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Casting Light on The Word ‘Ideal’

Adjective Meaning

When used as an adjective, “ideal” refers to something that is perfect, optimal, or best suited to a particular purpose or situation. It describes an idealized or desired state or condition.

Desirable Standard

“Ideal” often represents a standard or model that is considered to be the best or most suitable. It can refer to an abstract concept or an attainable goal.


The concept of “ideal” is subjective and can vary depending on individual perspectives, cultural norms, or personal preferences. What is considered ideal for one person or situation may not be the same for another.

Goal or Aspiration

“Ideal” can also be used to describe something that is strived for or pursued as a goal. It represents an idealized vision or desired outcome.

Idealistic Vision

The word “ideal” can denote a vision of perfection or an idealistic viewpoint. It often implies an optimistic or hopeful perspective that aims for an ideal state of affairs.


Some synonyms for “ideal” include perfect, optimal, best, model, exemplary, flawless, idealized, and dream.


Antonyms for “ideal” include imperfect, suboptimal, flawed, inadequate, unsatisfactory, and realistic.


The word “ideal” traces its origins to the Late Latin term “idealism,” meaning “existing in the idea” or “concerned with ideas.” It stems from the Greek word “ideal,” which means “to see” or “to perceive.”

Common Collocations

“Ideal” is often used in collocations to provide more context. Some common collocations include “ideal situation,” “ideal candidate,” “ideal solution,” “ideal conditions,” and “idealistic vision.”

Use in Philosophy and Psychology

The concept of the “ideal” has been extensively explored in philosophy and psychology. It relates to ideas of perfection, moral standards, and personal ideals that shape one’s beliefs and actions.

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