescuer Boy
Najjar  Carpenter Boy
Najm  Star Boy
Najeeb  Noble, Distinguished Boy
Najih  Successful Boy
Najjar  Carpenter Boy
Namaan  Name Of A Great Saint Boy
Namir  Swift, Agile Boy
Naseeb  Fate, Destiny Boy
Naseem  Breeze, Gentle Wind Boy
Nashaat  Energetic, Active Boy
Nashit  Active, Energetic Boy
Nashir  Spreader Of Good, Helper Boy
Nasib  Share, Destiny Boy
Nasif  Just, Equitable
Nasih  Advisor, Counselor Boy
Nasim  Breeze, Gentle Wind
Nasir  Helper, Protector Boy
Nasser  Victory, Helper Boy
Nasyr  Helper, Protector Boy
Nawaf  High, Eminent Boy
Nawal  Gift Boy
Nawaz  Pardoner, Forgiver Boy
Nawfal  Generosity, Plenty Boy
Nawwab  Governor, Ruler Boy
Nazeef  Clean, Pure Boy
Nazeem  Organized, Disciplined Boy
Nazer  Protector, Defender Boy
Nazih  Pure, Chaste Boy
Nazim  Organized, Disciplined Boy
Nazir  Observer, Watchful Boy
Nebras  Lamp, Light Boy
Nedal  Just, Fair Boy
Nehad  Pleasant, Friendly Boy
Nejat  Salvation, Deliverance Boy
Nemer  Panther Boy
Nidal  Struggle, Fight Boy
Nihal  Happiness, Joy Boy
Nimir  Panther Boy
Nisar  Help, Assistance Boy
Nishat  Joy, Happiness Boy
Nizar  Little, Modest Boy
Nizzar  Observer, Watchful Boy
Noman  Men With Blessings Boy
Noreddin  Light Of Religion Boy
Nour  Light Boy
Noureddine  Light Of Religion Boy
Nuh  Prophet Noah Boy
Numan  Men With Blessings Boy
Nur  Light Boy
Nadir  Rare Boy
Nalan  Melodious Girl
Nargis  Narcissus Flower Girl
Nasir  Helper, Supporter Boy
Nazli  Coquettish, Charming Girl
Necmi  Starry Boy
Nergis  Daffodil Girl
Nevin  Fresh, New Girl
Nihal  Happy, Blissful Girl
Nuri  My Light Boy
Naina  Eyes Girl
Naman  Salutation, Respect Boy
Nandini  Daughter, Holy Cow Girl
Naveen  New, Fresh Boy
Navya  New, Modern Girl
Neelam  Blue Sapphire Girl
Neha  Love, Affection Girl
Nikhil  Complete, Whole Boy
Nisha  Night Girl
Nitin  Pure, Moral Boy
Nadia  Hope Girl
Nello  Protector, Defender Boy
Nerio  Sea Warrior Boy
Nicola  Victory Of The People Boy
Nino  God Is Gracious Boy
Noemi  Pleasantness Girl
Norina  Honor Girl
Nunzio  Messenger Boy

