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Casting Light on The Word 'Expensive'


"Expensive" is an adjective that describes something that requires a high price or is costly to acquire, maintain, or operate. It implies a significant financial investment or a higher-than-average value.

Costly or high-priced

When something is referred to as expensive, it means it is priced higher than average or requires a considerable amount of money to purchase or own. It often suggests a luxurious or premium quality.

Subjective perception

The perception of what is considered expensive can vary depending on individual circumstances, personal preferences, and the economic context in which it is used. What may be expensive for one person could be affordable for another.


Synonyms for "expensive" include costly, pricy, high-priced, premium, extravagant, dear, valuable, upscale, and luxurious.


Antonyms for "expensive" include inexpensive, cheap, affordable, budget-friendly, economical, and reasonable.


The term "expensive" is relative and depends on the context in which it is used. Something may be considered expensive compared to similar items or alternatives or in relation to a person's budget or financial means.

Value and quality

While the price of an item may be high, it does not necessarily guarantee superior quality or value. The cost of something does not always correlate directly with its performance, desirability, or overall worth.

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