Yeats (name): Meaning, Origin, Popularity & Namesakes

Yeats (name): Meaning, Origin, Popularity & Namesakes

William Butler Yeats (1865-1939) was one of the most prominent and influential poets of the 20th century. He was an Irish poet, playwright, and one of the key figures in the Irish Literary Revival. Yeats name played a crucial role in the formation of modern Irish literature and cultural identity.

Yeats's poetry is known for its deep symbolism, mysticism, and exploration of Irish folklore and mythology. His early work was heavily influenced by the Romantic and Pre-Raphaelite movements, but as he matured as a poet.

He developed a distinct style marked by his fascination with spiritualism and the supernatural. His collections, such as "The Tower" and "The Winding Stair and Other Poems," contain some of his most celebrated works.

  • Gender: Boy
  • Meaning: The Gates
  • Origin: British
  • Other Origin(s): Middle English
  • Namesakes: Frazer Yeats


The name "Yeats" is typically pronounced as "yayts." The pronunciation rhymes with "gates," and the "Y" is pronounced like the letter "y."

Yeats Mean in Different Languages

  • Spanish: yates
  • French: Oui
  • Dutch: Ja
  • Russian:Йейтс
  • Japanese: イェイツ
  • Chinese (Simplified): 叶芝
  • Arabic: ييتس

Popular People Named Yeats

William Butler Yeats (1865-1939)

A towering figure in Irish literature, Yeats was a poet, playwright, and one of the leading figures in the Irish Literary Revival. He won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1923 for his poetry, which often delved into Irish folklore, mythology, and mysticism. Some of his famous works include "The Second Coming" and "The Tower."

Please note that the name Yeats is more commonly recognized as a surname, particularly in the context of W.B. Yeats, rather than a given name.

Related Names

The name "Yeates" is not a very common name, and there are limited variations or related names associated with it. However, here are a few similar-sounding names:

  • Yates
  • Yeats
  • Yeager
  • Yee

Sibling Name Hints

Here are some great ideas for a sibling name for Yeats:

  • For a brother: Yeats James, Yeats Alexander
  • For a sister: Yeats Grace, Yeats Olivia
  • Unisex options: Yeats Jordan, Yeats Taylor
  • Classic pairings: Yeats William, Yeats Elizabeth
  • Contemporary choices: Yeats Mason, Yeats Harper
  • Traditional picks: Yeats John, Yeats Mary
  • Literary names: Yeats Atticus, Yeats Bronte
  • Elegant options: Yeats Sebastian, Yeats Isabella
  • Family-inspired names: Yeats William (named after a grandfather), Yeats Rose (a family flower)

Frequently Asked Questions About Yeats

What is the origin of the name Yeats?

The name Yeats is of English origin and is primarily known as a surname.

Are there any famous people named Yeats?

Yes, the most famous individual with the last name Yeats is William Butler Yeats, the renowned Irish poet and playwright, known for his significant contributions to literature and his Nobel Prize in Literature won in 1923.

What’s the significance of Yeats in U.S. history?

William Butler Yeats and the name "Yeats" do not hold significant historical relevance in U.S. history; his influence is primarily in Irish and global literature rather than American history.

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