Names That Start With Y

Names That Start with Y

If you’re looking for unique names for your baby boy or girl, you have come to the right place! Here is the complete list of unique names, boy names, girl names, and baby boy names. You can also search modern baby boy names starting with Y. Check out our alphabetical list and find the fabulous, cute, first name, last name, or surname, and we have compiled names that start with Y, precisely for you.

List of Top Baby Names That Start With Y

Check out the latest popular girl names and popular boy names start below.

Name Meaning Gender
Yadiel  God Is Willing Boy
Yale  Fertile Upland Boy
Yancy  Englishman Boy
Yan  Gracious Boy
Yandel  Changeable Boy
Yani  Peaceful Boy
Yannis  God Is Gracious Boy
Yates  Gatekeeper Boy
Yavier  Bright Boy
Yazeed  He Increases Boy
Yazid  He Will Increase Boy
Yeats  Gatekeeper Boy
Yedidiah  Beloved Of God Boy
Yefrem  Fruitful Boy
Yehuda  Praised Boy
Yen  Swallow Boy
Yeoman  Servant Boy
Yerik  Ever Powerful Boy
Yesenia  Palm Tree Boy
Yestin  Fair Boy
Yohan  God Is Gracious Boy
Yonah  Dove Boy
York  From The Yew Tree Estate Boy
Yosef  God Will Add Boy
Yossi  God Will Add Boy
Yotam  God Is Perfect Boy
Yousef  God Will Add Boy
Yisrael  God Contended Boy
Yul  Born At Christmas Boy
Yuma  Son Of The Chief Boy
Yuri  Farmer Boy
Yusuf  God Will Add Boy
Yutaka  Abundant Boy
Yves  Yew Boy
Yvon  Yew Boy
Yves  Archer Boy
Yvon  Yew Boy
Yaakov  Supplanter Boy
Yannick  God Is Gracious Boy
Yareli  God Will Teach Me Boy
Yash  Fame Boy
Yasir  Wealthy Boy
Yassin  The One Who Is Very Wise Boy
Yegor  Farmer Boy
Yefet  Beautiful Boy
Yisrael  God Contended Boy
Yohann  God Is Gracious Boy
Yorick  Farmer Boy
Young  Brave Boy
Yuma  Son Of The Chief Boy
Yara Small Butterfly Girl
Yaretzi  You Will Always Be Loved Girl
Yana  God Is Gracious Girl
Yancy  Englishman Girl
Yanet  God Is Merciful Girl
Yani  Peaceful Girl
Yanna  Gracious Girl
Yarael  Founded By God Girl
Yaritza  Little Butterfly Girl
Yasmin  Jasmine Flower Girl
Yatzari  Love And Happiness Girl
Yelena Bright, Shining One Girl
Yesenia  Palm Tree Girl
Yessenia Flower Girl
Ylva  She Girl
Ynez  Pure Girl
Yoko  Positive Child Girl
Yolanda  Violet Flower Girl
Yolande  Means “Purple Girl
Yolonda  Violet Flower Girl
Yonina Dove Girl
Yordana  Descendant Girl
Yoselin  God Will Increase Girl
Ysabel  Consecrated To God Girl
Ysadora  Gift Of Isis Girl
Ysanne  God Is Gracious Girl
Ysleta  Little Island Girl
Yula Bright Girl
Yuliana  Youthful Girl
Yulianna Youthful Girl
Yulissa Youthful Girl
Yuliyana Youthful Girl
Yuma  Son Of The Chief Girl
Yuriko  Lily Child Girl
Yvette  Yew Tree Girl
Yvonne  Yew Tree Girl
Yzabel  Consecrated To God Girl
Yzadora  Gift Of Isis Girl
Yzette  Consecrated To God Girl
Yzobel  Consecrated To God Girl
Yzora  Sunrise Girl
Yzotte  Consecrated To God Girl
Yzra  Helper Girl
Yzrah  Helper Girl
Yota  Consecrated To God Girl
Yzusa  Consecrated To God Girl
Yezzy  Consecrated To God Girl
Yzzybella  Consecrated To God Girl
Yzzylia  Consecrated To God Girl
Yzzys  Consecrated To God Girl
Yahya  The Arabic Version Of John, Meaning “God Is Gracious Boy
Yaseen  The Name Of A Chapter In The Quran, Meaning “One Who Is Full Of Strength Boy
Yamin  Right Hand Boy
Yaqeen Certainty Boy
Yarub  Loving Boy
Yasir  Wealthy Or Eas Boy
Yasin  Another Spelling Of Yaseen Boy
Yasser  Another Spelling Of Yasir Boy
Yathrib  Madinah, The City Of The Prophet (PBUH) Boy
Yazeed  He Who Increases Or One Who Grows Boy
Yihya  Another Spelling Of Yahya Boy
Yonus  Dove Boy
Yosef  The Arabic Version Of Joseph, Meaning “God Will Increase” Boy
Younis  Another Spelling Of Yonus Boy
