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Casting Light on The Word ‘Last’

Adjective and Adverb Usage

“Last” can function as both an adjective and an adverb. As an adjective, it refers to something occurring or coming after all others in a sequence. As an adverb, it describes the action of something occurring or happening at the end or final instance.


Some synonyms for “last” as an adjective include final, ultimate, concluding, and endmost. These words convey a similar meaning of something being the concluding or ultimate instance. As an adverb, synonyms include finally, ultimately, ultimately, and at the end.


Antonyms for “last” as an adjective include first, initial, beginning, and earliest. These words represent the opposite end of a sequence or order. As an adverb, the antonyms would be initially, at first, or at the beginning.

Comparative and Superlative Forms

The comparative form of “last” is “later,” and the superlative form is “latest.” These forms are used to compare the position or timing of events or to refer to the most recent occurrence.

Time-related Usage

“Last” can refer to the final or most recent time or occasion in a series or sequence. For example, “last year” indicates the most recently completed year, while “last week” denotes the week preceding the current one.


The word “last” originated from the Old English word “last,” which meant “latest” or “most recent.”

Lasting or Enduring

“Last” can also refer to something that endures or continues for a significant period. For instance, “a lasting impression” means an impression that stays with someone for a long time.

Last in Sports

In sports, “last” is used to describe the final position or ranking in a competition. For example, “last place” indicates the lowest ranking or finishing position.

Phrases and Idioms

The word “last” is used in various phrases and idioms. For example, “save the best for last” implies that the most impressive or important thing is reserved for the end.

Last in Language

In some languages, “last” can refer to the final sound or phoneme in a word or syllable, as in the concept of “final sounds.”

FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

What are other meanings for last?

In addition to its common meanings, “last” can also refer to the most recent or previous instance of something, or to indicate the final chance or opportunity for something. It can also denote durability or endurance in certain contexts.

What does it last mean?

“It lasts” means that something continues to exist, remain, or endure over a period of time. It suggests that the object, situation, or event has a certain duration or longevity.

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