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Casting Light on The Word ‘Narrow’

Adjective Usage

“Narrow” is an adjective used to describe something that has a small width or limited breadth. It suggests a lack of width or breadth and conveys the idea of being slim, slender, or tight.


Some synonyms for “narrow” include thin, slim, slender, tight, constricted, and restricted. These words convey a similar meaning of something being limited or having a reduced width or scope.


Antonyms for “narrow” include wide, broad, spacious, expansive, and ample. These words represent the opposite end of the spectrum, suggesting a greater width, breadth, or scope.

Comparative and Superlative Forms

The comparative form of “narrow” is “narrower,” and the superlative form is “narrowest.” These forms are used to compare the degree of narrowness between two or more things.


The word “narrow” originated from the Old English word “near,” which meant “constricted” or “tight.”

Physical Dimension

“Narrow” is often used to describe physical spaces, objects, or passages that have a limited width, such as a narrow road, a narrow doorway, or a narrow path.

Figurative Usage

The term “narrow” can also be used figuratively to describe a restricted or limited perspective, mindset, or approach. It implies a lack of openness or flexibility.

Narrowing Down

The phrase “narrowing down” is commonly used to indicate the process of reducing options, choices, or possibilities to a smaller or more specific set.

Precision and Focus

Something that is described as narrow can imply precision or a focused approach, as it suggests a tight or specific area of interest or expertise.

Phrases and Idioms

The word “narrow” is used in various phrases and idioms. For example, “narrow escape” refers to a situation where someone barely avoids danger or harm, and “narrow-minded” describes a person who has a limited perspective or is resistant to new ideas.

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