Yousef  Another Spelling Of Yosef Boy
Yousuf  Another Spelling Of Yosef Boy
Yusri Wealthy Or Prosperous Boy
Yusuf  Another Spelling Of Yosef Boy
Yutah  Generous Boy
Yutoon  Grapes Boy
Yasar Facilitator Boy
Yousha  To Give Salvation Boy
Yafiah  High Boy
Yaamir  Lon Boy
Yasin  One Who Is Full Of Strength Boy
Yaqoub  Supplanter Boy
Yaqoot  Ruby Boy
Yaseer  Easy Or Comfortable Boy
Yashar  Straight Or Honest Boy
Yasin  One Who Is Full Of Strength Boy
Yathrib  Madinah, The City Of The Prophet (PBUH) Boy
Yawar  Helper Or Protector Boy
Yazdan  Divine Boy
Yazid  He Who Increases” Or “One Who Grows” Boy
Yohaan  Grace Of God” Boy
Yonis  Another Spelling Of Yonus Boy
Yoonis  Another Spelling Of Yonus Boy
Yorgos  Farmer” Or Earthworker Boy
Yosri  Prosperous Boy
Youcef  Another Spelling Of Yosef Boy
Younes  Another Spelling Of Yonus Boy
Ysabel  God Is My Oath Boy
Yumn  Good Fortune Boy
Yunes  Another Spelling Of Yonus Boy
Yuvraj  Crown Prince Boy
Yuvan  Means “Young Boy
Yuvraj  Crown Prince Boy
Yash  Fame” Or “Glory” Boy
Yusayrah  Easy Boy
Yusairah  Easy Boy
Yafa  Lovely Girl
Yalda  Long Night Girl
Yara  Small Butterfly Girl
Yasmeen  Jasmine Girl
Yusra  Prosperity Girl
Yumna  Blessed Girl
Yusraa  Ease Girl
Yusraan  Prosperity And Success Girl
Yameena  Right And Proper Girl
Yaqoot Ruby Girl
Yasmine  Jasmine Flower Girl
Yalina  Soft, Tender Girl
Yalini  Melodious Girl
Yumairah  Little Moon Girl
Yumn  Good Fortune Girl
Yumaira Moon Girl
Yusraat  Nighttime Prosperity Girl
Yaqoota  Precious Gemstone Girl
Yaqootah  Ruby Girl
Yumnaa  Blessed Girl
Yusraah  Prosperity Girl
Yafiah  Elevated Girl
Yaqina Certain, Sure Girl
Yaqoobia  Lover Girl
Yarubia  Softness Girl
Yasinah  Savior Girl
Yaminah  Blessed, Auspicious” Girl
Yaquta Gemstone Girl
Yashal  Freshness Girl
Yashar  Straight, Honest Girl
Yashfa  Healing Girl
Yasma  An Abode Where One Life Girl
Yasmee  A Jasmine Flower Girl
Yassa  Ease Girl
Yasmina  Jasmine Flower Girl
Yasmeena  Jasmine Girl
Yasmita  One Who Is Loved By Everyone Girl
Yasminah  Jasmine Flower Girl
Yassina  Beloved Girl
Yasti  One Who Is Famous Girl
Yatima  Orphan Girl
Yawar  Lover Girl
Yazeeda  To Increase Girl
Yazmeen  Jasmine Girl
Yazmin  Jasmine Flower Girl
Yusha  God Is Salvation Girl
Yusraat  Nighttime Prosperity Girl
Yaqzan  Awareness Girl
Yashal  Freshness Girl
Yawana One Who Is Strong And Powerful Girl
Yash  Success Boy
Yuvraj  Prince Boy
Yashvi  Fame Girl
Yamini  Night Girl
Yashaswi  Famous Girl
Yogesh  God Of Yoga Boy
Yajna  Sacrifice Unisex
Yagna  Ceremonial Sacrifice Unisex
Yajat  Worshipper Boy
Yashodhara  One Who Has Achieved Fame Girl
Yudhishthir  Firm In Battle Boy
Yashmita  Successful Girl
Yashwant  One Who Has Achieved Fame Boy
Yami  Night Girl
Yatin  Ascetic Boy
Yashpal  Protector Of Fame Boy
Yann  God Is Gracious Boy
Yvette  Yew Tree Girl
Yves  Yew Tree Boy
Yolande  Violet Flower Girl
Yoann  God Is Gracious Boy
Ysabelle  God Is My Oath Girl
Yvette  Yew Tree Girl
Yvonne  Yew Tree Girl
Yanis  Gift From God Boy
Yannick  God Is Gracious Unisex
Yves Marie Girl
Ysaline  Honey Girl
Yannic  God Is Gracious Boy
Yseline  Sweet Girl
Yseult  Fair Lady Girl
Yvon  Yew Tree Boy
Yanaël  Gift Of God Unisex
Yusuf  God Will Increase Boy
Yaren  Companion Girl
Yigit  Brave Boy
Yasin  Prophet’s Name Boy
Yagmur  Rain Girl
Yelda  Longest Night Of The Year Girl
Yalcin  Brave Boy
Yigitcan  Brave Soul Boy
Yareniz  Your Companion Girl
Yigitkurt  Brave Wolf Boy
Yasar  Wealthy Boy
Yavuz  Steadfast Boy
Yigitbas  Brave Head Boy
Yarenler  Companions Unisex
Yavuzer  One Who Is Steadfast Boy
Yagiz  Strong Boy
Yildirim  Thunderbolt Boy

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