Yates (name): Meaning, Origin, Popularity & Namesakes

Yates (name): Meaning, Origin, Popularity & Namesakes

Yates name is a surname of English origin that traces its roots back to medieval England. The name is derived from the Old English personal name Geat, which means “gate” or “path.” Over time, this evolved into surnames like Gates and eventually Yates. Surnames often reflect an individual’s occupation, place of origin, or another distinctive characteristic.

As a surname, Yates has historical significance in England, and it has spread to various English-speaking countries around the world due to migration and colonization. Many individuals and families with the surname Yates can trace their ancestry to England.

Over the centuries, Yates has become a relatively common and recognizable surname in English-speaking communities.

  • Gender: Boy
  • Meaning: The Gates
  • Origin: British
  • Other Origin(s): None
  • Popularity: 15207
  • Namesakes: None


The pronunciation rhymes with the word “gates,” but with a “y” sound at the beginning instead of a “g” sound.

Yates Mean in Different Languages

  • Russian: Йейтс
  • Japanese: イェーツ
  • Chinese (Simplified): 耶茨
  • Arabic:ييتس

Popular People Named Yates

Here are 15 people with the surname Yates who have achieved prominence in various fields:

Andrea Yates

Known for a tragic criminal case involving the drowning of her children in 2001.

Peter W. Yates

A British film director known for films like “Bullitt” and “Breaking Away.”

Drew Yates

A former American football player.

Jennifer Yates

A professional golfer from the United Kingdom.

Yates Pharr

A former American football player.

Franklin D. Yates

An American mathematician.

Cassandra Yates

An American actress known for her role in “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.”

Dornford Yates (Cecil William Mercer)

An English author known for his thrillers.

Nicholas Yates

An American microbiologist.

Richard Yates

An American novelist and short story writer known for “Revolutionary Road.”

Yates Paul

An American actor and voice actor.

Sir Anthony Yates

A British physician and academic.

Michael J. Yates

An American politician who served as the Mayor of the City of Aurora, Colorado.

Related Names

Here are some related names:

  • Yeats.
  • Gates
  • Yateman
  • Yarbrough
  • Yankees
  • Eaton
  • Watts
  • Davis
  • Hayes
  • Yost
  • Tate
  • Hawthorn
  • York

Sibling Name Hints

  • For a brother: James William
  • For a sister: Emily Grace
  • Unisex options: Taylor Jordan
  • Classic pairings: Taylor Jordan
  • Nature-inspired names: River Lily
  • Contemporary choices: Mason Ava
  • Traditional picks: Thomas Margaret
  • Literary names: Oliver Charlotte
  • Elegant options: Sebastian Victoria
  • Family-inspired names: Benjamin Sophia

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the origin of the name Yates?

Ans: This name has English origins, derived from the Old English word for “gate,” often associated with someone living near or working at a gate or entrance.

Q: Is Yates a common name?

Ans: It is a relatively common surname in English-speaking countries, but it is not among the most common surnames. Its prevalence varies by region.

Q: What’s the significance of Yates in U.S. history?

Ans: The surname has no specific historical significance in U.S. history, as it is primarily a surname without a notable connection to major historical events or figures in the United States.

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