Baby Girl Names That Start With N

Noah Nova Nora
Nolan Naomi Natalie
Natalia Nevaeh Norah
Nico Noelle Nyla
Niko Noa Nina
Nicole Nayeli Noel
Nylah Navy Nadia
Nalani Nia Novah
Nola Noemi Nellie
Noor Naya Noe
Nala Novalee Natasha
Nori Nyomi Nathalia
Nyra Nancy Nataly
Nathalie Nairobi Nathaly
Neveah Nelly Nadine
Nila Nailah Nechama
Noelani Naila Naia
Nikola Nicolette Noelia
Noella Nour Natalee
Nyah Nell Nirvana
Nahla Nya Nyx
Neel Natalya Niya
Noam Narice Norma
Nikita Naima Nella
Noura Nature Namaari
Nolen Normandie Nava
Naveen Norinne Neva
Nikki Nevada Nika
Nomi Nobuko Novella
Norda Nata Naomie
Nerine Noelene Nura
Nessa Nanny Natali
Nicola Nioma Nubia
Noemie Nichole Niah
Neve Neela Nellene
Norna Nur November
Nicolle Netty Nicolene
Nonah Normie Novalie
Nann Nellwyn Nonna
Netia Noora Nadiya
Nawal Nadya Nery
Nastassja Niamh Nanelle
Nattie Neddie Naomy
Nana Neema Norm
Neely Nataleigh Naseem
Nolene Nada Noland
Ninetta Nanine Nohemi
Natalina Noreen Nonnie
Nyree Ninon Nicky
Nari Nani Ninnette
Natajha Nelle Niccola
Noma Nurit Natalene
Nance Nona Nataliya
Nadeen Nurul Ninel
Nicia Nancye Nimat
Nerina Naimah Nahara
Natsuko Nikeeta Norberta
Naomia Nathalee Neina
Nickola Nima Nikole
Nasya Nicosia Nycole
Ninja Neile North
Nuha Nisha Nicol
Nettie Nebula Nabila
Nini Naavah Natilie
Nigella Ninoska Nickeya
Nychole Nicolyn Nil
Nancee Nolana Nedda
Nuria Neila Neha
Nacola Nadean Naoko
Nessie Nakesha Natacha
Nedra Neelia Nicolasa
Nikkole Nilda Noriko
Natala Natasa Nately
Narda Natacia Nixie
Nelli Neda Neelie
Neida Nichol Nabeela
Nickol Nicollette Nerida
Nadija Nataline Neka
Nickia Nakeeta Nannie
Natachia Nanna Nabi
Natosha Noni Niki
Nakia Neesha Noeliz
Nesa Narcisa Nakeisha
Natasja Najia Nadie
Neilina Nieves Nikkie
Norissa Nickie Nadene
Nebraska Nilufer Nitza
Nic Nikky Nuru
Nesta Noya Novia
Noralee Nicoletta Nelia
Nandi Nadina Nadyne
Nerys Nicholle Norene
Nannette Natashia Natelie
Natisha Noele Natalle
Nakisha Neale Nadea
Nichele Nickita Nayo
Neris Nguyet Nicoline
Narcissa Ninotchka Nga
Niquita Natifah Naissa
Neilla Niccole Nichola
Nihad Ninoshka Narcisse
Natoya Nelie Narisa
Netania Nikkolette Nethania
Nat Nickolette Nyssa
Nysa Nira Nimue
Neomi Nefertiti Necia
Naoma Neneh Nevara
Nickiya Nyome Nanda
Nathanielle Necole Nesha
Naquita Norell Nataniela
Nelsie Nishelle Nancey
Niurka Nadja Niva
Nichelle Neli Nela
Nolin Nyrie Neena
Nadira Noctis Nilsa
Nicolina Neoma Natania
Namine Najah Nabiha
Noell Nohea Nena
Nairi Naida Nuala
Noami Nissa Nereyda
Nausicaa Natalija Nastassia
Nasia Naria Najwa
Naeema Nore Nix
Nathania Nike Ninette
Nidia Nelsy Neera
Neala Nayana Naama
Ness Nastasia Numa
Noga Nikolina Nikoletta
Nikol Nicki Neysa
Nanette Najae Nollan
Netta Nerissa Novena
Nida Nevena Nereida
Nera Nea Najla
Najat Nahida Nadezhda
Nykia Natavia Ngoc
Nataleah Norina Njeri
Niobe Ning Nili
Neta Neima Natia
Narine Nan Nadirah
Nikia Nehara Norelle
Niesha Nolynn Nowell
Niranjana Nikolia Netanya
Neenah Naydeen Nureen
Nitsa Nikoleta Nickole
Ngan Neriya Neola
Nazneen Nazira Natanya
Nadege Nynaeve Nyna
Nydia Normandy Nor
Nokomis Nita Nelliana
Natividad Natallie Natallia
Natalea Nanci Nalanee
Nykole Norine Nicci
Nev Natasia Narelle
Nandana Nomalanga Nombeko
Nomble Najiba Nathalija
Nazihah Nunciata Na-
Nachell Nachmanit Nachuma
Nadazhda Nadeana Nadeche
Nadejda Nadena Nadenja
Naderah Nadiyya Nady

List of Baby Boy Names That Start With N

Here is a list of Names That Start With N:

Column 1 Column 2 Column 3
Noah Nathan Nolan
Nicholas Nathaniel Nicolas
Nico Nash Niko
Noel Nasir Nehemiah
Nikolai Nikolas Novah
Noor Nixon Noe
Neil Nathanael Nelson
Nori Neo Niklaus
Nairobi Navi Nikko
Norman Noble Nuri
Noelani Nick Nikola
Nickolas Nour Nile
Natanael Nirvana Neal
Nakoa Nate Nyx
Neel Niya Noam
Nikita Neymar Naim
Niall Nestor Naftali
Nolen Nigel Nicolai
Newel Natan Naeem
Nevins Nuncio Nikki
Newland Niles Nevada
Namir Nabil Neuman
Nikhil Nata Naylor
Nazzareno Nicco Newlin
Noboru Nino Nobuyuki
Nikolaos Nolyn Natalino
Nicodemus Niccolo Nahum
Neddy Nicolo Nichole
Norward Neftali Nur
Nevin Normie Nesbit
Nesbitt Norwin Norvil
Narek Narcissus Nirvan
Nicomedes Neddie Nana
Neema Norm Neely
Naseem Nevil Normen
Nyles Noland Nathen
Norval Nyree Norris
Nicky Nani Newton
Norville Natale Nectarios
Nikolaus Nero Nicolaas
Norberto Ninel Nicolis
Nikeeta Nazario Nachman
Nima Neile Naji
North Nirel Nicol
Navon Nataniel Nadav
Nil Nedda Naoto
Nghia Nedrick Nikodem
Nels Nathanial Nealon
Nicholl Nail Nathanyel
Nelson Norrie Ngozi
Norton Nicolaus Nicodemo
Nuriel Nunzio Norbert
Nilson Nijel Nicoli
Nial Neilson Ned
Nathaneal Nasr Nashoba
Nando Nadim Niran
Newman Nethaniel Naren
Ning Nykko Nygel
Nechemya Najeeb Nowell
Nickson Nathon Nandan
Nam Naaman Navarre
Nashua Nishad Nye
Nor Niv Nev
Nailor Ninny Na-
Nacham Nachmann Nachson
Nadeer Nadeir Naegel
Nagarjuna Nageeb Nagel
Nageler Nagelle Nagib
Nagid Nagle Nagler
Naguib Naheer Nahele
Nailer Nairn Nairne
Naisbit Naisbitt Naldo
Nalunani Nanak Nap
Naphthali Napier Napoleone
Nardo Narkissos Narses
Nasareo Nasarrio Natal
Nazarius Nazaro Nazor
Neall Nechum Nealle
Nealson Neander Nebo
Necho Neckarios Nectaire
Nectarius Nedjema Neelendra
Neelmani Nefthali Negasi
Nehum Neillson Nektario
Nektarius Nelsen Nenzo
Neper Nephthali Ner
Nereus Nerino Nesterio
Nestore Nestorio Netael
Netanyahu Nethaneel Nethanyel
Neumann Nevile Nevill
Nevio Nevyle Newall
Newberry Newbery Newbury
Newcomb Newcombe Newhall
Newly Newport Newsy
Nezer Nhean Nicandreo
Nicandrios Nicandros Nicas
Nicasius Nickleby Njal
Nicolao Nicolay Nicostratus
Nicollet Nicolls Nicomedo
Nicostrato Nicostratos Nicu
Niek Nien Nigellus
Nihopalaoa Nikander Nikandreo
Nikandrios Nikhel Nikkolay
Niklos Nikodema Nikodemos
Nikodemus Nikodim Nikolao
Nikomedes Nikostratos Nilos
Nilsson Ninian Nobutaka
Niram Nis Nisbet
Nisbett Nisse Njord
Nkruma Noak Nobuhiko
Nohokai Nolace Noll
Nollaig Nooriel Norayer
Noriyuki Northcliff Northcliffe
Northclyff Northclyffe Northrop
Northrup Norvill Norvylle
Norvyn Norwell Norwerd
Norwinn Norwyn Norwynn
Noud Numbers Nsia
Nsonowa Ntai Nu
Nuallan Nur al Din Nuren
Nuris Nurya Nwabudike
Nwafo Nwankwo Nweke
Nwoye Nymphas Nanni
Natty Neille Nowel
Nelio Nanaue Nayiri
Nam-kyu Natoru Nago
Neeraj Neci Nooa
Neirin Nullah Najair
Nafasat Nosferatu Nemesis
Ninus Nimith Nimol
Nisay Nayru Nabooru
Nói Nuanua Neruda
Nimuel Nakamo Necahual
Nochehuatl Naamã Nicusor
Narcis Nicolæ Nicușor
Neculai Nelu Noël
Noar Noel Noach
Nausicaa Nemo Noelia
Norlan Nicky Navarre
Nance Natasja Nimo
Nasya Nivin Nayir
Nigella Nouri Niha
Neona Niala Naima
Noy Nima Nimo
Nujood Naite Nivana

Gender-Neutral Baby Names That Start With N

Niko Noel Novah
Noah Nolan Nico
Noor Noe Nori
Nairobi Noelani Nikola
Nour Nirvana Nyx
Neel Niya Noam
Nikita Nolen Nikki
Nevada Nata Nichole
Nur Normie Neddie
Nana Neema Norm
Neely Naseem Noland
Nyree Nicky Nani
Ninel Nikeeta Nima
Neile North Nicol
Nil Nedda Nichol
Niki Nickie Nic
Nuru Nesta Neale
Nihad Narcisse Nat
Nolin Noctis Nohea
Nairi Nix Ness
Najae Nollan Novena
Norrie Ngozi Ning
Nowell Nor Nev
Na- Niek Nien
Nis Nisse Nollaig
Nu Nuris Nurya
Nanni Natty Neille
Nowel Nafasat Nemesis
Nayru Nabooru Nuanua
Neruda Necahual Naamã
Noël Noar

Unique Names for Babies With 'N'

  • Nadira
  • Naveen
  • Nyssa
  • Nyx
  • Nalani
  • Niran
  • Nessa
  • Navi
  • Novalie
  • Nia
  • Niall
  • Nyree
  • Nova
  • Nessa
  • Nellis
  • Nalani
  • Niamh
  • Niro
  • Nyra
  • Nalin

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are unique and trendy baby names that start with N?

Unique names starting with the letter 'N' like Nova, Nalani, and Nyx are trendy, unique, and have a modern flair.

Q: What are popular traditional baby names starting with 'N'?

Classic names like Nathan, Natalie, and Nicholas are timeless and widely embraced for their enduring appeal.

Q 3: Please suggest gender-neutral 'N' names for babies.

Unisex names with 'n' like Nico, Nellis, and Niran work beautifully for both boys and girls, providing a versatile choice.

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